Town Hall: Let’s look at revenue streams

Tami Cindea Bongiorni
Charlie Weaver
Leslie Murphy
Kathy Ciesinski
Heather Howard

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Collegiate newsrooms and media organizations face profound changes, and developing a budget and revenue strategy is the cornerstone to a sustainability plan for the upcoming year.

That’s the topic of this May 21, 2020, Town Hall meeting by Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Business and Advertising Managers.

It covers everything from cost-cutting measures to alternative revenue strategies to fundraising to recruiting and staffing.

Panelists include members of the CMBAM board of directors:

Tami Cindea Bongiorni, assistant director, Kent State Student Media, Kent State University,

Charlie Weaver, general manager, Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota,

Leslie Murphy, advertising manager, Northwest Missourian, Northwest Missouri State University,

Kathy Ciesinski, general manager, Office of Student Publications, University of Michigan,

and Heather Howard, advertising and marketing manager, OU Student Media, University of Oklahoma.

Introducing the video is Laura Widmer, executive director, Associated Collegiate Press.