NSPA expands Middle School Individual Awards

Student journalists from middle/junior high schools now have increased opportunities to participate in the NSPA Individual Awards.

“The number of outstanding journalism programs at the middle school level is increasing and we wanted these talented students to compete in their own category in the NSPA Individual Awards,” said Gary Lundgren, associate director. “The quality of student media at the middle school level gets stronger every year, and NSPA needs to do more to recognize this outstanding work.”

The 2018 NSPA Middle School Individual Awards features Design of the Year, Story of the Year and Photo of the Year categories. Broadcast, print and digital media may enter these competitions.

Previously, there was only a middle school photo category. In all other categories, middle schools and high schools competed against each other.

In each of the three Middle School Individual Awards categories, 10 entries will be honored ­— the top five along with five honorable mentions.

“In all, 30 middle school journalists will be honored in this first year,” Lundgren said. “Over the years, as the competition grows, we’ll be adding more middle school categories.”

Each middle school NSPA member media outlet may submit two entries in each of the three categories. Entries must be submitted by June 22, 2018 under the CONTESTS tab on the membership portal.