ACP offers discounted SPJ memberships

Student journalists at ACP-member schools
now get discounted SPJ memberships

April 30, 2021

The nation’s leading associations for professional journalists and for collegiate-media organizations have announced expanded opportunities for student journalists.

Starting May 1, when collegiate-media organizations renew or join Associated Collegiate Press, they can select the SPJ add-on and, for $100 total, get a Society for Professional Journalists newsroom affiliation with their ACP membership.

That SPJ affiliation qualifies all student journalists within that ACP organization to join SPJ as student members at no additional charge — saving them the $37.50 rate for an SPJ individual student membership.

“We are thrilled to offer the benefits of membership to the hardworking student journalists who belong to ACP,” SPJ executive director John Shertzer said. “Belonging to both ACP and SPJ is the best way for a young journalist to develop and accelerate their career.”

ACP executive director Laura Widmer praised the new benefit of ACP membership.

“Our partnership with SPJ expands the opportunities and resources for our ACP student journalists,” Widmer said. “This is great news for our members. Our journalists, in newsrooms across the country, will benefit from this opportunity.”

Both organizations have long served collegiate journalists.

An SPJ student membership connects you with a network of thousands of journalists and their expertise. Not only will it open doors for internships and jobs, but it also qualifies students to enter SPJ competitions and attend SPJ conferences and events at student-member rates. Many collegiate journalists have benefited from the practical advice and insight from SPJ’s Journalist’s Toolbox.

An ACP membership encompasses its rich tradition of awards and educational opportunities, including the prestigious Pacemaker Awards, ACP Individual Awards and convention Best of Show competitions. ACP sponsors the nation’s largest educational gatherings of collegiate journalists, and, through the years, SPJ members have participated as volunteers in those programs. 

The organizations have supported each other for many years, but this membership partnership unites the organizations in serving collegiate journalists.

In October 2022, SPJ, ACP and convention partner College Media Association will share a convention site in Washington, D.C.

This fall, ACP and CMA are planning the Fall National College Media Convention, Oct. 13-17, in New Orleans.