2015 Advertising Awards






Judge’s Comments

Display Ad
The higher ranked entries were selected first for their ability to stop the reader and grab his/her attention, and then for what was delivered to the reader. Idea, design, image and copywriting all played an equal part in scoring. The tiebreaker was: Would this ad make me act? In the end, that matters more than anything else.

House Ad
A great house ad delivers all the things a client ad does. It has stopping power and a call to action that makes the reader act. The best house ads focused on what they were trying to accomplish, while some of the lower-rated ads out-clevered themselves. An easy thing to do when there isn’t a client to reign you back in.

Ad Campaign
The top campaigns had a unifying concept to hold them together. It’s not just about a similar design or tagline, but a big idea that you can continue to build ads off of. The best campaigns had consistency in the quality of their ads. Some of the lower rated camapigns had one great ad in there, but then was accompanied by weaker ads. If you can only build one great ad, it’s not a campaign.

Ad/Editorial Supplement
A big idea and consistency of quality throughout set apart the highly-rated entries from the others. The winners saw the supplement as one unified piece, not just several pages put together.

Brochure/Rate Card
Rate cards are one of the most important pieces for the advertising sales staff and, unfortunately, overlooked. The winners all elevated their rate cards to be strong sales pieces for their newspapers. Strong content, design and useability ensured that the winners were effective and memorable.