ACP Critiques

It takes an outsider to give an objective opinion – someone to tell you what’s working and what needs some help.

Introducing ACP’s new critique program for college newspapers and websites. Mail in six papers from the last school year or submit your website, and one of our judges will provide a thorough evaluation according to ACP’s guidebook.

ACP has developed a set of national standards for college student media, including the first national standards for college news websites. Judges are media professionals and veteran advisers from around the country, who will offer tips on every area of your publication. Use the judge’s critique to pat yourself on the back and set goals for next year.

Each evaluation comes with a rating according to the standards, so you can compare to past years and to papers around the country. Strive for the All-American rating as you start a new legacy.

Critiques are $99 each for member newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and websites. We do not yet offer critiques for broadcast.

ACP All-American Hall of Fame

In 1987, the Associated Collegiate Press established a Hall of Fame for member student publications. Publications can qualify for the ACP Hall of Fame in three ways: if you’ve earned 10 All-American ratings from our publication critique service within an 11-year span, received a total of 10 national Pacemaker awards since 1970 or received a combination of 15 national Pacemaker and Pacemaker finalist awards since 1970.

Hall of Fame inductees receive a special honor plaque to mark the induction and are added to the ACP Hall of Fame plaques, which are displayed in our headquarters.

New Hall of Fame inductions are made once a year, in May, and are honored the following fall at the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention.

Advisers who believe their publication has achieved Hall of Fame status may apply for the Hall of Fame by writing a letter indicating the name of the publication, information showing the publication meets the induction criteria and publication/adviser contact information. Mail it to ACP Hall of Fame, 2221 University Ave. SE, Suite 121, Minneapolis, MN 55414. The letter must be received by Sept. 15 to be inducted that year and honored at that year’s convention.