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2009 ACP Reporter of the Year Winners

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Four-year College Reporter

First Place
Caleb Fleming
Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Judge's comments: We felt the Virginia Tech entry presented the best reporting, in both quality and depth, and included a balance of stories. It was clear the writer has a grasp of what it takes to effectively let their sources tell readers a story, but back that up with corresponding research. The first piece, “Decadelong disappearance,” obviously the strongest of the bunch, was well researched and reported, and the tie to college students was clear. Though it was long, the writer held the reader to the end by investigating various aspects of the disappearance and presenting them in a very successful way. The second and third pieces, “A look inside athletic suspensions” and “After slaying, searches reveal little,” show the writer to be thorough and are examples of balanced reporting. It’s also noted that the writer is consistently conscientious about trying to reach sources, even if they do not get back to him.

Second Place
Christian Flow
The Harvard Crimson, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass.

Judge's comments: This entry had many of the same qualities as the first-place entry, including a nice variety of stories. We loved the “Quiz Bowl” story, including its detailed storytelling and colorful writing with great details. The second story in the bunch was very well-written. The third story dealt with a hot topic for college students: file sharing. The author told a story, bringing the larger debate down to a personal level, but also showed analytical skill and made an otherwise technical, sometimes dry and often written about topic personal and interesting.

Third Place
Isaac Arnsdorf
Yale Daily News, Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn.

Judge's comments: These stories showed a nice range of reporting skills, including an in-depth profile, a trend piece and a news feature. The stories demonstrated thorough reporting, compelling writing and a clear ability to find the angle. The character sketch of Akash Maharaj included incredible attention to detail, interviews with Maharaj himself and research that included past reports from other college newspapers.

Two-year College Reporter

First Place
Kim Ellingson
The Clarion, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wis.

Judge's comments: Ellingson was the clear winner in this category, with three strong entries. All of the stories were thoroughly reported, with multiple sources and well-chosen quotes. The stories on wind turbines and on the master plan for campus facilities each had clear leads that plainly stated the news, with appropriate background and context throughout. For the third piece, on a referendum for a campus bus pass program, Ellingson personalized the issue by leading with a student who depends on the program. And she helped readers by including a glance that showed them how the referendum would appear on the ballot.

Second Place
Loren Kelly
The Sentinel, North Idaho College, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Judge's comments: Kelly had a good mix of entries. The weightiest told readers exactly how state and college budget cuts would affect what they saw in the classroom, and was fairly complete from the university's perspective. Kelly's piece on mushroom hunting was a pleasant diversion, with his pictures adding significantly to the presentation. And while many reporters in this category offered some kind of A&E or culture piece, Kelly showed the most interesting writer's voice with his review of a "howling hipster."

Third Place
Vanessa K. Nevarez
The Sun, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, Calif.

Judge's comments: Nevarez is an ambitious reporter. Each of her entries tackled important issues: the effect of a security fence on a state park on the Mexican-American border; alleged double-dipping by some faculty; a controversy over the college superintendent. And all three stories were very thoroughly reported and researched.

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