ACP teams with SND and its foundation

Associated Collegiate Press joins
the Society for News Design and the SND Foundation
to provide opportunities for students in visual storytelling  

Aug. 4, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS — Associated Collegiate Press has joined a partnership with the Society for News Design and the SND Foundation to provide more opportunities for students and future visual leaders in media and journalism. 

The organizations will give student journalists access to media professionals and vital training and support through national journalism conventions and the summer workshops. 

It also provides ACP members a significant opportunity for SND memberships. Adding $100 to your ACP membership enables all newsroom members to become student SND members, with eligibility for SND events and contests.

“SND and our foundation (SNDF) are thrilled to expand our partnership with ACP to offer SND memberships to student publications through ACP,” Ryan Hildebrandt, president of the Society for News Design board of directors, said.

“A huge percentage of our members found their passion for visual storytelling working on student publications,” Hildebrandt said. “And, like ACP, SND has a long history of helping students develop their skills, inspire their creativity, and connect with some of the most innovative professionals in the media industry.

“Together, we can better help a new generation of leaders make their journey from student to professional.”

ACP provides journalism education services to collegiate journalists and their advisers across the United States. ACP and College Media Association sponsor the Fall National College Media Convention, the nation’s largest gatherings of collegiate journalists and their advisers. ACP also trains hundreds of collegiate journalists with its summer College Media Mega Workshop. 

The partnership will also support National Scholastic Press Association and the Minnesota High School Press Association.  

The Society for News Design Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to promoting visual storytelling and educating future leaders in the industry. Through this partnership with ACP and NSPA, SND aims to inspire the next generation with the possibilities and relevance of visual storytelling and its power to influence. SND also plans to increase awareness of the visual storytelling industry and its career opportunities to pre-college and college students, promote the importance of accessibility and inclusion in design, and provide career transition support for those interested in the visual storytelling profession.  

“We are so excited to become partners with the Society of News Design to provide the best resources to our members,” Laura Widmer, ACP executive director, said. “Our members will see an SND presence at all of our conventions and workshops. We will be able to provide not only SND-led sessions but also other opportunities such as portfolio reviews.

“We want to provide our members exposure to professional journalism organizations. These opportunities will allow our students the chance to not only learn about SND but also to learn from their members. It’s not out of the question that our members will find mentors and be able to network with pros in the industry.”

Paige K. Connor, SND Foundation chairwoman, noted SND’s long-time commitment to education.

“Students and young professionals have always been a focus of the Foundation,” Connor said. “This partnership will allow us to provide continued support and training for students seeking careers in media and journalism while also promoting equity, accessibility, and inclusion in the field.” 

Both ACP and SND share a mission to educate and recognize the work of student journalists, improve the quality of student media and foster careers in media. Through this partnership, the organizations hope to continue this mission and provide even more opportunities for students to pursue their passions. 

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Once ACP receives payment, media advisers will be notified to send the list of student designers and/or visual journalists and their contact information to the SND executive director.