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  • Quotable: Paul Silvia on Writing

    No one will respect your writing time. You must guard it.

  • This Week’s Media Jobs

    A list of media jobs from across the U.S., updated and posted each Monday.

  • Look! Media Internships!

    A list of media internships from across the U.S., updated and posted each Friday.

  • My Favorite Books of November

    I was a reading machine last month! I read 13 books in November. Of those, I gave six a perfect score. Two of the books that I gave a perfect rating were books I was rereading with students. The first was Dave Cullen’s book, Columbine. I read the book when it first came out, but felt […]

  • Still Learning from Columbine

    Three important things became clear while reading and discussing Dave Cullen's book, Columbine, with my students.