Yearbook Pacemaker finalists announced

NSPA honors 43 middle school, high school publications from 14 states

Dec. 11, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS — The nation’s top scholastic yearbooks were recognized today by the National Scholastic Press Association who announced the 43 finalists in its annual Pacemaker competition.

“The Pacemaker is the association’s preeminent award,” said Laura Widmer, executive director. “NSPA is honored to recognize the best of the best.”

The NSPA Pacemaker, one of the oldest awards for scholastic journalism, has a rich tradition. The association started presenting the prestigious award to high school newspapers soon after the organization was founded in 1921. Throughout the years, yearbooks, magazines, online sites and broadcast programs were added to the competition.

Two teams of three judges devoted three days to the judging and studied every entry, discussing its strengths. The status of each entry was agreed upon by at least two of the three judges.

When the process was completed, 43 finalists were named. From that group, 19 will earn the Pacemaker award. Seven junior high/middle schools are included on the finalist list.

“At the beginning of the process, the judges set the standards very high this year,” said Gary Lundgren, associate director and coordinator of the Pacemaker competition. “The 2018 winners not only excelled in all the journalistic aspects, but the judges were looking for yearbooks that stood out from the rest for innovation and fresh verbal and visual approaches to reporting the story of the year.”

Written comments from the judges about each of the 19 Pacemaker-winning yearbooks will be posted after the winners are announced along with a video featuring overall comments and observations from all six judges. The professional bios of the judges will also be included.

Pacemaker finalists will be recognized with plaques at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 25 at the Opening Ceremony of the Spring National High School Journalism Convention in Anaheim.

Pacemaker winners will be announced and will receive plaques on Saturday, April 27 at 3:30 p.m. and the convention’s closing Awards Ceremony where both NSPA and JEA honors will be presented.


Greenfield Junior High School
Gilbert, Arizona
Adviser: Jennifer Ann Parsons
Editors: Sutton Dana, Kiley Davern, Hannah Pawlowski


Antelope High School
Antelope, California
Adviser: Pete LeBlanc
Editors: Mikayla Godoy, Kameiko Hostler, Hannah Welty


Mirman School
Los Angeles, California
Adviser: Wendy Samson
Editor: Ella Watkins


James Enochs High School
Modesto, California
Adviser: Tamra McCarthy
Editor: Isabelle Poblete


Arrowhead Christian Academy
Redlands, California
Adviser: Michael Klein
Editors:  Madyson Goss, Clara Prins, Austyn Wilson

The Pilot

Redondo Union High School
Redondo Beach, California
Adviser: Mitch Ziegler
Editors: Kaita Pannor, Taylor Rose, Eliana Stuart


Del Norte High School
San Diego, California
Adviser: Robin Christopher
Editor: Ana Mladenovic


Temple City High School
Temple City, California
Adviser: Lynn Alvarez
Editors:  Ivy Chen, Amanda Erstad, Tiffany Guo, Evelyn Luu, Jennifer Nie, Michelle Vuong, Joey Yu


West High School
Torrance, California
Adviser: Melanie White
Editor: Audrey Kono


Walnut High School
Walnut, California
Adviser: Rebecca Chai
Editors: Florence Ao, Kevin Arifin, Kelly Chen, Justin Jiang, Amy Lo, Sean Wang, Brandon Win


Overland High School
Aurora, Colorado
Adviser: Danny Barocas
Editor: Reilly Canavan


Smoky Hill High School
Aurora, Colorado
Adviser: Carrie Faust
Editor: Emily Wise


Arapahoe High School
Centennial, Colorado
Adviser: Greg Anderson
Editor: Caroline Riley

The Prowl

Powell Middle School
Littleton, Colorado
Adviser: Yvette Manculich
Editor: Aaron Zancosky


Longmont High School
Longmont, Colorado
Adviser: Annie Gorenstein Falkenberg
Editors: Amanda Kowalski, Elijah Weekley

Eagle Eye View

Sierra Middle School
Parker, Colorado
Adviser: Jed Palmer
Editors: Hailey Hertzler, Lorna Rogers


Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
Melbourne, Florida
Adviser:  Sarah Tricano
Editors: Nadia Kumar Agarwal, Sydney Levy, Ashvi Luthra


University High School
Orange City, Florida
Adviser: Courtney Hanks
Editor: Camille McNairy


Glenbrook South High School
Glenview, Illinois
Adviser: Brenda Field
Editors: Sabrina Moheydeen, Raya Shoilekova


Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas
Adviser: Dow Tate
Editors: Lainie Duckworth, Libby Frye

The Lair

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School
Shawnee, Kansas
Adviser: Susan Massy
Editors: Kaylee Oakerson, Halli Said

Le Flambeau

Notre Dame de Sion High School
Kansas City, Missouri
Adviser: Alison Long
Editors: Mariah Lynn, Lexi Smith


Corning-Painted Post High School
Corning, New York
Advisers: Katie Paulison-Harris, Mike Simons
Editors: Karleigh Corliss, Megan Pesansky, Elia Warner


West Henderson High School
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Adviser: Jason Livingston
Editors: Jocelyn Berry, Emma Cavanaugh, Kennedy Combs, Paiton McDonald, Cami Wolff

The Miller

Yukon High School
Yukon, Oklahoma
Adviser: Erik Jackson
Editors: Isabel Beck, Gabi Merchen

Lion’s Roar

Christ Presbyterian Academy
Nashville, Tennessee
Adviser: Heather Nagel
Editors: Olivia Brittle, Carli Cone

The Bard

Hill Country Christian School
Austin, Texas
Adviser: John Horvath
Editors: Bethany Huang, Hannah Huang

The Vespa

Kealing Middle School
Austin, Texas
Adviser: Kristen Scott
Editor: Lucy Gentile

The Lonestar

Vista Ridge High School
Cedar Park, Texas
Adviser: Jamie Ray
Editors: Jaimie Kim, Analise Narine, Mason Slover

The Highlander

Highland Park High School
Dallas, Texas
Adviser: Margie Raper
Editors: Emily Greaves, Calli Maroulis, Maddie Stevenson


The Hockaday School
Dallas, Texas
Adviser: Ana Rosenthal
Editors: Claire Jurgensmeyer, Michelle Mankoff

The View

Timberview Middle School
Fort Worth, Texas
Adviser: Jennifer Bass
Editor: Alexia Galvan

The Belltower

Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School
Houston Texas
Adviser: David Graves
Editors: Miranda Graves, Jian Liang


Klein Collins High School
Klein, Texas
Adviser: Ashley Hildebrandt
Editor: Madison Avila

The Arena

Legacy High School
Mansfield, Texas
Advisers: Rachel Dearinger, Leland Mallett
Editors: Ashley Owen, Anna Roberts

The Lion

McKinney High School
McKinney, Texas
Adviser: Alyssa Boehringer
Editors: Michael Gutierrez, Lexi Harris, Grayson Henry


Texas High School
Texarkana, Texas
Advisers: Rebecca Potter, Clint Smith
Editors: Parker Ellyn Madlock, Gage McDonald, Frances Schroeder, Sarah Stark


Turner Ashby High School
Bridgewater, Virginia
Adviser: Leslie Stevens
Editors: Jordan Bennett, Jaedyn Minor, Hope Showalter


Robinson Middle School
Fairfax, Virginia
Adviser: Adrienne Forte
Editor: Hannah Price

The Buzzer

Brookville High School
Lynchburg, Virginia
Adviser: Brett Hastie
Editor: Madison Sims


Loudoun Valley High School
Purcellville, Virginia
Adviser: Martha Akers
Editors: Abby Haraburda, Diana Maher, Samantha Wever, Kelly Wood


Colonial Forge High School
Stafford, Virginia
Adviser: Tiffany Kopcak
Editor: Sara Boyd


Mead High School
Spokane, Washington
Adviser: Makena Busch
Editor: Amanda Stephens