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  • My Favorite Books of October

    I'm a little behind on my favorite book lists, but the books are still good, even if you didn't read about them right after I read them. This post consists of my three favorite books of October.

  • Why I’m Canceling #EditorTherapy Chat After Three Years

    After three years of pretty much weekly online discussions, I'm canceling #EditorTherapy chat. The chat just isn't serving you the way it used to, as is apparent by lack of attendance. Read this post to find out what I'm doing instead.

  • Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Why College Media Matters

    College media is important to you, but do you understand why college media matters beyond just your life or your campus? Chris Evans, president of College Media Association, joined us for a recent #EditorTherapy chat to discuss why college media matters outside of your campus. Read this post for a summary of that discussion.

  • Pulitzer Winner Provides Photo Advice

    Cara Owsley, part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team at the Cincinnati Enquirer, told student photojournalists that they have to be willing to cover small things so they know how to cover big things.

  • 12 is Time to Delve

    Twelve years is a long time. That's how long I've written on this site. But time's are changing. It's time for me to refocus my efforts here to continue learning, sharing and growing with you.