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2009 ACP Newspaper Pacemaker Winners

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Four-year Daily Newspaper

Judge's comments on Four-year College Daily Newspapers:
What put newspapers into this winning stack was the strength of the storytelling. Many entries had nice presentation, solid writing, fair photography and graphics. But the entries that kept us reading -- and there were many -- made it hard to put the paper down because the stories made us feel like we really got a glimpse into the lives of students and faculty. These papers went beyond a mere accounting of a student government meeting and past the "School breaks ground on the new multi-purpose complex" headlines. There were many different types of schools represented in this category, from large, historic institutions to Midwestern colleges with strong journalistic foundations to much smaller schools. It was fascinating to read through the issues and to get a sense of the overall personality, humor, opinion and serious issues. Those stories exist on campuses of every shape and size. By the time we were finished with the winning entries, we had seen some very sharp reporting, editing and visual talent.

Four-year Non-daily Newspaper

Judge's comments on Four-year College Non-daily Newspapers:
Several papers in this category really blew us away in terms of their innovative approaches to publishing. F Newsmagazine from the Art Institute of Chicago uses sophisticated storytelling tools, fantastic visual editing, great writing and overall presentation to cover a wide variety of interests. It seems more of a general interest publication, looking at art, entertainment and politics. I think its appeal goes beyond that of the immediate campus. The Pendulum, from Elon University made great use of graphical storytelling. Chico State, the Columbia College of Chicago, The University of Miami — and all of the top winners used strong formatting and compelling presentation.

Two-year College Newspaper

Judge's comments on Two-year College Newspapers:
Top winners in this division did a good job of editing and packaging the stories. They used engaging story forms and headlines to draw the reader in. They also benefited, of course, from having strong news to cover -- several of the communities covered stories involving murder and crime related to the campus. But even more, it was that they took care to tell the stories with depth, strong background and perspective, layered techniques of writing that showed the people who were affected by the situations.

2009 ACP Newspaper Pacemaker Finalists

Four-year Daily Newspaper

Four-year Non-daily Newspaper

Two-year College Newspaper

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