CMBAM and ACP are now partners

We’re very excited to announce our new relationship with College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM)!

As of this month, we are working with CMBAM to provide financial and administrative services to their organization. ACP and CMBAM will each retain their identities as distinct organizations, but this collaboration will allow each group to concentrate on what they do best and strengthen both organizations.

CMBAM board members, who are all volunteers who also serve as full-time advisers at their respective schools, will be relieved of some of the time-consuming administrative tasks in order to concentrate on providing members with training, industry knowledge, best practices, and leadership skills – all the things that are most important to members to figure out how uniquely organized media groups will continue to be relevant to readers.

The professional staff at ACP will assume responsibility for membership processing and renewals, convention registration, sponsorship management, website hosting, awards – the behind-the-scenes work that is vital to a well-run organization and that ACP already provides for its own members.

“This is a great opportunity to partner with one of the premiere college media organizations, College Media Business and Advertising Managers. We look forward to working with CMBAM and assisting their members in any way possible. Also, CMBAM will have a seat on our board of directors, as well, and we are excited to have them join us.

–Laura Widmer | Executive Director

The most exciting result of this new partnership will be the shared spring convention for both ACP and CMBAM members in La Jolla, California, Feb. 28-March 3, 2019. It will combine all the features of both organizations’ usual spring conventions, but with more opportunities for the news and advertising/business side of student media to share information.

We look forward to working with CMBAM to provide the best possible support for all student media!