NSPA Critiques

Evaluate your work in student media with an NSPA critique. NSPA provides a critique service for newspapers, magazines and yearbooks.

The critique is a written evaluation of work submitted by a publication. Professional journalists, experienced media advisers and other media professionals serve on the NSPA board of judges.

The judge writes comments and scores your publication in several different categories such as coverage, writing and design. The composite score from all sections gives the publication an honor rating ranging from Third Class to All American. The All American rating is the highest rating given to any publication in the critique service. Media that have achieved 10 All American honor ratings in an 11-year span are inducted into the All-American Hall of Fame.

The critique service usually takes 10 to 14 weeks. NSPA makes every effort to return the completed critique as soon as possible.

NSPA members can add on a critique for high school publications for $89. Junior high members can add a critique for $50. Supercritiques are $129.

NSPA All-American Hall of Fame

In 1987, the National Scholastic Press Association established a Hall of Fame for member student publications – newspapers, yearbooks and magazines – which have earned 10 All-American ratings from our publication critique service within an 11-year span. Hall of Fame inductees receive a special honor plaque to mark the induction and are added to the NSPA Hall of Fame plaques, which are displayed at our JEA/NSPA high school journalism conventions.

New Hall of Fame inductions are made twice a year and are honored at our JEA/NSPA High School Journalism Conventions.

Advisers who believe their publication has achieved Hall of Fame status may apply for the Hall of Fame by writing a letter indicating the name of the publication, the years the publication received All-American ratings and publication/adviser contact information.