2009 Cartooning Awards

co-sponsored by Universal Press Syndicate

Comic Panel/Strip

First Place
Peter Manges
Scroll, R. Nelson Snider HS, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Judge’s comments: This comic is extremely well done. The art is dynamic and interesting, and the quirky writing is very funny. The pacing and use of both text and art in the service of storytelling are outstanding. It’s an altogether enjoyable reading experience.

Second Place
Jolene Xie
The Nexus, Westview HS, San Diego, Calif.

Judge’s comments: The manga style of the art works nicely with the cute and snappy jokes in these cartoons.

Third Place
Gabriela Epstein
The Spoke, Conestoga HS, Berwyn, Pa.

Judge’s comments: The text and art in these cartoons work well together in leading the reader through each panel to the joke at the end.

Editorial Cartoon

First Place
Emily Kim
The Mirada, Rio Americano HS, Sacramento, Calif.

Judge’s comments: This cartoon combines a clear, solid concept with detailed art that doesn’t overwhelm the point of the cartoon. Its message is effectively communicated and makes a powerful visual impact on readers.

Second Place
Rebecca Xu
The HiLite, Carmel HS, Carmel, Ind.

Judge’s comments: The artwork in this cartoon is superior. Each figure is instantly recognizable, and the level of detail is impressive. It makes good use of visual storytelling by leading the reader from past to present using the location and size of each portrait, although more attention could have been paid to the text. The significance of putting “step” in capital letters is unclear.

Third Place
Timothy J. Luecke
Mirror, DeSmet Jesuit HS, Creve Coeur, Mo.

Judge’s comments: Blurring the line between editorials and cartoon strips, this complex cartoon has a lot of fun making its point. The art and text work well together for the punch lines.

Honorable Mention
Michael Mangos
The Lion’s Tale, Oviedo HS, Oviedo, Fla.

Judge’s comments: A difficult subject is cleverly presented in this thoughtful metaphor. The text is simple and to the point — perfect for a subject that could have easily been overwritten.

Honorable Mention
Emily Silva
Odyssey, Clarke Central HS, Athens, Ga.

Judge’s comments: The choice of subject in this cartoon is perfectly targeted to its audience and effectively delivered. The unpolished art style does not detract.