2021 Honor Roll of Student Journalists

NSPA inducts student journalists
into its 2021 Honor Roll

April 16, 2021

National Scholastic Press Association, the nation’s largest association for high school, junior high and middle school journalists, has inducted approximately 1,400 high-school scholars and student journalists into its 2021 Journalism Honor Roll.

“These outstanding students excel in both the classroom and in their school newsrooms,” associate director Gary Lundgren said. “The future of journalism is bright if these students are any indication.”

In addition to serving for at least two years on a student media staff, in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, online or yearbook, the students have earned a 3.5 or higher grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Publication advisers and journalism instructors have nominated these students for the honor.

Senior inductees are eligible to compete for a $1,000 scholarship, and NSPA will announce the scholarship winner in May.

All Honor Roll inductees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be listed in the association’s Best of the High School Press, a yearly publication showcasing the winners in the association’s student media competitions. Inductees are also eligible to wear a special honor cord at graduation.

Through education, training and recognition programs, NSPA promotes the standards and ethics of good journalism. Its educational programs, both on-site and virtual, train thousands of student journalists and advisers, and its awards programs include the Pacemaker Award, the nation’s preeminent publication honor.

NSPA is celebrating 100 years of service in 2021.

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NSPA Honor Roll

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2021 NSPA Honor Roll

Alphabetical by state and city


BASIS Peoria, Peoria, Arizona
Jonathan Zhang, Basis Bugle

Xavier College Prep, Phoenix, Arizona
Emma McCarthy, XPress


Bryant High School, Bryant, Arkansas
Salina Fitzhugh, Hornet
Layten Goudy, Hornet
Isabella Herring, Prospective
Ross Holloway, Hornet
Hope Ingold, Hornet
Kylie LaRosa, Hornet
Carly Lidzy, Prospective
Chelsea Nwankwo, Prospective
Lydia Payne, Prospective
Emily Rutledge, Hornet
Abigail Weihe, Hornet

Catholic High School for Boys, Little Rock, Arkansas
Nathanial Adams, LiftoffNews
Chad Michael Greenway, Rocket Times
Anthony Hailey, Rocket
Aiden Harvell, Rocket Times
Charles Henry, Rocket Times
Cade Johnson, Rocket Times
Paul Moellers, Rocket Times
Grayson Mueller, Rocket Times
Roshan Ranaraja, Rocket Times
Jackson Smith, Rocket Times
Charles Timmis, Rocket Times


Menlo School, Atherton, California
Sophia Artandi, The Coat of Arms
Emily Han, The Coat of Arms
Chase Hurwitz, The Coat of Arms
Louisa Sonsini, The Coat of Arms
Sylvie Venuto, The Coat of Arms

Carlmont High School, Belmont, California
Josh Barde, ScotCenter
Anita Beroza, Scot Scoop
Mira Bhatt, Scot Scoop
Jessica Conley, ScotScoop
Kiana George, Scot Scoop
Leanna Gower, Scot Scoop
Phoebe Gulsen, ScotCenter
Jack Hansen, Scot Scoop
Elle Horst, Scot Scoop
Elise Hsu, Scot Scoop
Erin Kee, Highlander
Zachary Khouri, Scot Scoop
Cambell Kirk, Scot Scoop
Maya Kornyeyeva, Scot Scoop
Hanna Kryhina, Scot Scoop
Preston Kwok, ScotCenter
Kaylene Lin, Scot Scoop
Kasey Liu, Scot Scoop
Sean Liuli, ScotCenter
Sabrina Lo, ScotCenter
Ethan Man, Scot Scoop
Niamh Marren, Scot Scoop
Isabelle Nunes, Highlander
Miles Ozorio, Scot Scoop
Erwan Pal, Scot Scoop
Allison Raisner, Highlander
Julia Roseborough, Scot Scoop
Calista Shohet, Scot Scoop
Leela Stuepfert, Scot Scoop
David Su, Scot Scoop
Maddy Ting, Scot Scoop
Claire Tseng, Highlander
Pavel Turovski, Highlander
Ruya Yaman, ScotCenter
Payton Zolck, ScotCenter

Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California
Naomi Birenbaum, Berkeley High Jacket
Adeline Praskins, Berkeley High Jacket
Arev Walker, Berkeley High Jacket
Estella Zhou, Berkeley High Jacket

Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills California
Candice Anvari-Ghasr, Highlights
Alya Mehrtash, Highlights
Emma Newman, Highlights

Castaic High School, Castaic, California
Annika Baker, The Daily Howl
Makenna Hadjiandreou, The Daily Howl
Ava Paulsen, The Daily Howl
Faheem Rahman, The Daily Howl
Mia Souther, The Daily Howl
Addison Wendling, The Daily Howl

Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, California
Michelle Chen, El Estoque
Sophia Chen, El Estoque
Tiffany Chen, El Valedor
Tyler Cho, El Estoque
Ishaani Dayal, El Estoque
Anushka De, El Estoque
Devin Gupta, El Estoque
Justine Ha, El Estoque
Jayanti Jha, El Estoque
Rachel Jiang, El Estoque
Vivian Jiang, El Estoque
Ellie Kim, El Valedor
Sue Kim, El Valedor
Evelyn Lai, El Valedor
Jefferson Le, El Estoque
Sylvia Li, El Valedor
Andie Liu, El Estoque
Robert Liu, El Estoque
Annie Lo, El Valedor
Iman Malik, El Estoque
Tanish Mendki, El Estoque
Oishee Misra, El Estoque
Anjali Singh, El Estoque
Michelle Wang, El Valedor
Monica Wang, El Valedor
Claire Wen, El Estoque
Marvin Wu, El Valedor
Brian Xu, El Valedor
Shotaro (Sean) Yagi, El Estoque
Annie Zhang, El Estoque

California School of the Arts-San Gabriel Valley, Duarte, California
Annaliese Avila, Stargazer
Gracie Bain, Stargazer
Brooklynn Caraballo, Stargazer
Christie Chen, Stargazer
Moriah Contreras, Stargazer
Michaela Guthrie, Stargazer
Mia Koyama, Stargazer
Huiruiming Meng, Stargazer
Maya Porcelli, Stargazer

Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta, California
Ava Ackles, The Image
Sarah Dent, The Image
Ana Dowbusz, The Image
Sierra Jewell, The Image
Rachel Lenchner, The Image
Summer McCeney, The Image
Jaiden McInerney, The Image
Matias Mena, The Image
Morgan Parisse, The Image
Noah Perez, The Image
Isabella Ricci, The Image
Alison Togami, DPNews
Leilani Tovar, The Image
Sadie Ugoretz, The Image
Tara Woodard, DPNews

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, Lake Balboa, California
Parampreet Aulakh, The Pearl Post
Valery Barrera, The Pearl Post
CJ Gorospe, Prestige
Itzel Luna, The Pearl Post
Sara Marquez, The Pearl Post
Cassia Ramelb, Prestige
Alliana Faith Samonte, The Pearl Post
Jonathan Spahr, Prestige
Shannon Sullivan, The Pearl Post
Casey Wanatick, The Pearl Post

Pinewood School, Los Altos Hills, California
Karina Aronson, The Perennial
Sophia Cheng, The Perennial
Sania Choudhary, The Perennial
Lulu Diffenbaugh, The Perennial
Samantha Hsiung, The Perennial
Eva Liu, The Perennial
Sid Samel, The Perennial
Prithi Srinivasan, The Perennial
Owen Terry, The Perennial

The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, California
Vaughan Anoa’i, The Oracle
Grace Doyle, The Oracle
Chloe Fidler, The Oracle
Quincy Gordon, Hestia’s Flame
Rio Hundley, The Oracle
Sabrina Kim, Hestia’s Flame
Lola Lamberg, The Oracle
Theadora Leimone, The Oracle
Maggie O’Leary, Hestia’s Flame
Charlotte Tragos, Hestia’s Flame

James Enochs High School, Modesto, California
Iain McCarthy, Wingspan
Ameena Pierstorff, Wingspan
Brenna Steele, Wingspan
Kiara Zanfei, Wingspan

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, California
Cody Hmelar, InFocus
Kimi Lillios, C Magazine
Shiva Mohsenian, The Campanile
Sana Muneyb, Madrono
Siddhartha Sahasrabuddhe, The Campanile
Audrey Teo, Madrono
Adora Zheng, The Campanile

Whitney High School, Rocklin, California
Dylan de Valk, Whitney High Student Media
Alyssa Eimer, Whitney High Student Media
Kaitlyn El-Sayegh, Whitney High Student Media
Katerina Lomba, Whitney High Student Media
Sofia McMaster, Whitney High Student Media
Chloe Prudhoe, Whitney High Student Media
Angela Roberson, Whitney High Student Media
Paulina Solorzano, Whitney High Student Media
Nikhita Tandon, Whitney High Student Media

Woodcreek High School, Roseville, California
Jessica Brown, Lykos
Sydney MacIsaac, Lykos
Sierra Mickelson, Lykos
Gabriella Nash, Lykos
Katherine Tozier, Lykos
Jillian Waldrop, Lykos

Sir Francis Drake High School/HS 1327, San Anselmo, California
Emily Cardwell

Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco, California
Cameron Bevan-Abel, The Crusader
Elijah Calip, The Crusader
Juan Carlos Campos, The Crusader
Noah David, The Crusader
Sean DiNicola, The Crusader
Sebastian Elsner, The Crusader
Logan Estrada, The Crusader
Nathan Loeffler Malatesta, The Crusader
Andrei Lynch, The Crusader
Jordan Tyler Maralit, The Crusader
John McQuaid, The Crusader
Christian Ramirez Cortes, The Crusader
Grayson Salomon, The Crusader
Ethan Vargas, The Crusader
Anthony-Domingo Wierzba, The Crusader
Joseph Zuloaga, The Crusader

Lowell High School, San Francisco, California
Joelle Chien, The Lowell
Anita Liu, The Lowell
Sarah Liu, The Lowell
Jacqueline Mei, The Lowell
Kelsea Wymer, The Lowell

The Harker School, San Jose, California
Nilisha Baid, Talon
Anoushka Buch, Talon
Michael Eng, Harker Aquila
Arya Maheshwari, Winged Post
Varsha Rammohan, Harker Aquila
Arushi Saxena, Harker Aquila
Saloni Shah, Humans of Harker
Kushal Shah, Harker Aquila
Aditya Singhvi, Harker Aquila
Srinath Somasundaram, Winged Post
Shreya Srinivasan, Talon
Anna Vazhaeparambil, Harker Aquila
Anmol Velagapudi, Harker Aquila
Sara Yen, Winged Post
Helen Zhu, Talon

San Juan Hills High School, San Juan Capistrano, California
Sandhya Ganesan, The Express
Monica Iyer, The Express
Max Katz, The Express
Kaitlyn Kittredge, The Express
Gabriella Laurente, The Express
Isabella Mahar, The Express
Jack O’Connor, The Express
Eva Smedeby, The Express
Ella Villar, The Express

Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon, California
Shereen Ahmed, The Wildcat Tribune
Mahika Arya, The Wildcat Tribune
Faizan Azhar, The Wildcat Tribune
Lauren Chen, The Wildcat Tribune
Megan Dhillon, The Wildcat Tribune
Sarah Han, The Wildcat Tribune
Ananda Mayuri Chakkenchath, The Wildcat Tribune
Boomika Velineni, The Wildcat Tribune
Jade Wang, The Wildcat Tribune
Daniela Wise, The Wildcat Tribune

Laguna Blanca School, Santa Barbara, California
Frances Carlson, The Fourth Estate
Frances Dare Fitzpatrick, The Fourth Estate
Olivia Davenport, The Fourth Estate
Nafisah Fathima, The Fourth Estate
Daisy Finefrock, The Fourth Estate
Andreas Jackson, The Fourth Estate
James Keenan Surber, The Fourth Estate
Hanna Masri, The Fourth Estate
Madeline Nicks, The Fourth Estate
Phoebe Stein, The Fourth Estate
Claire Tolles, The Fourth Estate
Elliana Westmacott, The Fourth Estate

Temple City High School, Temple City, California
Tania Ng, Templar

Redwood High School, Visalia, California
Kristilyn Hetherington, Redwood Gigantea
Abigail Miller, Redwood Gigantea
Lily Stetson, Redwood Gigantea

Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek, California
Danielle Bier, El Caballero
Molly Borke, El Caballero
Samuel Camp, El Caballero
Jessica Cruser, El Caballero
Madeline Dell, El Caballero
Hailey Graham, El Caballero
Sarah Granskog, El Caballero
Jenna Lee, El Caballero
Amy Moura, El Caballero
Audrey Orr, El Caballero

El Camino Real Charter High School, Woodland Hills, California
David Dablo, El Corazon
Casady Daniel, The King’s Courier
Amy Gharial, The King’s Courier
Cerasela Hanseter, The King’s Courier
Leah Stark, The King’s Courier
Rebecca Tam, El Corazon
Nida Yar-Khan, The King’s Courier


Cherokee Trail High School, Aurora, Colorado
Bergen Backes, CCTV
Rylie Barden, CCTV
Erica Inay, CTTV
Kelsey Lacklore, The Legend
Olivia Semple, The Guide
Elyse Sommer, The Guide
Teagan Wedige, CCTV
Sydney Wiersma, The Muse

Brighton High School, Brighton, Colorado
Jespyn Bishop, Reflections
Madison Ruser, Reflections

Eagle Valley High School, Gypsum, Colorado
Andrew Bode Kostick, Eagle Valley Student Media
Samuel Elliott, EVTV
Adriana Gallegos Helguera, EVTV
Hailey Gifford, Eagle Valley Student Media
Carter Josef, Eagle Valley Student Media, EVTV
Kimberly Mayorga Escalante, EVTV
Reagan McAdams, Eagle Valley Student Media
Jordan Neifert, EVTV

Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Lola Boushelle, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org
Sydney Bowman, Black and Gold
Amanda Brauchler, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org, Black and Gold
Benjamin England, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org
Madeline Evans, Black and Gold
Matthew Fink, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org
Kendall Foxworth, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org
Roger Hart, Black and Gold
Isabella Holsman, Black and Gold
Madison Merritt, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org
Emma Sheldon, Black and Gold
Lindsay Smart, Black and Gold
Kira Zizzo, The Rock, Rockmediaonline.org


Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Maria Abello, The Crestian
Julia Aronberg, The Crestian
Alexandra Bancroft, The Crestian
Gabriel Bernick, The Crestian
Kelli Blake, The Crestian
Ana Bordin, The Crestian
Alicia Caceres, The Crestian
Marisa Cefola, The Crestian
Danielle Cornick, The Crestian
Charlize Cruger, The Crestian
Phoebe Ducote, The Crestian
Leah Ellison, The Crestian
Emma Fierstein, The Crestian
Hannah Fowler, The Crestian
Emilia Garcia Uribe, The Crestian
Marielle Goldschlag, The Crestian
Camila Goldszmidt, The Crestian
Emma Gomez, The Crestian
Grace Hancock, The Crestian
Karene Hermon, The Crestian
Maya Jarolem, The Crestian
Taylor Jones, The Crestian
Venice Junger, The Crestian
Marlie Kahan, The Crestian
Allyson Keyes, The Crestian
Jade Klacko, The Crestian
Sabrina Kreiss, The Crestian
Ayesha Minhas, The Crestian
Connor Norris, The Crestian
Madeline O’Mahoney, The Crestian
Joshua Perper, The Crestian
Daniel Quintero, The Crestian
Ava Rechter, The Crestian
Emma Rende, The Crestian
Andres Restrepo, The Crestian
Grace Sager, The Crestian
Samantha Sandow, The Crestian
Jed Seiner, The Crestian
Haley Strauch, The Crestian
Chelsea Thompson, The Crestian
Bailey Watson, The Crestian

The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida
Avani Bansal, The Bolles Bugle
Atticus Dickson, The Bolles Bugle
Su Ertekin-Taner, The Bolles Bugle
Taylor Ford, The Bolles Bugle
Thomas Keaveny, The Bolles Bugle
Ian Peiris, The Bolles Bugle
Sarah Scherkenbach, The Bolles Bugle
Ava Sickler, The Bolles Bugle

Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida
Aagust Anderson, Columbian
Briana Haggerty, Columbian

The Benjamin School, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Molly Fried, The Pharcyde
Tvisha Goel, The Pharcyde
Evan Liberman, The Pharcyde
Sophia Liporace, The Pharcyde
Charles Spungin, The Pharcyde
Skyler Zur, The Pharcyde

Seminole High School, Sanford, Florida
Bipasha Patel, Salmagundi

Robinson High School, Tampa, Florida
Hannah Carlson, Excalibur
Ally Clement, Excalibur
Sofia Efthymiou, Excalibur
Amelia Foster, Knight Writers, RHSToday

Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida
Kaja Andric, The Muse
Brianna Angiolillo, The Marquee
Olivia Arnold, The Marquee
Kamryn Bailey, The Marquee
Hannah Baldwin, The Muse
Melodie Barrau, The Muse
Emma Jade Cantrell, The Marquee
Sam Cohen, The Muse
Katie Davis, The Muse
Emma Garrett, The Muse
Alissa Gary, The Muse
Shelby Godfrey, The Marquee
Jarom Gordon, The Muse
Willow Hackett, The Marquee
Emma Kaminski, The Marquee
Jade Lichtenstein, The Muse
Sofia Manocchio, The Marquee
Kaylie Martling, The Marquee
Asher Moss, The Muse
Michael Benjamin Pincus, The Muse
Isabella Ramirez, The Marquee, The Muse
Allison Robbert, The Muse
Sophia Roberts, The Muse
Sophia Roud, The Muse
Penelope Ryan, The Marquee
Annabella Saccaro, The Muse
Sasha Smith, The Muse
Shivaranjani Srinivasan, The Muse
Ryden Trimble, The Marquee
Franco Vidal, The Muse
Miles Wang, The Muse
George Wu, The Muse
Sade Young, The Muse

Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida
Jordan Alch, Chi Rho
Kayla Alexandre, The Trinity Voice
Andrew Bachrach, The Trinity Voice
Deniz Boloni-Turgut, The Trinity Voice
Carson Drummond, Chi Rho
Reed Fowler, Chi Rho
Alysia Garcia, Chi Rho
Dorothy Louise Garnett, Chi Rho
Evi-Jane Garnett, Chi Rho
Jeffrey Hill, Chi Rho
Peyton Hurley, Chi Rho
Thomas Kienle, Chi Rho
Emma Kim, The Trinity Voice
Sophia Lamar, Chi Rho
Lilly Lawton, Chi Rho
Matthew Mapa, The Trinity Voice
Humberto Membreno, The Trinity Voice
Ella Palceski, Chi Rho
Amy Qiao, The Trinity Voice
Connor Raffa, The Trinity Voice
Jacob Raffa, The Trinity Voice
Maneesh Rajulapati, The Trinity Voice
Sidney Seybold, The Trinity Voice
Kelsey Silberbusch, Chi Rho
Julia Stein, Chi Rho
Elizabeth Watson, Chi Rho
Bianca Whatts, Chi Rho
Ryan Zehnder, The Trinity Voice


Fulton Science Academy Private School, Alpharetta, Georgia
Somya Balyan, Mustang News Team
Wonsuk Jeong, Mustang News Team
Seunghyun Kim, Mustang News Team
Rohan Movva, Mustang News Team

Clarke Central High School, Athens, Georgia
Maya Cornish, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Owen Donnelly, Odyssey Media Group
Audrey Enghauser, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Naomi Hendershot, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Ireland McCage, Odyssey Media Group
Luna Reichert, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Natalie Ripps, iliad Literary-Art Magazine
Natalie Schliekelman, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Emma Scott, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Carolina Turner, Odyssey Newsmagazine

Dawson County High School, Dawsonville, Georgia
Addison Hoard, Tiger

Starr’s Mill High School, Fayetteville, Georgia
Emily Davis, The Prowler
Mary Jane Gagliano, The Prowler
Rachel Laposka, The Prowler
Daniel Stackhouse, The Prowler

McIntosh High School, Peachtree City, Georgia
Emma Bellantoni, Legend
Nakia Harmon, McIntosh Trail
Kait Kruzan, Legend
Yunju Lee, McIntosh Trail
Jordyn Mobley, McIntosh Trail
Izzy Pullias, McIntosh Trail
Natalie Spellman, Legend
Landon Wilde, McIntosh Trail

Darlington School, Rome, Georgia
Angelina Laramie, Jabberwokk


Kimberly High School, Kimberly, Idaho
Elia Juarez, The Growler
Remiah Leppert, The Growler
Ella Merrigan, The Growler
Elizabeth Ortmann, The Growler
Rebecca Ortmann, The Growler
Levi Puga, The Growler
Journee Stewart, The Growler
Alexis Walbeck, The Growler


Metea Valley High School, Aurora, Illinois
Aimun Anwer, The Rein
Gray Corkey, The Stampede
Paige Friedlander, The Stampede
Alexandra Guckel, The Stampede
Cache Merriweather, The Stampede
Mishal Nizar, The Stampede
Leland Pan, The Stampede
Jenna Popko, The Rein
Katrina Viloria, The Stampede

Lakes Community High School, Lake Villa, Illinois
Ashley Benarroch, Eagle Eye News
Geena Brumm, Eagle Eye News
Taryn Gallu, Eagle Eye News

Libertyville High School, Libertyville, Illinois
Pavan Acharya, Drops of Ink
Andrew Benoit, Drops of Ink
Amanda Black, Drops of Ink
Sara Bogan, Drops of Ink
Ariella Bucio, Drops of Ink
Jade Foo, Drops of Ink
Lily Hieronymus, Drops of Ink
Natalie Isberg, Drops of Ink
Jasmine Lafita, Drops of Ink
Ella Marsden, Drops of Ink
Anika Raina, Drops of Ink
Christian Roberts, Drops of Ink
Peyton Rodriguez, Drops of Ink

McHenry High School, McHenry, Illinois
Emma Snyder, The McHenry Messenger


Columbus North High School, Columbus, Indiana
Megan Allman, The Triangle
Alyssa Ayers, The Triangle
Jordan Brady, Log
Michaela Brown, The Triangle
Katharine Brunette, The Triangle
Kyle Carlson, Bull Dog News Network
Elvin Cesareo, Bull Dog News Network
Grace Chapman, Log
Sydney Donica, Log
Kendal Ely, Log
Annagail Fields, The Triangle
Ariana Garcia, The Triangle
Alyssa Green, The Triangle
Tanya Iyer, The Triangle
Hannah Larson, The Triangle
Makenna McCord, The Triangle
Margaret Mowrer, Bull Dog News Network
Anushka Nair, The Triangle
Sanjana Penmathsa, The Triangle
Zoe Preston, The Triangle
Olivia Sprong, Log
Lauryn Whitley, Log

Crown Point High School, Crown Point, Indiana
Keeley Bernard, Inklings
Sam Brewer, Inklings
Emily Briseno, Inklings
Rosalie Degenhart, Inklings
Abigail Godsen, Inklings
Emily Helmuth, Inklings
Noah Thomas, Inklings

R. Nelson Snider High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Emily McCoy, The Safari
Victor Song, The Safari

Westfield High School, Westfield, Indiana
Ava Boedeker, The Lantern
Anna Fischer, The Lantern
Delilah Flora, The Lantern
Viviano Gonzalez, The Lantern
Sophie Gorecki, The Lantern
Paige Kuper, The Lantern
Grace Leber, The Lantern
Alex Pirowski, The Lantern
Sabrina Richard, The Lantern
Cooper Tinsley, The Lantern


Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Chloe Brooks, SwarmTV
Jordan Kreft, The Signal
Teagan O’Shea, SwarmTV

Iowa City West High School, Iowa City, Iowa
Misha Canin, West Side Story
Kailey Gee, West Side Story
Hanah Kitamoto, West Side Story

Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa
Maddie Cason, Spotlight


Manhattan High School, Manhattan, Kansas
Sean Anderson, Indian Insider
Julianna Poe, The Mentor, Blue M
William Robben, The Mentor, Indian Insider
Cole Schmitt, MHSMentor.com, The Mentor, Blue M, Indian Insider

Olathe South High School, Olathe, Kansas
Alex Burbidge, The Eyrie
Emily Gray, The Eyrie
Gagani Liyanawaduge, The Eyrie
Anna Palacio, The Eyrie
Grace Price-Brown, The Eyrie

Blue Valley Northwest High School, Overland Park, Kansas
Maggie Bunch, Horizon
Richa Laddha, Horizon
Maggie McCready, BVNWnews.com
Jackson Nitz, The Express
Alyssa Peterson, The Express
Jessica Witt, Horizon
Megan Yates, BVNWnews.com

Shawnee Mission North High School, Overland Park, Kansas
Audrey Caravello, Indian
Gage Chapman, Mission
Matthew Cunningham, Indian
Alexis Kelly, Indian
Carlos Mata, Indian
Anna Miesner, Indian, Mission
Evan Whitaker, Indian

Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie Village, Kansas
Riley Atkinson, The Harbinger
Claire Baker, Hauberk
Annakate Dilks, The Harbinger
Catherine Erickson, The Harbinger
Sarah Golder, The Harbinger
Lucy Hartman, The Harbinger
Sydney Herpich, The Harbinger
Elizabeth Mikkelson, The Harbinger
Annabelle Moore, The Harbinger
Peyton Moore, The Harbinger
Kelly Murphy, The Harbinger
Olivia Olson, The Harbinger
Julia Percy, The Harbinger
Francesca Stamati, The Harbinger
Megan Stopperan, The Harbinger
Lauren West, The Harbinger
Allison Wilcox, The Harbinger
Winnie Wolf, The Harbinger

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Shawnee, Kansas
Kaitlyn Burke, The Lair
Erin Dory, Photojournalism
Rory Dungan, The Northwest Passage
Madison Graff, The Lair
Stella Grist, The Northwest Passage
Evan Johnson, Photojournalism
Ella Kuffour, The Northwest Passage
Grace Logan, The Northwest Passage
Ally Pruente, The Northwest Passage
Liam Saunders, The Lair
Joselyn Torres, Photojournalism
Teagan VanBlarcom, The Lair

Seaman High School, Topeka, Kansas
Carly Bond, SVTV
Alex Chapas, SVTV
Erin Feldkamp, SVTV
Madyson Hardesty, SVTV
Kaidence Heston, SVTV
Jake Hillard, SVTV
Justin Kruse, SVTV
Ali Reed, SVTV
Landon Stuke, SVTV
Zoey Terrel, SVTV


Braintree High School, Braintree, Massachusetts
Declan Casey, WampTV
Shannon Stanton, WampTV

Groton-Dunstable Regional High School, Groton, Massachusetts
Sydney Barlow, The Key
Kyla Hughes, The Key
Hannah Ketelhohn, The Key
Morgan Kimball, The Key
Keira Lyle, The Key
Julia Thompson, The Key
Nicholas Towle, The Key

Wayland High School, Wayland, Massachusetts
Joanna Barrow, Wayland Student Press Network
Max Brande, Wayland Student Press Network
Deirdre Brown, Wayland Student Press Network
Jacqueline Cahaly, Wayland Student Press Network
Brasen Chi, Wayland Student Press Network
Dante Coppola, Wayland Student Press Network
Alyssa Dickstein, Wayland Student Press Network
Samantha Johnson, Wayland Student Press Network
Katherine Kim, Wayland Student Press Network
Kaitlyn Mabe, Wayland Student Press Network
Taylor McGuire, Wayland Student Press Network
Lauren Medeiros, Wayland Student Press Network
Haley Melvin, Wayland Student Press Network
Alexandra Nunn, Wayland Student Press Network
Sydney O’Rourke, Wayland Student Press Network
James Paugh, Wayland Student Press Network
Meredith Prince, Wayland Student Press Network
Julia Raymond, Wayland Student Press Network
Joshua Schreiber, Wayland Student Press Network
Remington Shaw, Wayland Student Press Network
Elinore Smith, Wayland Student Press Network
Garrett Spooner, Wayland Student Press Network
Emily Staiti, Wayland Student Press Network
Caterina Tomassini, Wayland Student Press Network
Ellie Tyska, Wayland Student Press Network
Atharva Weiling, Wayland Student Press Network
Jonathan Zhang, Wayland Student Press Network


Community High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hannah Bernstein, The Communicator
Noah Bernstein, The Communicator
Zoe Buhalis, The Communicator
Ben Cooper, The Communicator
Sophie Fetter, The Communicator
Mia Goldstein, The Communicator
Dan Gutenberg, The Communicator
Jenna Jarjoura, The Communicator
Ava Kosinski, The Communicator
Scarlett London, The Communicator
Eleanor Niman, The Communicator
Sophie Nunez, The Communicator
Mori Ono, The Communicator
Ella Rosewarne, The Communicator
Mira Schwarz, The Communicator
Elizabeth Shaieb, The Communicator
Lily Sickman-Garner, The Communicator
Charles Solomon, The Communicator
Geneve Thomas-Palmer, The Communicator
Lucy Tobier, The Communicator
Taisiya Tworek, The Communicator
Cy Veilleux, The Communicator
Cate Weiser, The Communicator

Grosse Pointe South High School, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan
Eva McCord, The Tower

H.H. Dow High School, Midland, Michigan
Jason Laplow, Update


Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Zac Anderson, The Antler
Molly DiNardo, The Talon
Jordan Erickson, The Talon
Abigail Hobrough, The Antler
Owen Hoffner, The Talon
Elsa Johnson, The Talon
Grace Kassebaum, The Talon
Eva Larson, The Antler
Lily McClelland, The Antler
John Misa, The Talon
Ann Oakman, The Talon
Evan Taylor, The Talon
Beck Westrem, The Talon

The Blake School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Betsy Fries, The Spectrum
Sage Marmet, The Spectrum
Noor Naseer, The Spectrum
Will Rosenblum, The Spectrum
Maggie Seidel, The Spectrum
Bernadette Whitely, The Spectrum

St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul, Minnesota
Salah Abdulkarim, The Rubicon
Leona Barocas, Ibid
Julia Baron, The Rubicon
Lucy Benson, The Rubicon
Jonas Bray, RubicOnline
Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnline
Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline
Lara Cayci, RubicOnline
Elle Chen, RubicOnline
Noor Christava, RubicOnline
Eloise Duncan, The Rubicon
Madeline Fisher, The Rubicon
Edward Gamble, Ibid
Adrienne Gaylord, The Rubicon
Lucia Granja, RubicOnline
Noa Gross, The Rubicon
Catherine Hooley, The Rubicon
Mimi Huelster, RubicOnline
Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline
Gavin Kimmel, Iris: Art+Lit
Lizzie Kristal, The Rubicon
Liv Larsen, RubicOnline
Nikolas Liepins, RubicOnline
Evelyn Lillemoe, The Rubicon
Tana Ososki, RubicOnline
Maren Ostrem, The Rubicon
Ivy Raya, RubicOnline
Thomas Reinhart, RubicOnline
Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline
Jenny Ries, The Rubicon
Annika Rock, RubicOnline
Eve Sampsell-Jones, The Rubicon
Will Schavee, RubicOnline
Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline
Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline
Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline
Hazel Waltenbaugh, The Rubicon
Colin Will, The Rubicon

Stillwater Area High School, Stillwater, Minnesota
Alex Steil, Pony Express
Mairin Torgerson, Pony Express


Parkway West High School, Ballwin, Missouri
Drew Boone, PWestPathfinder.com
Emma Breidecker, Pawesehi
Thomas Bruns, PWestPathfinder.com
Hannah Choi, PWestPathfinder.com
Lauren Crawford, Pawesehi
Zoe DeYoung, PWestPathfinder.com
Makinsey Drake, PWestPathfinder.com
Lilly Francis, Pawesehi
Ashlyn Gillespie, PWestPathfinder.com
Addie Gleason, PWestPathfinder.com
Megan Hoenecke, Pawesehi
Grace Kaempfe, Pawesehi
Ava Kayser, Pawesehi
Tyler Kinzy, PWestPathfinder.com
Ulaa Kuziez, PWestPathfinder.com
Claire LeDuc, Pawesehi
Maya Loy, Pawesehi
Paige Matthys-Pearce, PWestPathfindeer.com
Kathryn McAuliffe, PWestPathfinder.com
Ella Mercer, Pawesehi
Madi Michajliczenko, PWestPathfinder.com
Mira Nalbandian, PWestPathfinder.com
Tori Neeser, Pawesehi
Emily O’Connor, Pawesehi
Fatema Rehmani, PWestPathfinder.com
Ella Rotter, PWestPathfinder.com
Leah Schroeder, PWestPathfinder.com
Maddy Truka, PWestPathfinder.com
Ellie West, PWestPathfinder.com
Olivia Zerega, Pawesehi

Marquette High School, Chesterfield, Missouri
Molly Levine, Medallion
Lauren Pickett, The Messenger
Waha Siddiqui, The Messenger

Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield, Missouri
Gabby Abowitz, Corral
Kaylee Canoy, Spur
Melanie Gubernik, Spur
Sydney Kolker, Spur
Brooke Kraizer, Corral
Alex Maisenhelder, Corral
Abby Prywitch, Corral
David Smith, Spur
Julia Solomon, Spur
Sydney Stahlschmidt, Corral
Kayelyn Tate, Spur
Jacob Weinberg, PCHTV
Trey Williams, Corral

Rockwood Summit High School, Fenton, Missouri
Elizabeth Comesana, Pinnacle
Alexander Matthews, KFTN 92.7 FM
Paige McGrady, Pinnacle
Kayleigh Mehrtens, Pinnacle
Daniel Murnin, The Talon
Megan Mutch, Pinnacle
Bridget Reichmuth, The Talon
Isabel Rutledge, KFTN 92.7 FM
Kendall Spencer, KFTN 92.7 FM
Kaitlyn Stabile, KFTN 92.7 FM
Danika Stilwell, The Talon
Sophia Valenti, Pinnacle
Ruth Vogel, The Talon

Hermann High School, Hermann, Missouri
Madison Ellis, Paragon
Megan Gerloff, Paragon
Elizabeth Vieth, Paragon

Oak Park High School, Kansas City, Missouri
Kallista “Luka” Ashton, The Northmen’s Log, NorthmenNews
Lindsey Dunaway, The Northmen’s Log, NorthmenNews
Christina Nguyen, Cambia
AnnaBella Peterson, The Axe

Staley High School, Kansas City, Missouri
Selena Escutia, Legacy
Cassandra Ford, Talon
Haley McAtee, Legacy
Kennedy McGrath, Legacy
Alexandria Secaida, Legacy
Hailey Steinbach, Legacy
Emma Thom, Legacy
Charlie Warner, Talon

Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri
Lily Bartin, The Kirkwood Call
Sophia Beckmann, The Kirkwood Call
Mya Copeland, The Kirkwood Call
Hayden Davidson, The Kirkwood Call
Ava Duggin, The Kirkwood Call
Rachel Finan, The Kirkwood Call
Kiera Finley, Pioneer
Genevieve Francois, The Kirkwood Call
Julia Frankel, Pioneer
Eilish Frissell, Pioneer
Emma Frizzell, The Kirkwood Call
Louis Garr, The Kirkwood Call
Morgan Gindler, Pioneer
Megan Glasgow, The Kirkwood Call
Campbell Haley, Pioneer
Amara Harper, The Kirkwood Call
Molly Higgins, The Kirkwood Call
Lainey Hogg, Pioneer
Georgia Holliday, Pioneer
Amelia Hurley, The Kirkwood Call
Maya Kim, The Kirkwood Call
Sienna Pack, Pioneer
Amanda Ralston, Pioneer
Megan Roche, Pioneer
Elise Roettger, Pioneer
Kate Schreiber, The Kirkwood Call
Kailey Shirrell, The Kirkwood Call
Olivia Silvey, The Kirkwood Call
Daniel Tobias, The Kirkwood Call
Fiona Wilton, Pioneer
Olivia Wilton, Pioneer

North Kansas City High School, North Kansas City, Missouri
Adedeji Adebawore, N2 Sports
Kaya Barringer, The Purgold
Janelle Douyon, NTV News
Emily Grimm, The Hornet’s Buzz
Erika Gutierrez, The Purgold
Joseph Mormino, The Hornet’s Buzz
Hannah Schuh, The Purgold
Abigail Williams, The Purgold

Hillcrest High School, Springfield, Missouri
William Wehmer, HTV Magazine

Francis Howell High School, St. Charles, Missouri
Ainslee Harkins, Howelltonian
Lillie Morisaki, Howelltonian
Anna Rausch, Howelltonian
Katie Thuet, Howelltonian

Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Alexandra Berns, Rambler
Domenic Fenoglio, Panorama
Fiona Ferguson, Rambler
Grace Hu, Panorama
Abigail Jansen, Panorama
Emerson Linden, Rambler
Sophia Liu, Panorama
Marissa Mathieson, Panorama
Riley O’Neal, Rambler
Annie Pan, Panorama
Rhea Patney, Panorama
Reese Schuler, Rambler
Virgina Schulte, Panorama
Joanne Sung, Panorama
Julia Tullman, Rambler
Jessica Wild, Rambler
Ethan Willick, Panorama
Danielle Zhang, Panorama

Lindbergh High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Katherine Adams, Spirit
Ashley Dickey, Spirit

Ritenour High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Kayla Baker, The Pepper Box
Maxine Bee, The Pepper Box
Faith Boyd, The Pepper Box
Christopher Campos, The Pepper Box
Samia Fouche, The Pepper Box
Darleen Garcia, The Pepper Box
Miranda Martin, The Pepper Box
Veronica Susovica, The Pepper Box
Toni Taylor, The Pepper Box

Webster Groves High School, Webster Groves, Missouri
Jaden Fields, WG Echo
Addie Palmquist, WG Echo
Maeve Taylor, WG Echo
Elise Wilke-Grimm, WG Echo

Timberland High School, Wentzville, Missouri
Brooke Benne, WHTV
Kayla Davito, Wolf Tracks
Aubrey Nolen, WHTV

Lafayette High School, Wildwood, Missouri
Rachel Brown, Legend
Anoushka Pallekala, Legend


Marian High School, Omaha, Nebraska
Jessica Brusnahan, The Network
Frances Cihunka, The Network
Natalie Cusick, The Network
Anna Dailey, The Network
Naomi Delkamiller, The Network
Lily Dugan, The Crusader
Mia Dunker, The Network
Grace Ellis, The Crusader
Quinn Findley, The Network
Madison Genoways, The Network
Rylee Gregg, The Network
Megan Hoppe, The Crusader
Pangaea Kaan, The Network
Alexis Ketcham, The Network
Anna Kidder, The Network
Madison Mitchell, The Crusader
Lexxington Olsen, The Crusader
Samantha Pelan, The Crusader
Sarah Ritterling, Crusader
Emily Salzman, The Network
Sophia Simmons, The Crusader
Molly Smith, The Crusader
Claire Thiele, The Crusader
Olivia Turkel, The Crusader
Sophia Virgillito, The Network
Cecilia West, The Crusader

Millard West High School, Omaha, Nebraska
Jordan Bakar, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Emma Baker, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Brenna Batchelder, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Anna Blumenthal, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Lily Dame, The Prowler
Joseph Ebmeier, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Edison Geiler, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Jetta Hoffner, The Prowler
Jayden Kistaitis, The Prowler
Riley Kramolisch, The Prowler
Elise Nyffeler, The Prowler
Reese Peterson, The Prowler
Jenna Reynolds, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Kaitlin Reynolds, The Prowler
Kaden Roth, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Emma Schertz, The Prowler
Hailey Sieler, The Prowler
Dana Summers, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Samantha Vojslavek, The Prowler
Morgan Weir, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Garrett Wilcoxen, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Michelle Zhang, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News


Cherry Hill High School East, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Remy Abrams, Eastside
Alexa Atlas, Eastside
Jamie Bookbinder, Eastside
Emily Boyle, Eastside
Jacy Dickstein, Eastside
Max Gaffin, Eastside
Nick Gangewere, Eastside
Jame Kwak, Eastside
Brielle Lampf, Eastside
Lily Lazarus, Eastside
Bella Levin, Eastside
Inesa Linker, Eastside
Amanda Merovitz, Eastside
Scout Pullano, Eastside
Vivian Rong, Eastside
Aiden Rood, Eastside
Yena Son, Eastside
Lalitha Viswanathan, Eastside
Melissa Vital, Eastside
Nicole Vital, Eastside
Angelina Witting, Eastside
Alena Zhang, Eastside

Hasbrouck Heights High School, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
Emily Condon, Pilot’s Log


Providence Senior High School, Charlotte, North Carolina
Diya Bhatt, Roars and Whispers
Margaret Christopher, Roars and Whispers
Ansley Hignight, Roars and Whispers
Aiden Kaplan, Roars and Whispers
Elizabeth Park, Roars and Whispers
Ella Rasmussen, Roars and Whispers
Emma Washburn, Roars and Whispers
Lisa Zhang, Roars and Whispers

Fred T. Foard High School, Newton, North Carolina
Kevin Cervantes, Quatralog
Anika Danner, Quatralog


Mandan High School, Mandan, North Dakota
Kelsie Hildebrand, The Courier


Antwerp Local School, Antwerp, Ohio
Morgan Boesch, The Archer
Kate Farr, The Archer
Isabelle Graham, The Archer
Siera Octaviano, The Archer
Aeriel Snyder, The Archer

Sycamore High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Claire Berlier, The Leaf
Aaditi Lele, The Leaf
Allison McElroy, The Leaf
Katie Mott, The Leaf
Ria Parikh, The Leaf
Gabriela Pereda, The Leaf
Deeya Prakash, The Leaf
Lindsay Ruskin, The Leaf
Madeleine Suh, The Leaf
Charlotte Weiss, The Leaf
Jack Wolfe, The Leaf
Grace Zhang, The Leaf

Lakota East High School, Liberty Township, Ohio
Ianni Acapulco, Spark
Rachel Anderson, Spark
Mia Hilkowitz, Spark
Ava Huelskamp, Spark
Natalie Mazey, Spark
Megan Miranda, Spark
Marleigh Winterbottom, Spark


Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Lane Adkins, Chi Rhoan
Ali Anderson, Chi Rhoan
Natalie Edmonds, Chi Rho
Abby Maupin, Chi Rho
Sara Maupin, Chi Rho
Emily McDougall, Chi Rhoan

Yukon High School, Yukon, Oklahoma
Conner Carlow, The Insight
Taylor Cline, The Miller
Madilyn Moore, The Insight
Coy Pope, The Insight
Landon Thomas, The Insight


La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, Milwaukie, Oregon
Olivia Aragon, The La Salle Falconer
Brooklyn Chillemi, The La Salle Falconer
Olivia Galbraith, The La Salle Falconer
Maddie Khaw, The La Salle Falconer
Mallory Middendorff, The La Salle Falconer
Maya Smith, The La Salle Falconer
Carlie Weigel, The La Salle Falconer


Altoona Area High School, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Benjamin Blackie, Mountain Echo
Mia DeStefano, The Horseshoe
Jocelyn Fetter, The Horseshoe
Destiny Montgomery, Mountain Echo
Sydney Wilfong, Mountain Echo
Madison Zimmerer, The Horseshoe

Conestoga High School, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Ananya Kulkarni, The Spoke
Christina Lee, The Spoke
Katherine Lee, The Spoke
Sophia Pan, The Spoke
Reese Wang, The Spoke

Freedom Area High School, Freedom, Pennsylvania
Braeden Geibel, Bulldog Beat
Jay Hessler, Bulldog Beat
Madison Hill, Bulldog Beat
Carter Huggins, Bulldog Beat
Sarah Levenson, FHS Press, Shawnee
Jessica Majors, FHS Press, Shawnee
Keith Pawlowski, FHS Press, Shawnee
Elizabeth Shane, Bulldog Beat, FHS Press, Shawnee

Northeastern High School, Manchester, Pennsylvania
Abigail Tabachini, Daedalus


St. George’s Independent School, Collierville, Tennessee
Emma Clayton, The Legend
Maya Ibrahim, The Legend
Margeaux Land, The Legend

Christ Presbyterian Academy, Nashville, Tennessee
Chloe Amyx, Lion’s Roar
Caroline Avinger, Lion’s Roar
Grafton Brittle, Lion’s Roar
Petra Christensen, Lion’s Roar
Gracie Clark, Lion’s Roar
Hallie Crisp, Lion’s Roar
Easton Dillard, Lion’s Roar
Colin Drazan, Lion’s Roar
Baylor Dublin, Lion’s Roar
Lucy Ellis, Lion’s Roar
Laura Finley Hasenbank, Lion’s Roar
Anna Pearl Garrett, Lion’s Roar
Sadie Gorley, Lion’s Roar
Grace Hastings, Lion’s Roar
Brock Horton, Lion’s Roar
Samantha Hutts, Lion’s Roar
Sadie Jackson, Lion’s Roar
Sylvie Keck, Lion’s Roar
Meredith Lane Finucane, Lion’s Roar
Emaline Lenger, Lion’s Roar
Ava Maddux, Lion’s Roar
Sophie Nabors, Lion’s Roar
Reesi Nesbitt, Lion’s Roar
Avery Parker, Lion’s Roar
Virginia Pinkley, Lion’s Roar
Kate Posey, Lion’s Roar
Corinne Price, Lion’s Roar
Ellie Riley, Lion’s Roar
Lacy Sheppard, Lion’s Roar
Madison Spann, Lion’s Roar
Baker Thomas, Lion’s Roar
Witt Thomas, Lion’s Roar
Katelyn White, Lion’s Roar
Addie Reese Zapp, Lion’s Roar


Aledo High School, Aledo, Texas
Madison Alvarez, Ledoian
Ava Bathurst, Ledoian
Hailey Bogner, Ledoian
Lyla Edwards, Ledoian
Faith Emmitte, Ledoian
Claire Kennedy, Ledoian
Allison Mallard, Ledoian
Franklin Payne Wellman, Ledoian
Kaley Schabel, Ledoian
Ashlyn Vozeh, Ledoian
James Ward, Ledoian

Martin High School, Arlington, Texas
Anna Otness, Phoenix

Westlake High School, Austin, Texas
Lauren Apostolakis, El Paisano
Fiza Baqai, El Paisano
Rachael Barkoff, El Paisano
Mehuli Basu Roy, Featherduster
Abigail Blalock, El Paisano
Joseph Budiselich, El Paisano
Julia Franco, Featherduster
Karina Kumar, El Paisano
Lara Murray Palma, Featherduster
Camille Rome, El Paisano
Nora Romman, Featherduster
Kiana Saghafi, El Paisano
Aric Shah, El Paisano
Fayen Spatz, Featherduster
Sophia Sutter, El Paisano
Ava Valdes, Featherduster

Coppell High School, Coppell, Texas
Sapna Amin, The Sidekick
Shreya Beldona, The Sidekick
Neha Desaraju, The Sidekick
Camila Flores Sanches, The Sidekick
Samantha Freeman, The Sidekick
Lillian Gorman, The Sidekick
Blanche Harris, The Sidekick
Victoria Hertel, The Sidekick
Neveah Jones, The Sidekick
Avani Kashyap, The Sidekick
Sally Parampottil, The Sidekick
Shivi Sharma, The Sidekick
Camila Villarreal, The Sidekick

Bridgeland High School, Cypress, Texas
Alfred Dozier, The Bridge
Ashtyn Haggard, The Bridge
Juliana Kawaja, The Bridge
Merrick Myers, Kodiak

The Episcopal School of Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Anna Baranski, Carillon
Blair Batson, Eagle Edition
Erika Batson, Eagle Edition
Smith Cochran, Eagle Edition
Kate Elliston, Carillon
Charlotte Esping, Carillon
Jiaying Fu, Eagle Edition
Grace Herburger, Carillon
Sloane Hope, Eagle Edition
Grace Knudson, Eagle Edition
Carolyn Langford, Eagle Edition
Emily Lichty, Eagle Edition
Luke McCabe, Eagle Edition
Gina Montagna, Eagle Edition
Day Nettle, Carillon
Lillian Nettle, Carillon
Cleo Neuhoff, Carillon
Sophia Sinacola, Carillon
Lauren Tollison, Carillon
Gardiner Vose, Eagle Edition
Lauren Weber, Eagle Edition
Victoria Willox, Eagle Edition
Hollis Wood, Carillon
Evelyn Zhao, Eagle Edition

Dripping Springs High School, Dripping Springs, Texas
Ramsey Hutton, Tiger Cry
Savannah Karas, Tiger Cry
Samantha Moore, Paw Print
Evelyn Peterson, Paw Print
Isabella Roske, Tiger Cry
Cadence Russell, Paw Print

El Dorado High School, El Paso, Texas
Carolina Arredondo, The Legend

Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth, Texas
Mehreen Ali, Flight
Lillian Buchanan, Flight
Jack Carmichael, Falcon Quill
Emi Carson, Flight
Georgia Ethridge, Flight
Caroline Homan, Falcon Quill
Anna Hooton, Falcon Quill
Harrison Kemmer, Falcon Quill
Macie Mallick, Falcon Quill
Katherine Martin, Flight
Abby McGehee, Flight
Alexa Merritt, Flight
Jack Mezey, Falcon Quill
Lauren Mitchell, Flight
Kennedy Packer, Flight
Sawyer Pardue, Flight
Emma Pyron, Flight
Caroline Sanders, Falcon Quill
George Soye, Falcon Quill
Ben Tomasic, Falcon Quill

Rock Hill High School, Frisco, Texas
Khshaeta Cama, Hill Top News
Anica Hankey, Hill Top News
Grant Johnson, Hill Top News
Madison Wells, Hill Top News

Cinco Ranch High School, Katy, Texas
Abigail Fosburgh, Panorama
Avery Wang, Panorama
Nicha Bruce, Panorama

Lake Ridge High School, Mansfield, Texas
Christine Vo, Fidelity

Legacy High School, Mansfield, Texas
McKenzie Canton, The Rider Online
Kristen Felan, The Arena
Jordyn Folsom, The Rider Online
Landri Hargrove, The Rider Online
Hudson McReynolds, The Arena
Maija Miller, The Arena
Nicole Novak, The Rider Online
Hayley Parsons, The Rider Online
Sembree Yeary, The Rider Online

Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas
Caleb Audia, Eagle Nation Online
Emily Baldwin, Eagle Nation News
Julia Bisaillon, Eagle Nation News
Amanda Hare, Eagle Nation Online
Emma Hutchinson, Eagle Nation Online
Madelyn Moats, Eagle Nation Online
Christi Norris, Eagle Nation Online
Morgan Reese, Eagle Nation Online
Cate Emma Warren, Eagle Nation Online
Caroline Wilburn, Eagle Nation Online
Gabriella Winans, Eagle Nation Online

Foster High School, Richmond, Texas
Riley Carroll, The Talon
Edie Peffley, The Talon

Smithson Valley High School, Spring Branch, Texas
Josephine Clark, Valley Ventana
Catherine Diel, Valley Ventana
Daniel Lackey, Valley Ventana
Rebekah Mann, Valley Ventana
Parker Maroney, Valley Ventana
Jackson Posey, Valley Ventana
Emma Siebold, Valley Ventana
Tatum Tomallo, Valley Ventana
Timothy Tschoepe, Valley Ventana

Pleasant Grove High School, Texarkana, Texas
Emma Beck, The Hawk
Katie Ferguson, The Hawk
Savannah Hoehn, The Edge
Delaynie Keeney, The Edge
Olivia Kirk, PGTV
Gillian Knowles, The Edge
Madelyn Loar, The Hawk
Madilyn Morse, The Hawk
Alex Murphy, PGTV
Noah Neal, PGTV
Alex Norton, The Edge
Anjel-Ali Ormond, The Edge
Hailee Partin, The Hawk
Cadence Pov, The Edge
Noah Rayburn, The Edge
Spencer Richardson, The Edge
Caylin Scates, The Hawk
Grayson Taylor, PGTV
Holly Thornton, The Hawk
Delia Tuttlebee, The Edge
Kaitlyn Wells, The Hawk
Macy Young, The Hawk

Texas High School, Texarkana, Texas
Whitney Ankton, Tiger
Carrigan Brush, Tiger
William Carter, Tiger
Cayli Clack, Tiger
Helen Clark Hays, Tiger
Ellison Davis, Tiger
Aislyn Echols, Tiger Times
Lia Graham, Tiger
Briannah Hall, Tiger
Tatum Haugh, Tiger
Emma Hickerson, Tiger
Stephanie Jumper, Tiger Times
Brooke Knight, Tiger
Doug Kyles, Tiger Times
Jonathan Naples, Tiger Times
Phoebe Neff, Tiger Times
Endsley Norman, Tiger
Evelyn Patterson, Tiger
Caden Rainwater, Tiger Times
Alexys Reed, Tiger
Hollan Reed, Tiger
Cate Rounds, Tiger Times
Janie Rounds, Tiger
Sydney Rowe, Tiger Times
Lily Sewell, Tiger
Peyton Sims, Tiger Times
Morgan Williams, Tiger
Mary Claire Wright, Tiger
Rhett Young, Tiger
Mikayla Zverina, Tiger Times

Van Alstyne High School, Van Alstyne, Texas
Jordan Ayers, VATV
Kate Carson, VATV
Margie Carson, VATV
Alli Cholette, VATV
Emma Donald, The Paw, VATV
Riley Hix, The Paw
Isabel Inman, The Paw
Conner Loftice, VATV
Marilyn Ly, VATV
Peyton Mann, The Paw
Olivia Smith, VATV


T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, Virginia
Lauren Larsen, Theogony
Jacqueline Lutz, Theogony

Varina High School, Center for Communications & Media Relations, Henrico, Virginia
Justin Abernathy, CFCTV
Kamiyah Adebayo, CFCTV
Sean Anderson, CFCTV
Savannah Bartlett, CFCTV, The Blue Devils Advocate
Tyler Bradby, CFCTV
Taleigha Charity, CFCTV
Regan Lexi Church, CFCTV
Anihya Clark, CFCTV
Davis Dailey, CFCTV
Jasmyn Dandridge, CFCTV
Ciani Derricott, CFCTV
Niyah Harris, CFCTV
Eliana Horne, CFCTV
Olivia Jenkins, CFCTV
James Love, CFCTV
Mikayla Martin, CFCTV
Xander Martin, CFCTV
Kyhia McCray, CFCTV
Kennedy McDonald, CFCTV
Alannah Murphy, CFCTV, The Blue Devils Advocate
Sidra Rivera, CFCTV
Alexis Welcher, CFCTV
Kayla White, CFCTV
Samantha Wingo, CFCTV

Midlothian High School, Midlothian, Virginia
Elle Abel, Trojan
Lauren Bone, Trojan
Courtney Coppage, Trojan
Jessica Domke, Trojan
Lucy Edwards, Trojan
Madeline Maloney, Trojan
Jack Nuckols, Trojan

Loudoun Valley High School, Purcellville, Virginia
Charlotte Alto, Saga
Sahana Arumani, The Viking
Sarah Cohoon, Saga
Sophie Dattilo, Saga
Marisa Del Borrello, The Viking
Isabella Gracias, Saga
David Garrett Hennessey, The Viking
Jordan Janson, Saga
Brooke Jenkins, Saga
Abby Keane, The Viking
Gertrude Keane, The Viking
Jessica Licciardone, Saga
Helen Maza, The Viking
Mary Kate McNamara, Saga
Victoria Navarrete, Saga
Faith Nguyen, Saga
Kendall Owens, Saga
Angela Palese, Saga
Sawyer Peterson, Saga
Alison Pike, The Viking
Georgia Riccobene, Saga
Robert Jacob Rimmel, The Viking
Lauren Smith, The Viking
Sarah St.John, The Viking
Paige Stark, Saga
Patrick Stevenson, The Viking
Kendall Straiton, Saga
Anastasia Stubbs, Saga
Sarah Vernail, Saga
Hayley Walker, Saga
Laurel Wedemeyer, Saga

Dominion High School, Sterling, Virginia
Nicole Calderon-Cadima, DHS Press
Meagan Dyson, Odyssey
Katherine Fox, Odyssey
Kevin Myers, DHS Press
Neena Peterson, DHS Press
Sonal Prakash, DHS Press
Ella Saglam, Odyssey
Isabella Willoughby, Odyssey


Puyallup High School, Puyallup, Washington
Katie Rose Abegglen, Viking Vanguard
Reagan Aho, Viking Vanguard
Tanner Pierce, Viking Vanguard
Christina Rhoades, Viking Vanguard

Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington
Paige Anderson, Talisman
Maddy Bowles, Shingle
Adria Cooper, Talisman
Josie Laur, Talisman
Audrey Lepper, Shingle
Tess Petrillo, Talisman
Sam Rainville, Talisman
Brett Richter, Talisman
Will Shepard, Talisman

Mead High School, Spokane, Washington
Crystal Ha, Pantera
Jillian Holbrook, Pantera
Savannah Jarvis, Pantera
Abigail Sonnichsen, Pantera
Grace Sonnichsen, Pantera
Hailee Speir, Pantera


Cody High School, Cody, Wyoming
Tashi Mathuin, CHS Wired


Taipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan
Nicole Chang, The Blue & Gold
Sabrina Chang, The Blue & Gold
Phoebe Chen, The Blue & Gold
Laura Hsu, The Blue & Gold
Audrey Hwang, The Blue & Gold
Ariel Lee, The Blue & Gold
Lana Lee, The Blue & Gold
Sharon Lee, The Blue & Gold
Natalie Scheidel, The Blue & Gold
Amber Wu, The Blue & Gold