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  • Lessons from the Creation of the Dirty John Podcast

    Christopher Goffard has written a couple thousand stories throughout his journalistic career, but the Dirty John podcast has gotten more attention than any of his previous work. Here's what he learned while making the hit podcast.

  • Low Pay, Cheap Pizza and Late Nights: Motivating Student Journalists

    Who better to teach how to motivate student journalists than a student journalist? Kelly Rodriguez, engagement editor at Pepperdine Graphic Media, shares five ways to motivate your staff.

  • Lipman Empowers Students to End Gender Inequality at Work

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is not a new problem. Women have discussed it for decades, but we haven't talked to men about it. Author Joanne Lipman said that's only half of the conversation. Read more about her talk with a group of collegiate journalists about ending sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace.

  • Covering Nassar: When You Can’t Escape News

    Student journalists at The State News have been unable to escape coverage of Larry Nassar's crimes, which they began reporting in 2016. They talk about the experience in this post.

  • Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Attracting Advertisers

    All student media outlets need more revenue. I asked the vice president of growth from a national campus advertising network to give us advice. This post is her advice for attracting more advertisers to student media outlets.