NSPA Critiques

Evaluate your student-media work with an NSPA critique. It’s one of the best ways to assess your strengths and your challenges, and it provides helpful advice on improving how you serve readers.
As part of the critique process, all student media are scored in several categories, including coverage, writing and design. The composite score from all sections awards an honor rating ranging from Third Class to All American. The All American rating is the highest rating given in the critique service. Media earning 10 All American honor ratings in an 11-year span are inducted into the All-American Hall of Fame.

The NSPA Critique Service now offers three ways to receive feedback from the judge:

<NEW> Virtual Critique ($149): After reviewing and scoring your publication, the judge will connect with the editors and adviser for an interactive one-hour online video consultation. The critique session will be recorded for future use by the adviser and staff. The Virtual Critique is available for all student media.

Traditional Critique ($119): As in previous years, the comments from the judge along with the scoring/honor rating are delivered to the staff on the membership portal.

Annotated Critique ($149): Formerly called the Super Critique, the comments from the judge along with the scoring/honor rating are delivered to the staff on the membership portal. However, additional comments are placed directly within the publication or broadcast. Print publications submitted as PDF files will be annotated with digital notes. Print yearbooks will be annotated by writing directly on the pages. Broadcasts will be annotated using VideoAnt, a web-based video annotation tool. The Annotated Critique is available for all student media except online. There is a $25 (domestic) or $50 (international) charge for annotated yearbook shipping and handling.

A separate resource from NSPA critiques is a consultation, a 1-hour interaction to give you advice on a specific subject. Get more information here.

NSPA All-American Hall of Fame

National Scholastic Press Association established a Hall of Fame for member student publications in 1987.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame are newspapers, yearbooks and magazines that have earned 10 All-American ratings from our publication critique service within an 11-year span. Hall of Fame inductees receive a special honor plaque to mark the induction. They are added to the NSPA Hall of Fame page, plaque and banner, which are displayed at our  journalism conventions.

New Hall of Fame inductions are made twice a year and are honored at our journalism conventions.

To apply for Hall of Fame status, write a letter indicating the name of the publication, the years the publication received All-American ratings and publication/adviser contact information.