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Judges' Comments

Display Ad

Overall comments: Those that did not immediately make an impression were eliminated. Each entry was considered for its overall message, audience and design.

Ad Campaign

Overall comments: For me an ad must be able to communicate the message quickly, clearly and creatively through visual means. This means text that the reader becomes curious about or informed through the message. The image, whether photo or graphic, should also go along with the message.

1st place:
I liked the relationship between the elephant “breaking through” the circus tent and the headline “Breaking News”. The elephant photograph was perfect. The Circus theme from the Media Kit was carried through on this ad as well. .

2nd place:
The fabric as the background gives the ad a look of luxury and richness and this works to convey what the Circles boutique means to be, an upscale clothing store.

HM: Los Angeles Collegian
This ad shows they try harder and do not have an arrogant attitude. The photo is good and does not look amateurish.

HM: The Chronicle
I get it that the cosmic Cantina is open all night. Easy to read copy. The text stating, “4AM could be bigger, they are open late – real late and it should be emphasized more. But I like the blackboard look.

HM: The Daily Universe
Very good visual, makes one curious about what they are saying.

House Ad

1st place:
Visually striking, chic and artsy. Great use of type and photos.

2nd place:
Edgy, in your face, suitable for reaching desired audience.

3rd place:
Contemporary appeal. Fashionable, stylish, great layout.

Brochure/Rate Cards

Overall comments:
What I look for in a media kit and rate card is ease of navigation to those essential facts necessary for a client to make a buying decision.

As a former print media buyer and display sales professional for many years, these are what I consider to be presented prominently and understandable in a kit:

-Circulation – it is great to know how many students or readers are in your school/market, but how many copies of your newspaper are printed and distributed? That way the buyer can determine the reach and value of your product.

-Day/s of publication – Should not have to search for it. Day of the week is often very important to retailers.

-Demographics – Who are your students/readers. Often the style and “look” of your piece, including photographs reflect the personality and interests of your school and town.

-Rates- Easy to read and understand. Strike a balance between too little information/rules and way too much. Large and spaced out, not every buyer has young eyes. Don’t be coy or shy, show your rates and all the discounts and plans in one section. People don’t want to flip pages back and forth if it is not necessary.

-Creativity – Again reflecting your town/school but not so creative that the real information gets lost or underplayed

-Type and font that is large enough and clear enough to read easily.

1st Place:
This media kit and rate card came the closest my standards and I liked it a lot. Rate information very easy to use and nice layout too. I liked the paper stock. Ad sizes, costs and color and deadlines clear and well written. Text popped out nicely and special editions and website info nicely layed out and designed. Adding little factoids to the bottom of each page was a nice touch. My only fault was the circulation number was on page 12 and the day of the week published left to the calendar. But the circulation was presented.

2nd Place:
Media kit was colorful and had all the information presented in clear text and point size. I enjoyed the photographs; they drew me into the demographic information and gave me a good picture of campus and students. Readership and Distribution information was prominent and explained well. Circulation broken down to on campus and off campus – something retailers would be interested in

Rate card a bit busy but all the information was succinctly stated. Circulation appears again with the information and days of publication. The rate card has good photos and easy to use. Plus as separate pieces it shows efficiency. One does not have to send everything if not necessary.

3rd place:
Beautiful design and photographs. One definitely is given a sense of who attends Columbia and the level of commitment and talent found there. All information necessary to make a buy is present, although the the point size of text could have been larger. The rates are in 12 point type I believe. But spacing and design of rates and examples of ad sizes done very well although I would have liked to see the frequency discounts and color charges on the same page as the open rates. The package is great. I like the flaps on the portfolio for extra sheets.

HM: The State News
I loved this kit. I liked the size, the paper. It as not cluttered, easy to navigate and would have scored higher if the circulation was given. At least I could not find that fact.

HM: The Minnesota Daily
Beautiful in ever way and a nice handy size. 80,000 students! But how many copies of the paper are printed? I found a number buried inside the preprint information. The tabs are a great way to organize the information. Important to include advertising rate discount plans on the same pages as your rates.

HM: The Collegian
Not too fancy but an excellent use of presenting information in a brief form. This kit was not as lengthy as others but was designed well and colorful. It gave me a friendly feel about the school and town and all the information was easy to read and understand.

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