2021 Innovation Pacemaker Award

ACP Pacemaker honors innovation

Two student media operations earn Pacemaker awards
for forward thinking

Oct. 14, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS — Two collegiate student media programs have earned Pacemaker awards from Associated College Press in the second year of its Innovation competition.

The prestigious Pacemaker recognizes overall excellence and distinguishes the top student media produced during a particular school year. The award started shortly after the association was founded in 1921 and is often regarded as the most-competitive, most-honored award in collegiate journalism.

The Innovation Pacemaker is designed to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and reward student media for the courage to take chances to improve service to their customers, readers and communities.

“Collegiate student media is rapidly changing and those programs that don’t generate new revenue streams and innovative ways to deliver content to their readers will struggle to survive,” associate director Gary Lundgren said. “Print is now just one component — there is far more to a successful student media program than publishing the campus newspaper.”

Leadership, coverage, content delivery, marketing, business, community, press freedom and partnerships are among the areas where innovation is encouraged.

The State Hornet

Sacramento State University

Sacramento, California

Student leaders:
Max Connor, Jordan Parker,
Maddie Beck, Chris Wong

Adviser: Stu VanAirsdale

Urbana Literary & Arts

Miami Dade College –
Eduardo J. Padrón Campus

Miami, Florida

Student leaders: Daniela Lopez, Laura Santos, Gabriela Vilas

Adviser: Emily Sendin