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ACP 2009 Magazine Pacemaker Winners

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Feature/General Audience

Literary (Four-year)

Judge's comments on Four-year College Literary Magazines:
The top three distinguished themselves by literary content, art, and layout above all others. Each had their own unique signatures and were fun to read, look at, and listen to. We appreciated the additional content on the CDs for all of the six finalists. What distinguished this group from the others was working with continuity of ideas to create a common theme for the issue, and not throwing every trick in just because it was in the bag (i.e., some magazines suffered from page saturation with graphics or cramming more than one thing onto a page—and it did feel crammed).  We thought there were some great ideas with regards to layout but that they were lost in the clutter. Ditto for content—We felt the editors could have been more choosy, and in some cases could have edited or helped some of the pieces.

Literary (Two-year)

Judge's comments on Two-year College Literary Magazines:
The top two were clearly deserving of being separated from the rest. They were distinctive, the literature was above the rest, layouts were interesting and worked with both size and type of paper used, and we liked the artwork and the way it was presented.  The top four distinguished themselves from the other twelve with content and layout.  The use of space was good, fonts and font sizes were readable. For the others, again We felt most of them could have exercised more editorial power, or as the old saying goes: sometimes less is more.

ACP 2009 Magazine Pacemaker Finalists

Feature/General Audience

Literary (Four-year)

Literary (Two-year)

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Yearbook Pacemaker - Jan. 15, 2014

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Newspaper Pacemaker - June 6, 2014

Magazine Pacemaker - June 6, 2014

Individual Awards (Story / Photo / Design / Reporter / Advertising / Cartooning) - June 6, 2014

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