2023 Cartoon of the Year

ACP honors top collegiate cartoons

Cartoon of the Year

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Oct. 30, 2023

Associated Collegiate Press salutes the winners of its 2023 Cartoon of the Year competition.

ACP’s Individual Awards are among the top prizes in collegiate media, and the awards are a showcase of journalistic excellence.

Winners were announced during the Fall National College Media Convention, on Oct. 30 in Atlanta.

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ACP awards archive

ACP contests at a glance

Editorial Cartoon

First Place
Samia Saad
Daily Bruin
University of California, Los Angeles
Elon’s new toy

Second Place
Joanne Jung
The Michigan Daily
University of Michigan
Flowers won’t do

Third Place
Han Beck
The Barometer
Oregon State University
Two sides in America, and neither is winning

Fourth Place
Samia Saad
Daily Bruin
University of California, Los Angeles
Carnival house

Fifth Place
Veronica Trejo
The Et Cetera
Dallas College Eastfield Campus (TX)
Drag show editorial cartoon

Honorable mentions

Wesley Picard
The Crimson White, University of Alabama
Hiring Manager

Anna Tran
Coast Report, Orange Coast College (CA)
Twitter’s blue check mark now checks nothing

Wren Johnson
The Sunflower, Wichita State University (KS)
Grossly underpaid

Ashton Bisner
Beaver’s Digest, Oregon State University
Michelangelo’s ‘David’ is most recent white man accused of sexually suggestive behavior by Florida parents

Jackson Copeland
The Tiger, Clemson University (SC)
Taylor Swift Eras Tigers

Comic Strip/Panel

First Place
Edmundo Godinez
The Southwestern College Sun
Southwestern College (CA)
Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Second Place
Rena Bridge
The Commonwealth Times
Virginia Commonwealth University
Late To Class

Third Place
Lilianna Rivera
The Appalachian
Appalachian State University (NC)

Fourth Place
Cat Smith
The Barometer
Oregon State University
Cat’s Chronicles

Fifth Place
Yvonne Collier
The Shorthorn
The University of Texas at Arlington

Honorable mentions

Samuel Chiu
Los Angeles Loyolan, Loyola Marymount University (CA)

Alicia Goluskza
The DePaulia, DePaul University (IL)
Funnies Off Jackson 4.3.23

Gracie Speer
The Baylor Lariat, Baylor University (TX)
Ring by spring

Kirby Teegarden
The Shorthorn, The University of Texas at Arlington

Killian Goodale-Porter
The Commonwealth Times, Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Weather