2019 Local Climate Change Reporting Finalists

Associated Collegiate Press has announced its finalists for the 2019 Local Climate Change Reporting competition.

In partnership with the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, this new ACP Individual Award category has been established to encourage localized climate change reporting by collegiate media.

All finalists will be recognized and the winners announced for the first time at the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2019, in Washington, D.C., on Saturday afternoon.

First- through fifth-place winners will receive plaques, and five honorable mention winners will receive certificates.

Cash prizes are provided by the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication. The first-place winner will receive $500, the second-place winner $300, and the third-place winner $200.

“Climate change used to be seen as a future problem. The reporting done by these student journalists brings to life what the climate scientists have been telling us — that climate change is already affecting people in communities across America,” Edward Maibach, director of the Center for Climate Change Communication, said.  

“The quality of their climate reporting strongly suggests that this rising cohort of professional journalists is well prepared to help U.S. news outlets take local climate reporting to the next level,” he said. 

Finalists are shown below in alphabetical order by state.

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Ernie Pyle Reporter of the Year | Local Climate Change Reporting

Micah Bledsoe, Keerthi Vedantam
Cronkite News
Arizona State University
Officials testify on climate change’s outsized effect on Indian Country

Eric He, Diana Kruzman, Allen Pham, Kate Sequeira, Katherine Wiles
Daily Trojan
University of Southern California
Speck of green: Environmental degradation looms as the 21st century’s biggest challenge. But is USC doing enough?

Aidan McGloin
Mustang News
California Polytechnic State University
Cal Poly adapts to climate change, national report announces impacts

Francesca Mathewes
14 East
DePaul University
Climate refugees: Who they are and why you should care

Megan Falk
The NewsHouse
Syracuse University
Sweetening the climate change deal: New York maple producers are adopting innovative technologies and environmentally sustainable techniques

Emily Galvin
The Daily Tar Heel
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The smell of money’: Florence adds to environmental concerns over hog farming

Alex Hager
Elon News Network
Elon University
Elon’s invisible world: Campus plays host to a diverse community of wildlife, if you just know where to look

Katharine Piwonka
Portland State University
Stand up for climate justice: Climate change continues to impact marginalized communities

Lexi Kerzman
The Volante
University of South Dakota
Global climate change impacts South Dakota communities

Nikole Chumley, Matthew Conrardy, Lexi Phillips, Bailee Wicks
Central Washington University
Opening the conversation on climate change: Harsh realities, sustainability and you