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  • Quotable: Lennon on Happiness


  • My 15 Favorite Non-Fiction Books of 2018

    I read 112 books in 2018. Of those, I gave 15 nonfiction books perfect grades. Read my reviews of those books in this post.

  • My 22 Favorite Fiction Books of 2018

    I read 112 books in 2018. It was a dozen books beyond my casual reading goal. I say “casual” reading goal because I’ve found that, since making reading more intentional again with my first reading challenge in 2013, I can read 100 books a year without much planning or effort. The year I read 150 […]

  • My Favorite Books of October

    I'm a little behind on my favorite book lists, but the books are still good, even if you didn't read about them right after I read them. This post consists of my three favorite books of October.

  • Why I’m Canceling #EditorTherapy Chat After Three Years

    After three years of pretty much weekly online discussions, I'm canceling #EditorTherapy chat. The chat just isn't serving you the way it used to, as is apparent by lack of attendance. Read this post to find out what I'm doing instead.