2022 Broadcast Pacemakers

Fall 2022 Pacemaker winners

Specialty Magazine

Pacemakers in Innovation, Literary Arts Magazine, Online and Yearbook will be presented in spring 2023.

Fall 2022 Pacemaker finalists

Specialty Magazine

Individual Award finalists

Broadcast Story of the Year
Cartoon of the Year
Design of the Year
Digital Story of the Year
Photo of the Year
Story of the Year
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards
Local Climate Change Reporting
Portfolio of the Year
Best Use of Social Media

Junior High/Middle School

Pacemaker 100
To celebrate our 100th birthday, we honored our top Pacemaker winners, including the Top 10.

NSPA awards archive

NSPA awards information

HTV Magazine

Hillcrest High School,
Springfield, Missouri

Producers/editors: Abigail Bull, Jordan Shafferkoetter

Adviser: Dave Davis

Lincoln Live

Gahanna Lincoln High School,
Gahanna, Ohio

Producers/editors: Audrey Paquette, Rei Tedoco

Adviser: Mark Lowrie


Richland Northeast High School,
Columbia, South Carolina

Producers/editors: Brennan Davis, Christina Foster, Deim Marion Gannaban

Adviser: Andrew Chambers

Hill Top News

Rock Hill High School,
Frisco, Texas

Producers/editors: Sarah Cronin, Connor Fuxa, Kyla Lewis

Adviser: Margie Raper