Join ACP

ACP membership is by publication, not by school or individual. If your school or media group has a magazine and newspaper, you need to have one membership for each publication. You can join at any time and your membership will last one full year from the time of payment. As a member, your staff will be notified of all contests, conventions and deadlines. All members are eligible for discounted registration fees at conventions.

If you need to renew an existing membership, please log in here. If you believe your publication has an existing membership but are not able to log in, please contact us before creating a new membership.

Newspaper Membership

This membership is for tabloid, broadsheet and newsmagazine publications and covers any affiliated websites. All students on the newspaper staff and advisers of that newspaper are covered under that membership. Newspaper members are eligible for the Newspaper and Online Pacemakers.



Magazine Membership

This membership is for literary arts magazines and feature magazines. All students on the magazine staff and advisers of that magazine are covered under that membership. Magazine members are eligible for the Magazine and Online Pacemakers.



Yearbook Membership

This membership is for yearbook publications. All students on the yearbook staff and advisers of that yearbook are covered under that membership. Yearbook members are eligible for the Yearbook Pacemaker.



Online Membership

This membership is for news websites that do not accompany a print publication. All students on the online staff and advisers of that news website are covered under that membership. Online members are eligible for the Online Pacemaker.



Broadcast Membership

This membership is for TV and radio broadcasts. All students on the broadcast staff and advisers of that broadcast are covered under that membership. Broadcast members are eligible for the Broadcast Pacemaker.



CMBAM Membership

The CMBAM membership is for your school’s media organization/group’s business department.