National Scholastic Press Association-Camayak Partnership

Members of the National Scholastic Press Association are welcome to improve their workflow via Camayak, a New York City-based company that makes it easy for publications to organize content production.

Camayak empowers editors, improves communication and helps newsrooms create better content. Get a bird’s eye view to organize and track assignment changes for editors, reporters, photographers, videographers, designers and other staffers.

Organize workflow so the staff can put more energy into producing news and content, emphasizing convergence, online and digital products and building community engagement.

Camayak not only orchestrates teamwork, but lets students shine as an individuals too. Set up an online portfolio to archive bylines or efforts that you contributed to.

The price for high school and middle school publications that are NSPA members is $240 a year.

Camayak is connected to multiple platforms that include WordPress, so content can be published directly to platform of choice.

“The National Scholastic Press Association partners with select companies and organizations that are committed to the educational value and goals of scholastic journalism. We are pleased to connect student-directed news organizations and publications with services and tools to help them excel.”
– Diana Mitsu Klos, ACP Executive Director

“NSPA has a great track record of negotiating the best deals for student newsroom staff. We’re excited to be part of that and can’t wait to work with NSPA members who represent the next generation of media-savvy graduates. They force us to innovate and in many ways, are the envy of professional media organizations for their abilities to adapt so quickly to new trends. With Camayak, they can also stay disciplined while getting a taste of professional media demands, too.”
– Roman Heindorff, Camayak chief executive officer