10 books, shows and podcasts to get you pumped for the Dallas convention

Can’t wait to visit Dallas for #collegemedia17? We’ve got a list of books, podcasts and shows that will help you learn more about this city and get ready for the convention.

  1. Listen to the episode “Becoming Chief Brown” of the Criminal podcast. It features one of our keynote speakers, David O. Brown.
  2. Read keynote speaker Hugh Aynesworth’s book, “November 22, 1963: Witness to History” about his experiences as a reporter witnessing JFK’s assassination.
  3. Read Stephen King’s “11/22/63,” about the Kennedy assassination (and the potential of time travel to stop it), or …
  4. Watch the series starting James Franco on Hulu.
  5. Read “Called to Rise: A Life of Faithful Service to the Community that Made Me” by keynote speaker David O. Brown.
  6. Read the e-book version of “Yolanda’s Crossing: A Girl’s Journey from Abuse to the American Dream,” an award-winning in-depth article series from keynote speaker Stella M. Chavez.
  7. Listen to (or read) keynoter Stella M. Chavez’s series on the “changing face of schools” in Texas.
  8. Read “Dallas Public and Private: Aspects of an American City,” which explains why Dallas was a “logical” spot for the Kennedy assassination
  9. Get to know keynote speaker Bob Schieffer with this personal questionnaire by Vanity Fair.
  10. Read Bob Schieffer’s book, “Overload: Finding Truth in Today’s Deluge of News,” which comes out Oct. 1. The veteran newsman offers his insight on the state of news and politics today.

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