2020 Honor Roll of Student Journalists

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NSPA Honor Roll Scholarships 2021 • 2019 

National Scholastic Press Association, the nation’s largest association for high school, junior high and middle school journalists, has inducted approximately 1,300 high-school scholars and student journalists into its 2020 Journalism Honor Roll.

“These outstanding students excel in both the classroom and in their school newsrooms,” associate director Gary Lundgren said. “The future of journalism is bright if these students are any indication.”

In addition to serving for at least two years on a student media staff, in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, online or yearbook, the students have earned a 3.5 or higher grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Publication advisers and journalism instructors have nominated these students for the honor.

Senior inductees are eligible to compete for a $1,000 scholarship, and NSPA will announce the scholarship winner in May.

All Honor Roll inductees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be listed in the association’s Best of the High School Press, a yearly publication showcasing the winners in the association’s student media competitions. Inductees are also eligible to wear a special honor cord at graduation.

Through education, training and recognition programs, NSPA promotes the standards and ethics of good journalism. Its educational programs, both on-site and virtual, train thousands of student journalists and advisers, and its awards programs include the Pacemaker Award, the nation’s preeminent publication honor. It celebrates 100 years of service in 2021.

Alphabetical by state and city


Catholic High School for Boys, Little Rock
Nathan Adams, Lift Off News
Trevor Anderson, Rocket Times
Cole Black-Ocken, The Rocket
Walter Flanagin, Rocket Times
Anthony Hailey, Rocket Times, Rocket
Collin Kita, The Rocket
Mason Lane, The Rocket
Bauer Lee, Rocket Times
Jack O’Connor, Rocket Times
Roshan Ranaraja, Rocket Times, Rocket
Alex Rodriguez, The Rocket
Caleb Shaw, Lift Off News
Jose Vargas, Rocket Times
Carlos Yang, Rocket Times

Har-Ber High School, Springdale
Alex Almaraz, The Wildcat, The Herald
Lauren Burgin, The Herald
Matteo Campagnola, The Herald
Bailey Hopkins, The Herald
Kayla Rushton, The Herald
Madelyn Stout, The Wildcat


Carlmont High School, Belmont
Audrey Boyce, Scot Scoop
Andrea Butler, Highlander
Brianna Cheng, Scot Scoop
Samantha Chu, Scot Scoop
Francesca D’Urzo, Highlander
Natalie Doud, Scot Scoop
Mandy Hitchcock, ScotCenter
Audrey Luey, Scot Scoop
Nisha Marino, Highlander
Rachel McCrea, Highlander
Kimberly Mitchell, Highlander
Emma O’Connor, Highlander
Miles Ozorio, Scot Scoop
Isabella Reeves, ScotCenter
Veronica Roseborough, Scot Scoop
Alena Ruhstaller, Scot Scoop
Auva Soheili, Highlander
Maddy Ting, Scot Scoop

Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills
Hogan Behrstock, Watchtower
Catherine Gagulashvili, Highlights
Alya Mehrtash, Highlights
Michael Rabizadeh, Watchtower
Ava Seccuro, Highlights
Aasha Sendhil, Watchtower

Monta Vista High School, Cupertino
Hannah Lee, El Estoque

Davis Senior High School, Davis
Clara Ault, The HUB
Emily Chapman, The HUB
Chloe Chedin, The HUB
Caroline Chilcott, The HUB
Anisha Dhakal, The HUB
Soraya Fattahi, The HUB
Lyah Fitzpatrick, The HUB
Sean Gallagher, The HUB
Sarah Griffiths, The HUB
Lyle Hahn, The HUB
Iris Harshaw, The HUB
Katrina Haws, The HUB
Allyson Kang, The HUB
Dahlia Kraus, The HUB
Lauren Lee, The HUB
Priscilla Lee, The HUB
Renee Xiang, The HUB
Alexandra Zurborg, The HUB

Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta
Sarah Dent, The Image
Nora Kelly, The Image
Rachel Lenchner, The Image
Carly Naour, The Image
Morgan Parisse, The Image
Benjamin Ryan Bishop, The Image
Alison Togami, DPNews
Sadie Ugoretz, The Image
Phoebe Wolfe Lyons, The Image
Tara Woodard, DPNews

Granite Bay High School, Granite Bay
Heba Bounar, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Cori Caplinger, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Sophie Criscione, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Shreya Dodballapur, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Kate Fernandez, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Emerson Ford, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
J.J. Hill, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Mareesa Islam, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Bella Khor, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Angelina Kolosey, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
May Lin, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Ashley Lucia, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Ashley Yung, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org
Lindsey Zabell, Granite Bay Gazette, GraniteBayToday.org

Pinewood School, Los Altos Hills
Srinivas Balogopal, The Perennial
Reilly Brady, The Perennial
Sarah Feng, The Perennial

The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles
Anna Brodsky, The Oracle
Molly Goldberg, The Oracle
Quincy Gordon, Hestia’s Flame
Rio Hundley, The Oracle
Sabrina Kim, Hestia’s Flame
Lola Lamberg, The Oracle
Theadora Leimone, Hestia’s Flame
Abigale Lischak, Hestia’s Flame
Siena Mizel, Hestia’s Flame
Celeste Ramirez, The Oracle
Nicole Rosenberg, The Oracle
Julia Wanger, Hestia’s Flame
Allie Worchell, The Oracle

Casa Roble High School, Orangevale
Thomas Hodges, Casa Roble Live
Kyle Miller, Casa Roble Live
Terenui Ryall, Casa Roble Live

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto
Annie Chen, The Campanile
Neil Kapoor, The Campanile
Anna Meyer, The Campanile
Kiana Tavakoli, The Campanile

Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Rancho Santa Margarita
Isabella Barrera, The Eagle Eye News
Aidan Ocampo, The Eagle Eye News
Jaime Svinth, The Eagle Eye News

Sequoia High School, Redwood City
Taylor Gayner, The Raven Report
Jay Tipirneni, The Raven Report

Whitney High School, Rocklin
Dianna Chang, Whitney High Student Media
Grace Chang, Whitney High Student Media
Dylan de Valk, Whitney High Student Media
Olivia de Lamadrid, Whitney High Student Media
Brenden Jacoby, Whitney High Student Media
Aazam Khan, Whitney High Student Media
Katerina Lomba, Whitney High Student Media
Sofiia Malushkina, Whitney High Student Media
Sofia McMaster, Whitney High Student Media
Chloe Prudhoe, Whitney High Student Media
Angela Roberson, Whitney High Student Media
Paulina Solorzano, Whitney High Student Media
Nikhita Tandon, Whitney High Student Media
Katelyn Vengersammy, Whitney High Student Media

Woodcreek High School, Roseville
Yasameen Alazzawi, Lykos
Erika Hawks, Lykos
Emily Stockton, Lykos

Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo
Stefanie Iojica, The Jolly Roger

Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco
Dominic Borrego, The Crusader
Michael Gray, The Crusader
Jamar Kittling, The Crusader
Ian Martin, The Crusader
Aidan Murtagh, The Crusader
Zachary Phillips, The Crusader
Miles Poon, The Crusader
Brandon Vargas, The Crusader

Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco
Charlotte Ehrlich, The Broadview
Grace Krumplitsch, The Broadview
Tabitha Parent, The Broadview
Gray Timberlake, The Broadview
Gabriella Vulakh, The Broadview

Lowell High School, San Francisco
Joelle Chien, The Lowell
Anita Liu, The Lowell
Christy Vong, The Lowell
Lee Wilcox, The Lowell
Kelsea Wymer, The Lowell
Kristen Yeung, The Lowell

Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon
Caroline Lobel, The Wildcat Tribune

Sanger High School, Sanger
Emily Joy Hartsell, Sanger Hi-Lights

Laguna Blanca School, Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Bisno, The Fourth Estate
Christian Branch, The Fourth Estate
Ian Brown, The Fourth Estate
Macy Christal, The Fourth Estate
Nafisah Fathima, The Fourth Estate
Daisy Finefrock, The Fourth Estate
Katherine Monroy, The Fourth Estate
Amara Murphy, The Fourth Estate
Madeleine Nicks, The Fourth Estate
Emma Raith, The Fourth Estate
Phoebe Stein, The Fourth Estate
Boning Zhang, The Fourth Estate
Ziqian Zhou, The Fourth Estate

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, Van Nuys
Alondra Nuño


Cherokee Trail High School, Aurora
Bergen Backes, CT-TV
Mia Ballard, The Legend
Jenna Bressler, The Legend
Toni Elton, The Guide
Olivia Semple, The Guide
Elyse Sommer, The Guide
Teagan Wedige, CT-TV

Brighton High School, Brighton
Teagan Frazier, Reflections
Jordan Mahaffey, Reflections
Sophia Rolfs, Reflections
Anthony Sianis, Reflections

Eagle Valley High School, Gypsum
Andrew Bode Kostick, The Devils’ Advocate
Caroline Dewell, The Devils’ Advocate
Riley Dudley, The Devils’ Advocate
Carter Josef, The Devils’ Advocate
Saroja Manickam, The Devils’ Advocate
Quin McCarroll, The Devils’ Advocate
Sally McDonnell, The Devils’ Advocate
Jack Vito, The Devils’ Advocate

Monarch High School, Louisville
Eleanor Guanella, Mosaic
India Turner, The Pack
Anna Wexler, Mosaic


Cape Coral High School, Cape Coral
Allyson Anderson, Seahawk’s Eye
Roan Borghi, Seahawk’s Eye
Alyssa Bracken, Accipiter
Joseph Brady, Seahawk’s Eye
Ella Casto-Waters, Seahawk’s Eye
Ashlynn Currie, Seahawk’s Eye
Harris Dzanic, Accipiter
Owen Foster-Hickey, Seahawk’s Eye
Logan Harrison, Accipiter
Jennifer Jacoby, Seahawk’s Eye
Lillian King, Accipiter
Alexis Klepper, Seahawk’s Eye
Julia Lin, Seahawk’s Eye
Melissa Lopez, Accipiter
Yaliza Martinez, Accipiter
Clare McMillan, Seahawk’s Eye
Lailah Milby, Accipiter
Maricelly Morales, Accipiter
Nicole Parsons, Accipiter
Melanie Pena, Seahawk’s Eye
Isabella Pryor, Accipiter
Salma Sheppard, Accipiter
Kaitlyn Swicegood, Seahawk’s Eye
Isadora Wallace, Seahawk’s Eye
Madison Watts, Accipiter
Hankyeol Yang, Seahawk’s Eye

Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale
Maria Abello, The Crestian
Lucas Abrams, The Crestian
Julia Aronberg, The Crestian
Ana Bordin, The Crestian
Alicia Caceres, The Crestian
Marisa Cefola, The Crestian
Phoebe Ducote, The Crestian
Omer Erez, The Crestian
Emma Feirstein, The Crestian
Samantha Finkelberg, The Crestian
Marielle Goldschlag, The Crestian
Emma Gomez, The Crestian
Grace Hancock, The Crestian
Lily Hashemi, The Crestian
Natalia Hauser, The Crestian
Karene Hermon, The Crestian
Taylor Jones, The Crestian
Venice Junger, The Crestian
Marlie Kahan, The Crestian
Gabrielle Khoriaty, The Crestian
Sabrina Kreiss, The Crestian
Ayesha Minhas, The Crestian
Olivia Pettee, The Crestian
Reagan Provo, The Crestian
Catrina Reyes, The Crestian
Grace Sager, The Crestian
Owen Seiner, The Crestian
Shiraz Shiff, The Crestian
Haley Strauch, The Crestian
Bailey Watson, The Crestian
Danielle Weisfisch, The Crestian
Sydni Zfira, The Crestian

Columbia High School, Lake City
Alexis Dixon, Columbian
Anan-Eya Hardman, Columbian

Christopher Columbus High School, Miami
Marcus Callegari, CCNN Live

Florida Christian School, Miami
Allison Gonzalez, Patriot
Rommy Silva, Patriot

Seminole High School, Sanford
Tejasvini Calambakkam, Salmagundi

Hillsborough High School, Tampa
Kyla Battle, Hilsborean
Marin Fehl, Red & Black
Reema Patel, Red & Black
Jaden Shemesh, Red & Black

Alexander. W Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach
Nirmit Chandan, The Muse
Emma Garrett, The Muse
Cassie Glover, Seeds in the Black Earth
Shelby Godfrey, The Marquee
Adam Goldstick, The Muse
Jarom Gordon, The Muse
Josh Kenny, Seeds in the Black Earth
Isabella Kjaerulff, The Muse, The Marquee
Kate McNamara, The Muse
Asher Moss, The Muse
Anamaria Navarrete, The Muse
Michael Pincus, The Muse
Jenelle Pollock, Seeds in the Black Earth
Isabella Ramirez, The Muse, The Marquee
Angelina Rodriguez, The Marquee
Madaleine Rubin, The Muse
Sasha Smith, The Muse
Joel Soto, The Marquee, The Muse
Mara Vaknin, Seeds in the Black Earth
George Wu, The Muse, Seeds in the Black Earth

Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park
Grace Beneke, The Trinity Voice
Alexandra Good, The Trinity Voice
Alexis Huang, The Trinity Voice
Emma Kim, The Trinity Voice
Ryan Latterell, The Trinity Voice
Matthew Mapa, The Trinity Voice
Amy Qiao, The Trinity Voice
Amber Rampersaud, The Trinity Voice
Sidney Seybold, The Trinity Voice
Elizabeth Ugan, The Trinity Voice
Ryan Zehnder, The Trinity Voice


Fulton Science Academy Private School, Alpharetta
Abhiram Chnnupati, Mustang News Team
Nicole Dubinskiy, Mustang News Team
Jeehye Kim, Mustang News Team
Akshay Maharaj, Mustang News Team

Clarke Central High School, Athens
Maya Cornish, Odyssey Media Group
Owen Donnelly, Odyssey Media Group
Audrey Enghauser, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Colin Frick, Odyssey Media Group
Audrey Kennedy, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Ireland McCage, Odyssey Media Group
Natalie Ripps, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Natalie Schliekelman, Odyssey Newsmagazine

South Forsyth High School, Cumming
Shree Delwadia, The Bird Feed
Grace Drawdy, The Bird Feed
Brooke Eldridge, The Bird Feed
Kayleigh Emberton, The Bird Feed
Katherine Haas, The Bird Feed
Shreya Mishra, The Bird Feed
Sadie Rawlings, The Bird Feed
Naisha Roy, The Bird Feed
Minakshi Shivananda, The Bird Feed
Sierra Wamsley, The Bird Feed

Starr’s Mill High School, Fayetteville
Bekah Algaze, The Prowler
Ben Barkley, The Prowler
Caylee Cicero, The Prowler
James Hindy, The Prowler
Jordan Owens, The Prowler
Victoria Sponar, The Prowler

McIntosh High School, Peachtree City
Natalie Spellman, The Legend


Metea Valley High School, Aurora
Myra Bajwa, The Stampede
Elena Buscher, The Mane, The Stampede
Alexandra Guckel, The Stampede
Madison McCalley, The Stampede
Leland Pan, The Stampede
Noelle Smagala, The Stampede

University of Chicago Laboratory High School, Chicago
Natalie Bakwin, U-Highlights
Macy Beal, U-Highlights, Photojournalism
Ella Beiser, U-High Midway
Amanda Cassel, U-High Midway
George Leland Culver, U-High Midway
Claire Duncan, U-Highlights
Nicholas Edwards-Levin, U-High Midway
Olivia Griffin, U-High Midway
Isabella Kellermeier, Photojournalism
Ava Kucera, U-Highlights
George Leland Culver, U-High Midway
Audrey Matzke, U-High Midway
Marisa McGehee, U-Highlights
Esha Mishra, U-Highlights
Odysseas Nikas, U-Highlights
Berk Oto, U-High Midway
Nikhil Patel, U-High Midway
Peter Pu, U-High Midway
Stanley Shapiro, U-Highlights
Maria Shaughnessy, Photojournalism
Madeline Welch, U-High Midway
Iris Xie, U-Highlights

Libertyville High School, Libertyville
Andrew Benoit, Drops of Ink
Amanda Black, Drops of Ink
Ian Cox, Drops of Ink
Sayre DeBruler, Drops of Ink
Moira Duffy, Drops of Ink
Jade Foo, Drops of Ink
Rowan Hornsey, Drops of Ink
Ella Marsden, Drops of Ink
Charlotte Pulte, Drops of Ink
Claire Salemi, Drops of Ink

Oswego East High School, Oswego
Michaela Banal, Wolf’s Eye
Carson Bierman, Wolf’s Eye
Vivian La, OE Howl
Isabella Mendoza, Wolf’s Eye
Namratha Prasad, OE Howl
Ben Schmidt, OE Howl

Maine South High School, Park Ridge
Samuel Corbett, Southwords
Emma Crosson, Southwords
Veronica Espinoza, Southwords
Keeley Flynn, Southwords
Georgia Fosse, Southwords
Charlotte Geier, Southwords
Amalia Laskaris, Southwords
Luigi Laudando, Southwords
Erin Martin, Southwords
Ella Melcher, Southwords
Kristen Meyer, Southwords
Victoria Murphy, Southwords
Laura Pomilia, Southwords


Creekside Middle School, Carmel
Lily Farrell, Creekside Prowl
Maya Grove, Creekside Prowl
Bhavishya Vishnumolakala, Creekside Prowl

Columbus North High School, Columbus
Hailey Andis, The Triangle
Alyssa Ayers, The Triangle
Kennedi Baker, Bull Dog News Network
Lucy Beck, The Triangle
Abigail Bodart, The Triangle
Jordan Brady, Log
Kyle Carlson, Bull Dog News Network
Hannah Clark, Log
Salomé Cloteaux, The Triangle
Tristen Cook, Bull Dog News Network
Alayne Davis, Log
Adelaide Diseroad Watts, The Triangle
K.J. Ely, Log
Paola Fernandez, The Triangle
Elizabeth Ferrero, Log
Anna Kelley, The Triangle
Katie Long, The Triangle
Margaret Mowrer, Bull Dog News Network
Karla Perez Gonzalez, The Triangle
Zoe Preston, The Triangle
Nela Riddle, The Triangle
Coral Roberts, The Triangle
Matthew Ruehman, Bull Dog News Network
Helen Rumsey, Log
Hallie Schwartzkopf, The Triangle
Erica Song, The Triangle
Emy Tays, The Triangle
Abigail Titus, Log
Lauryn Whitley, Log

Crown Point High School, Crown Point
Olivia Budzevski, Inklings
Emma Frank, Inklings
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Inklings
Emily Helmuth, Inklings
Erin Muller, Inklings
Alexandra Sulewski, Inklings
Noah Thomas, Inklings
Madelyn Whitaker, Inklings

R. Nelson Snider High School, Fort Wayne
Madison Elliott, The Safari
Emily McCoy, The Safari
Emily Meinzen, The Safari
Sariah Ramos, The Safari
Allison Stachler, The Safari
Matthew Stachler, The Safari
Ryan Stachler, The Safari

Greenwood Community High School, Greenwood
Ashley Buster, Woodmen AM
Emily Chatham, Woodmen AM
Avraham Forrest, Timberlines
Grace Jackson, Timberlines
Ashley Kremer, Timberlines
Brayton Laster, Timberlines
Anna Lowe, Timberlines
Wendy Moreno, The Woodmen
Grace Nuhfer, Timberlines
Faith Peebles, Timberlines
Jacob Rollett, Timberlines
Jenna Sawyer, Woodmen AM
Mallory Watson, The Woodman
Riley Weber, The Woodman

Plymouth High School, Plymouth
Helen Chen, The Mayflower
Jessika Cuatlacuatl, The Mayflower
Topanga Deon, The Mayflower
Chloe Garner, Ye Pilgrim
Quincey Hess, Ye Pilgrim
Bohanon Meadors, Ye Pilgrim
Alexa Orozco, Ye Pilgrim, The Mayflower
Cristian Quintana, Ye Pilgrim

Westfield High School, Westfield
Erin Clark, The Lantern
Syndey Clifford, The Lantern
Elizabeth Enderle, The Lantern
Samantha England, The Lantern
Clare Flanagan, The Lantern
Reagan Motsinger, The Lantern
Tommy Pugh, The Lantern
Benjamin Rascon Gracia, The Lantern
Ben Richardson, The Lantern


Iowa City High School, Iowa City
Julianne Berry-Stoelzle, The Little Hawk
Mira Bohannon Kumar, The Little Hawk
Noah Bullwinkle, The Little Hawk
Anna Gayley, The Little Hawk
Natalie Green, The Little Hawk
Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, The Little Hawk
Shoshanna Hemley, The Little Hawk
Nina Lavezzo-Stecopoulos, The Little Hawk
Henry Mildenstein, The Little Hawk

Valley High School, West Des Moines
Caroline Ash, Spotlight
Claire Burnett, Tiger Tales
Carsen Codel, Spotlight
Regan Day, Spotlight
Chloe Edwards, Spotlight
Blake Morrow, Spotlight
Molly Wright, Spotlight


Lawrence High School, Lawrence
Daniel Davidson, lhsbudget.com
Sophia Kaufman, Red & Black
Zora Lotton-Barker, The Budget
Arianna Myers-Arenth, The Budget
Meriel Salisbury, The Budget
Nadia Sanburn, lhsbudget.com
Samantha Turner, The Budget

Manhattan High School, Manhattan
Sophia Comas, The Mentor Online
Meredith Comas, The Mentor
Hannah Heger, The Mentor, Blue M
Anika Nyp, Blue M, The Mentor
Madison Ritz, Blue M

Olathe South High School, Olathe
Hannah Holliday, The Eyrie
Mandi Marstall, The Eyrie, The Talon

Shawnee Mission South High School, Overland Park
Ansley Chambers, The Patriot
Naomi Mitchell, The Patriot

Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie Village
Sarah Bledsoe, The Harbinger
Charlotte Brock, Hauberk
Caroline Chisholm, The Harbinger
Katie Drake, Hauberk
Alice Erdner, Hauberk
Kimball Gogel, Hauberk
Ben Henschel, Harbinger
Hannah Hobert, Hauberk
Lizzie MacAdam, Hauberk
Meredith McGannon, Hauberk
Katherine Nixon, The Harbinger
Madison Reed, Hauberk
Elizabeth Sandstrom, Hauberk
Lila Tulp, The Harbinger
Brynn Winkler, The Harbinger

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Shawnee
Skylar Brogan, The Lair
Rory Dungan, The Northwest Passage
Mollie Elfrink, The Lair
Madison Graff, The Lair
Stella Grist, Northwest Passage
Annalissa Houser, Northwest Passage
Elizabeth Kuffour, The Northwest Passage
Dylan Mitchell, Photojournalism
McKenna Parsons, The Lair
Liam Saunders, The Lair
Tatum Schuerman, The Lair


Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington
Olivia Doyle, PLD Lamplighter

Bullitt East High School, Mount Washington
Ezra Faith, Endeavor
Katey Goins, Livewire
Morgan Harbolt, Livewire
Katie Huffman, Livewire
Rachel Johnson, Endeavor
Lauren Jones, Endeavor
Bailey Korfhage, Endeavor
Tayler Mahoney, Endeavor
Abby Moss, Endeavor
Ella Olds, Livewire
Morgan Renneisen, Livewire
Mallory Roby, Endeavor
Makayla Stone, Livewire
Lilly Whitley, Livewire


Wayland High School, Wayland
Christopher Brown, Wayland Student Press Network
Kyle Chen, Wayland Student Press Network
Aiden Chitkara, Wayland Student Press Network
Alyssa Dickstein, Wayland Student Press Network
Charles Moore, Wayland Student Press Network
Meredith Prince, Wayland Student Press Network
Jessica Reilly, Wayland Student Press Network
Hailey Robinson, Wayland Student Press Network
Joshua Schreiber, Wayland Student Press Network
Ellie Tyska, Wayland Student Press Network
Kevin Wang, Wayland Student Press Network


Huron High School, Ann Arbor
Julie Heng, The Huron Emery

Portage Northern High School, Portage
Malcolm Gaynor, Northern Light
Komalpreet Kaur, Northern Light
Snigda Narisetty, Northern Light
Brianna Neuhouser, Northern Light


Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie
Katherine Kregness, The Eyrie
Sydney Lewis, The Eyrie

Spectrum High School, Elk River
Zachary Knapp, NOISE News
Elizabeth McCoy, NOISE News

Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis
Zac Anderson, The Antler
Michael DiNardo, The Talon
Jordan Erickson, The Talon
Abby Hobrough, The Antler
Annika Johnson, The Talon
Dylan Kiratli, The Talon
Eva Larson, The Antler
Lily McClelland, The Antler
Ann Oakman, The Talon
Luke Von Arx, The Talon
Beck Westrem, The Talon

The Blake School, Minneapolis
Catherine Barry, The Spectrum
Nora Fox, The Spectrum
Sage Marmet, The Spectrum
Emma Martinez Sutton, The Spectrum
Noor Naseer, The Spectrum
John (Jack) Prince, The Spectrum
Sara Richardson, The Spectrum
Maggie Seidel, The Spectrum

St. Louis Park High School, St. Louis Park
Claire Bargman, Echo
Gabriel Kaplan, Echo
Isabel Kjaer, Echo
Maggie Klaers, Echo
Kaia Myers, Echo
Noah Orloff, Echo
Ruthie Posada, Echo
Abigail Prestholdt, Echo
Madeleine Schutte, Echo
Sofia Seewald, Echo
Sadie Yarosh, Echo
Emily Ziessman, Echo

St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul
Salah Abdulkarim, The Rubicon
Julia Baron, The Rubicon
Lucy Benson, The Rubicon
Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnline
Lara Cayci, RubicOnline
Elle Chen, RubicOnline
Noor Christava, Photojournalism
Quinn Christensen, The Rubicon, Iris: Art + Lit
Eloise Duncan, The Rubicon
Adrienne Gaylord, The Rubicon
Lucia Granja, RubicOnline
Sam Hanson, Aureus
Charlie Johnson, The Rubicon
Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline
Lizzie Kristal, The Rubicon
Liv Larsen, RubicOnline
Lori Li, Ibid
Evelyn Lillemoe, The Rubicon
Meagan Massie, The Rubicon
Melissa Nie, RubicOnline
Maren Ostrem, The Rubicon
Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline
Jenny Ries, The Rubicon
Annika Rock, RubicOnline
Sharee Roman, The Rubicon
Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline
Will Schavee, RubicOnline
Tommy Stolpestad, The Rubicon
Ashley Su, Ibid
Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline


Parkway West High School, Ballwin
Brinda Ambal, Pathfinder
Carly Anderson, Pathfinder
Reese Berry, Pawesehi
Sabrina Bohn, Pathfinder
Drew Boone, Pathfinder
Emma Breidecker, Pawesehi
Caroline Briscoe, Pawesehi
Emma Caplinger, Pathfinder
Lilly Francis, Pawesehi
Sophie Gulino, Pawesehi
Tyler Kinzy, Pathfinder
Claire LeDuc, Pawesehi
Michael Lolley, Pathfinder
Maya Loy, Pawesehi
Kathryn McAuliffe, Pathfinder
Jenna Mercer, Pawesehi
Ridwan Oyebamiji, Pathfinder
Fatema Rehmani, Pathfinder
Lydia Roseman, Pathfinder
Nayeon Ryu, Pathfinder
Leah Schroeder, Pathfinder
Susan Seidel, Pathfinder
Jacob Stanton, Pathfinder
Mallory Stirrat, Pawesehi
Reagin Ward, Pawesehi
Abbie Zensen, Pawesehi
Anika Zepeda, Pawesehi

Marquette High School, Chesterfield
Jackson Estwanick, The Messenger, MHSNews
Marta Mieze, The Messenger

Rock Bridge High School, Columbia
Bailey Stover, The Rock, Bearing News

Rockwood Summit High School, Fenton
Madison Anderson, KFTN 92.7 FM
Sydney Brewer, The Pinnacle
Hayla Brooks, The Pinnacle
Jack Goren, The Talon
Catherine Hartley, The Talon
Rebecca Jones, The Talon
Rohit Khanolkar, The Talon
Julia Martens, The Pinnacle
Olivia Miller, The Pinnacle
Zoe Milonas, The Pinnacle
Josie Orlando, The Pinnacle
Abigail Potter, The Talon
Gabe Sasser, The Talon
Quinn Vonder Haar, The Talon
Maya Wijeweera, The Talon

Oak Park High School, Kansas City
Leah Beatty, The Axe
Parker Bensyl, Cambia
Emily Byrum, The Northmen’s Log, Northmen News
Lindsey Dunaway, The Northmen’s Log, Northmen News
Angelina Garcia, Cambia
Ivonee Morales Mejia, The Northmen’s Log, Northmenn News
Sophia Sander, The Axe
Skylar Small, Cambia

Staley High School, Kansas City
Sara Almansouri, Talon
Yesena Arnau, STTV
Allison Brinton, STTV
Cooper Brown, STTV
Parker Cable, STTV
Victor Cascio, STTV
Grace Cress, Legacy
Selena Escutia, Legacy
Cassandra Ford, Talon
Megan Hall, Legacy
Makenzie Hooton, Talon
Jenny Le, Talon
Samantha Loerwell, STTV
Haley McAtee, Legacy
Meghan McElwee, N2 Sports
Kennedy McGrath, Legacy
Hailey Milliken, Talon
Gracie Neff, STTV
Kelena Oots, STTV
Alexandria Secaida, Legacy
Claudia St. John, Legacy
Hailey Steinbach, Legacy
Emma Thom, Legacy
Taten Tolander, STTV
Jack Warner, Talon
John Warner, Talon

Winnetonka High School, Kansas City
Erica Burnett, Odyssey
Kelsey Cowden, Odyssey

Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood
Megan Cleveland, The Kirkwood Call
Matthew Connelly, Pioneer
Julia Frankel, Pioneer
Louis Garr, The Kirkwood Call
Allison Geeting, Pioneer
Malcia Greene, The Kirkwood Call
Sophie Harre, Pioneer
Sarah Hickenbotham, Pioneer
Molly Higgins, The Kirkwood Call
Julia Knoll, The Kirkwood Call
Lindsay Kocher, Pioneer
Emma Lingo, The Kirkwood Call
Maddie Meyers, The Kirkwood Call
Ally Ortmann, The Kirkwood Call
Sienna Pack, Pioneer
Ethan Peter, The Kirkwood Call
Megan Roche, Pioneer
Natalie Sweesy, Pioneer
Daniel Tobias, The Kirkwood Call
Ainsley Wade, Pioneer
Hadley Weyerich, Pioneer
Olivia Wilton, Pioneer

North Kansas City High School, North Kansas City
Michael Foster, NTV News
Erika Gutierrez, The Purgold
Savannah Lindsay, NTV News
Abigail Williams, The Purgold
Iasha Williams, The Buzz

Park Hill South High School, Riverside
Laura Distefano, The View
Kiana Fernandes, The View
Avery Glover, The View
Amy Graham, The View
Jessie Hagen, The View
Claire Hoy, The View
Johnny Sterrett, The View
Kira Strong, South Paw
Annie Woodson, The View

Hillcrest High School, Springfield
Anna Daniel, HTV Magazine
Madison Letterman, HTV Magazine
Sophia Vaughn, HTV Magazine

Francis Howell High School, St. Charles
Ainslee Harkins, Howelltonian
Andrea Lin, Howelltonian
Emily Scott, Howelltonian

Francis Howell North High School, St. Charles
Emily Hood, FHNtodayTV

Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis
Cassie Beisheim, Panorama
Grace Hensley, Panorama
Katie Shaw, Panorama

Lindbergh High School, St. Louis
Savannah Gibson, Spirit
Richard Schodl, Spirit

Ritenour High School, St. Louis
Faith Boyd, Pepper Box
Amelia Norman, Pepper Box
Abigail Richardson, Pepper Box
Andrea Rojo, Pepper Box
Daniela Saenz, Pepper Box
Quynh Trinh, Pepper Box
Caroline Wong, Pepper Box

Webster Groves High School, Webster Groves
Lindsey Bennett, WG Echo
Elise Keller, WG Echo
Emily Stisser, WG Echo
Ethan Weihl, WG Echo

Lafayette High School, Wildwood
Emily Budde, The Lancer Feed
Kayla Carpenter, Image
Hayden Cottrell, Image
Callie Harrison, Legend
Grace Kirtley, Image
Alex Rozar, Image
Audrey Samples, Legend
Delaney Stulce, Image
Colin Swan, The Lancer Feed
Jack Weaver, The Lancer Feed, Image
Shannon Worley, Legend


Marian High School, Omaha
Nyayian Biel, The Crusader
Jasmine Buttler, The Network
Abigail Elkins, The Crusader
Ellen Everett, The Crusader
Anna Feldman, The Crusader
Nora Fitzsimmons, The Network
Ariana Ganson, The Network
Chloe Herbert, The Network
Keara Hiatt, The Crusader
Katelin Kearney, The Crusader
Lydia Larson, The Network
Holly McCutcheon, The Network
Agoum Monydhel, The Crusader
Daisy Owen, The Crusader
Magdalene Peklo, The Network
Dianna Sledge, The Network
Olivia Sullivan, The Network
Colleen Sully, The Network
Isabella Syslo, The Network
Margaret Timmerman, The Crusader
Chiara Wallen, The Network
Lily Weindel, The Network
Lauren Zadalis, The Crusader

Millard West High School, Omaha
Molly Koca, The Prowler
Elizabeth Hahn, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Sarah Feuker, The Prowler
Ellen Burling, The Prowler
Edison Geiler, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Bailey Christensen, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Hannah Domandle, The Prowler
Jayden Kistaitis, The Prowler
Kelsey Forman, The Prowler
Annalise Smalley, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Kaitlyn Willard, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News


Reno High School, Reno
Maggie Arden, The Red & Blue


Cherry Hill High School East, Cherry Hill
Remy Abrams, Eastside
Defne Alpdogan, Eastside
Alexa Atlas, Eastside
Lily Cohen, Eastside
Jacy Dickstein, Eastside
Jacob Graff, Eastside
Alison Koenig, Eastside
Lily Lazarus, Eastside
Alex Levine, Eastside
Emily Mahaffy, Eastside
Amanda Merovitz, Eastside
Aine Pierre, Eastside
Samantha Roehl, Eastside
Sophia Sitnick, Eastside
Lalitha Viswanathan, Eastside
Sarah Zheng, Eastside


Greece Athena High School, Rochester
Rita Ghimirey, The Ekklesia


Providence Senior High School, Charlotte
Charlotte Beck, Roars and Whispers
Maggie Christopher, Roars and Whispers
Elizabeth Cotton, Roars and Whispers
Aiden Kaplan, Roars and Whisper
Ella Rasmussen, Roars and Whispers
Bhavana Veeravalli, Roars and Whispers
Celie Waddington, Roars and Whispers
Abigail Welch, Roars and Whispers

West Henderson High School, Hendersonville
Johnathan Austin, Wingspan
Brooks-Austin Boline, Westwind
Avery Brewer, Westwind
Madison Broome, Westwind
Allison Caskey, Wingspan
Rebecca Chamberlain, Wingspan
Maci Clark, Westwind
Maggie Cox, Westwind
Grayson Crow, Wingspan
Max Decker, Westwind
Ian Domansky, Wingspan
Haley Dunnigan, Westwind
Chloe Eidt, Westwind
Jackson Futch, Wingspan
Elizabeth Gaffney, Westwind
Carson Godwin, Wingspan
Catherine Green, Wingspan
Graham Grush, Wingspan
Madison Hall, Westwind
Zachary Henby, Westwind
Addison Hichman, Westwind
Riley Hill, Wingspan
Stone Hogan, Wingspan
Megan Huske, Westwind
Helene Johnston, Westwind
Lucas Kinsey, Wingspan
Aleigha Kozlik, Westwind
Dylan Lawson, Westwind
Margaret-Ann Littauer, Westwind
Trinity Luce, Wingspan
Kaiya Mann, Westwind
Gracie Merrill, Westwind
Sarah Monoson, Wingspan
Kinsley Morgan, Wingspan
Lauren Mullis, Wingspan
Keegan Owens, Westwind
Claire Parker, Westwind
Jiya Patel, Westwind
Emma Perrotta, Westwind
Aidan Shelton, Wingspan
Aliya Shook, Westwind
Remi Shook, Westwind
Elise Trexler, Wingspan
Nathan Turpin, Wingspan
McKennah Vale, Westwind
Jenna Whealan, Westwind
Lawrence Whittington, Wingspan
Ashley Witte, Westwind
Zoya Zalevskiy, Wingspan

Fred T. Foard High School, Newton
Mollie Mitchell, Quatralog


Antwerp Local School, Antwerp
Maddie Boesch, The Archer
Morgan Boesch, The Archer
Kate Farr, The Archer
Siera Octaviano, The Archer
Chloe Saul, The Archer

Sycamore High School, Cincinnati
Linya Guo, The Leaf
Harsitha Kalaiarsan, The Leaf
Anisa Khatana, The Leaf
Gabriella Khodadad, The Leaf
Lydia Masset, The Leaf
Allison McElroy, The Leaf
Madeleine Suh, The Leaf
Charlotte Weiss, The Leaf
Grace Zhang, The Leaf

Lakota East High School, Liberty Township
Rachel Anderson, Spark
Rebecca Breland, Spark
Eliza Bush, Spark
Alexandra Fernholz, Spark
Anna Mullins, Spark
Isis Summerlin, Spark
Shiloh Wolfork, Spark


Yukon High School, Yukon
Gabrielle Mobarak, The Miller
Emma McCarthey, The Insight, The Miller
Madilyn Moore, The Insight, The Miller
Mason O’Hara, The Miller
Natalie Wootton, The Insight, The Miller


Freedom Area High School, Freedom
Steven Buerkle, Bulldog Beat
Casey Collins, FHS Press, Shawnee, Bulldog Beat
Jalynn Falk, FHS Press, Shawnee
Mason Hedge, FHS Press, Shawnee
Matthew Levenson, Bulldog Beat, FHS Press, Shawnee
Leah McNear, FHS Press, Shawnee
Keith Pawlowski, FHS Press, Shawnee
JoAnn Sharpless, FHS Press, Shawnee
Cade Skuse, FHS Press, Shawnee
Cole Skuse, FHS Press, Shawnee, Bulldog Beat
Madison Snavely, FHS Press, Shawnee, Bulldog Beat
Hallie Spielman, FHS Press, Shawnee
Baylee Stewart, FHS Press, Shawnee


St. George’s Independent School, Collierville
Snowden Farnsworth, The Lodge
Owen Hewitt, The Lodge
Callie Hollis, The Lodge
Graham Nix, The Legend
Ashley Wilson, The Legend

Christ Presbyterian Academy, Nashville
Katherine Adams, Lion’s Roar
Chloe Amyx, Lion’s Roar
Caroline Avinger, Lion’s Roar
Grafton Brittle, Lion’s Roar
Gabriel Dickey, Lion’s Roar
Colin Drazan, Lion’s Roar
Baylor Dublin, Lion’s Roar
Abigail Ellis, Lion’s Roar
Lucy Ellis, Lion’s Roar
Mary Ellis Frutchey, Lion’s Roar
Laura Finley Hasenbank, Lion’s Roar
Sadie Gorley, Lion’s Roar
Grace Hastings, Lion’s Roar
Brock Horton, Lion’s Roar
Anna Kate Clark, Lion’s Roar
Sami Kate Kickert, Lion’s Roar
Sylvie Keck, Lion’s Roar
Camille Klausner, Lion’s Roar
Sophie Nabors, Lion’s Roar
Lauren Pate, Lion’s Roar
Anna Pearl Garrett, Lion’s Roar
Virginia Pinkley, Lion’s Roar
Kate Posey, Lion’s Roar
Ellie Price, Lion’s Roar
Eva Randolph, Lion’s Roar
Addie Reese Zapp, Lion’s Roar
Kathryn Roe, Lion’s Roar
Alexandra Sass, Lion’s Roar
Ellie Sauls, Lion’s Roar
Lacy Sheppard, Lion’s Roar
Madison Spann, Lion’s Roar
Emma Stoebner, Lion’s Roar
Baker Thomas, Lion’s Roar
Witt Thomas, Lion’s Roar
Lexie Vinson, Lion’s Roar
Emma Whitaker, Lion’s Roar
Katelyn White, Lion’s Roar


Aledo High School, Aledo
Ava Baturst, Ledoian
Merritt Bush, Ledoian
Faith Emmitte, Ledoian
Claire Kennedy, Ledoian
Reagan Petersen, Ledoian
Ashlyn Vozeh, Ledoian
James Ward, Ledoian

Westlake High School, Austin
Leah Anderson, El Paisano
Fiza Baqai, El Pasiano
Rachael Barkoff, El Paisano
Mehuli Basu Roy, Featherduster
Emily Beebe, Featherduster
Julia Cavazos, El Pasiano
Sarah Davis, Featherduster
Julia Franco, Featherduster
Adam Jasper, Featherduster
Jake LaBarbiera, Featherduster
Sophia Lowe, Featherduster
John McManus, Featherduster
Daisy Painter, El Paisano
Samantha Perl, El Paisano
Klarissa Robledo, El Paisano
Camille Rome, El Paisano
Nora Romman, Featherduster
Anne Saltel, Featherduster
Mikaela Sherry, Featherduster
Shelby Sperling, Featherduster
Ava Valdes, Featherduster
Hadley Waldren, Featherduster
Ella Wells, El Paisano
Katherine Wescoat, El Paisano

Brenham High School, Brenham
Delaney Duran, Brenhamite
Shyiannah Fisher, Brenhamite
Azuzena Mondragon-Jaimes, Brenhamite

Canyon High School, Canyon
Luke Bruce, The Eagle’s Tale
Kiley Duggan, Soaring Wings
Cambry King, The Eagle’s Tale
Blake Loria, The Eagle’s Tale
Ally McBroom, Soaring Wings
Macy McClish, The Eagle’s Tale
Claire Meyer, The Eagle’s Tale
Kayce Nelson, Soaring Wings
Caroline Ragland, The Eagle’s Tale

A&M Consolidated High School, College Station
Ruby Perry-Mize, The Roar
Elise Sawyer, The Roar
Allen Zhang, The Roar

Coppell High School, Coppell
Akif Abidi, The Sidekick
Laasya Achanta, The Sidekick
Kaylee Aguilar, The Sidekick
Anika Arutla, The Sidekick
Andrés Bear, The Sidekick
Anthony Cesario, The Sidekick
Claire Clements, The Sidekick
Christie Hernandez, The Sidekick
Pramika Kadari, The Sidekick
Ryan Kim, The Sidekick
Karen Lu, The Sidekick
Shravya Mahesh, The Sidekick
Nishant Medicharla, The Sidekick
Emma Meehan, The Sidekick
Bella Mora, The Sidekick
Mari Pletta, The Sidekick
Nicholas Pranske, The Sidekick
Nicolas Reyes, The Sidekick
Sydney Rowe, The Sidekick
Akansha Singh, The Sidekick
Shriya Vanparia, The Sidekick
Charlotte Vanyo, The Sidekick
Sarah Woo, The Sidekick

Bridgeland High School, Cypress
Ella Barnes, Kodiak
Della Fowler, The Bridge
Cara Hudson, Kodiak
Elizabeth Kemsley, The Bridge
Kaiya Little, The Bridge
Thomas Yarrish, The Bridge

Ursuline Academy of Dallas, Dallas
Helen Emerson, The Bear Facts
Sarah Hui, The Bear Facts
Kathryn Janson, The Bear Facts
Emilea McCutchan, The Bear Facts
Abigail Mihalic, The Bear Facts
Sarah Nguyen, The Bear Facts
Grace Risinger, The Bear Facts
Elizabeth Roberts, The Bear Facts

El Dorado High School, El Paso
Lia Rodriguez, The Legend

Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth
Solana Adedokun, Falcon Quill
Reena Alame, Falcon Quill
Ben Alexander, Falcon Quill
William Burnette, Flight
Macie Mallick, Quill
Abby McGehee, Flight
Alexa Merritt, Flight
Emma Pyron, Flight

Cinco Ranch High School, Katy
Abigail Fosburgh, Panorama
Celeste Hoover, County Line
Donovan Nichols, County Line
Esha Nigudkar, Panorama
Avery Wang, Panorama

Lewisville High School, Lewisville
Evelyn Alderete, The Farmer
Valerie Benzinger, Farmers’ Harvest
Alexandra Canizales, Farmers’ Harvest
Anna Velazquez, Farmers’ Harvest

Legacy High School, Mansfield
Sarah Akande, The Rider Online
Keonna Burnett, The Rider Online
Jordyn Folsom, The Rider Online
Savannah Gery, The Arena
Abigail Greenman, The Arena
Brinley Koenig, The Rider Online
Jack Lewellyn, The Rider Online
Ryland Mallett, The Rider Online
Matthew McCoy, The Rider Online
Seth Miller, The Arena
Conner Riley, The Rider Online

McKinney High School, McKinney
Sydney Anderson, The Lion
Leah Boatman, The Lion
Sydney Caldwell, The Lion
Elizabeth Chan, The Lion
Landry Raymond, The Lion
Ally Tauber, MHS1
Kayla Thompson, The Lion

Prosper High School, Prosper
Kacey Boston, Eagle Nation Network
Brayden Brandvold, Eagle Nation Network
Cristina Folsom, Eagle Nation News
Brenna Gibbons, Eagle Nation Network
Max Hamilton, Eagle Nation Network
Mason Mumy, Eagle Nation Network
Mya Peterson, Eagle Nation Network
Jordan Ramsey, Eagle Nation Network
Camron Silva, Eagle Nation Network
Abigail Smith, Eagle Nation News
Cory Tennison, Eagle Nation Network
Nate Tompkins, Eagle Nation Network
Tyler Windon, Eagle Nation Network
Lauren Womack, Eagle Nation News

Saginaw High School, Saginaw
Elsa Estrada, Rough Rider Media
Shelby Hansen, Rough Rider Media
Amber Moreno, Rough Rider Media
Kayla Smith, Rough Rider Media
Ingrid Trejo, Rough Rider Media

Smithson Valley High School, Spring Branch
Ashley Acuna, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Kylee Bridges, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Josephine Clark, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Grace Collazo, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Skylar Hoover, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Logan Hoover, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Daniel Lackey, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Rebekah Mann, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Dylan McGinnis, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Jackson Posey, Smithson Valley High School Media Team
Timothy Tschoepe, Smithson Valley High School Media Team

Pleasant Grove High School, Texarkana
Chloe Carpenter, PGTV
Georgia Cobb, PGTV
Cara Court, The Hawk
Kathryn Davis, The Hawk
Presley Hargrove, The Hawk
Rachel Hemphill, The Hawk
Caroline Joyce, The Hawk
Hadyn Knight, PGTV
Selena Lam, The Hawk
Zoe May, PGTV
Jordan Poe, The Hawk
Mikki Pope, The Hawk
Kyla Prinsen, The Hawk
Olivia Rochelle, The Hawk
Jasmine Thomas, The Hawk

Texas High School, Texarkana
Joseph Asher, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Madison Bowers, Tiger
Cayli Clack, Tiger
Mary Claire Wright, Tiger
Sophie Cree, Tiger
Addison Cross, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Margaret Debenport, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Anna Grace Jones, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Meredith Green, Tiger
Bailey Groom, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Briannah Hall, Tiger
Tatum Haugh, Tiger
Raven Ivory, Tiger
Kara Jefferies, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Grey Johnson, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Molly Kyles, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Olivia Lower, Tiger
Haley Mitchmore, Tiger
Katherine Morgan, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Jonathan Naples, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Endsley Norman, Tiger
Evelyn Patterson, Tiger
Reagan Potts, Tiger
Caden Rainwater, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Hollan Reed, Tiger
Kaitlyn Rogers, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Cate Rounds, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Jane Rounds, Tiger
Lily Sewell, Tiger
Peyton Sims, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Arden Spence, Tiger
Emily Stroud, Tiger
Gracyn Upton, Tiger
Timothy Wall, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Julia Whitehorn, Tiger
Morgan Williams, Tiger
Jenna Williamson, Tiger Times, Tiger Times Online
Haley Wood, Tiger
Rhett Young, Tiger


T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria
Lauren Larsen, Theogony
Bridgette Adu-Wadier, Theogony

Washington-Liberty High School, Arlington
Lucas Dangel, Crossed Sabres
Holland Forsythe, Crossed Sabres
Ariel Gill-Ehrenreich, Crossed Sabres
Sophie Muir, Crossed Sabres
Abigail Presson, Crossed Sabres
Talley Schroeder, Crossed Sabres
Julia Van Lare, Crossed Sabres

Varina High School, Henrico
Justin Abernathy, CFCTV
Stewart Anderson, CFCTV
Anihya Clark, CFCTV
Davis Dailey, CFCTV
Taylor Daniel, CFCTV
McKayla Gantz, The Blue Devil’s Advocate
Kallie Garland, CFCTV
Eliana Horne, CFCTV
Riley Jo Smith, CFCTV
Kenneth Lawson, CFCTV
James Love, CFCTV
Xander Martin, CFCTV
Kyhia McCray, CFCTV
Kennedy McDonald, CFCTV
Sidra Rivera, CFCTV
Tianna Robinson, CFCTV
Wesley Robinson, The Blue Devil’s Advocate
Alivia Sabandith, CFCTV
Alexis Welcher, CFCTV
Samantha Wingo, CFCTV
Allison Winslow, The Blue Devil’s Advocate

Dominion High School, Sterling
Morgan Fischer, DHS Press
Michael Godek, DHS Press
Katherine Hepler, Odyssey
Alison Pataky, DHS Press
Sonal Prakash, DHS Press
Varun Shankar, DHS Press
Danielle Springer, Odyssey
Ian Whitfield, DHS Press


Mountlake Terrace High School, Mountlake Terrace
Nolan DeGarlais, Hawkeye
Ciara Laney, The Hawkeye

Ballard High School, Seattle
Jessica Anderson, Shingle
Piper Sloan, Talisman



Taipei American School, Taipei
Charlotte Lee, The Blue & Gold
Kelly Phil, The Blue & Gold
Phoebe Chen, The Blue & Gold
Amanda Chiu, The Blue & Gold
Natalie Scheidel, The Blue & Gold
Nicole Chang, The Blue & Gold
Ian Ho, The Blue & Gold
Laura Hsu, The Blue & Gold
Vanessa Kang, The Blue & Gold
Allison Kwan, The Blue & Gold
Sharon Lee, The Blue & Gold