2022 Honor Roll of Student Journalists

NSPA inducts 1,300 student journalists into its 2022 Honor Roll

April 21, 2022

National Scholastic Press Association, the nation’s largest association for scholastic journalists, has inducted approximately 1,300 high-school scholars and student journalists into its 2022 Journalism Honor Roll.

“These outstanding students excel in both the classroom and in their school newsrooms,” associate director Gary Lundgren said. “The future of journalism is bright if these students are any indication.”

In addition to serving for at least two years on a high school student media staff, in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, online or yearbook, the students have earned a 3.5 or higher grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Publication advisers and journalism instructors have nominated these students for the honor.

Senior inductees are eligible to compete for a $1,000 Honor Roll Scholarship, and NSPA will announce the scholarship winner in May.

All Honor Roll inductees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be listed in the association’s Best of the High School Press, a yearly publication showcasing the winners in the association’s student media competitions. Inductees are also eligible to wear a special honor cord at graduation.

Through education, training and recognition programs, NSPA promotes the standards and ethics of good journalism. Its educational programs, both on-site and virtual, train thousands of student journalists and advisers, and its awards programs include the Pacemaker Award, the nation’s preeminent publication honor.

NSPA celebrated 100 years of service in 2021.

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2022 NSPA Honor Roll

Alphabetical by state and city

James Clemens High School, Madison, Alabama
AnDrew Carlson, The Journey
Nicole Conaway, The Journey
BASIS Peoria, Peoria, Arizona
Jonathan Zhang, BASIS Bugle
Veritas Preparatory Academy, Phoenix, Arizona
Kate Hirsch, The Falcon
Melissa Moore, The Falcon
Margret Powell, The Falcon
Sofia Valencia, The Falcon
Carlmont High School, Belmont, California
Lindsay Augustine, Scot Scoop
Mira Bhatt, Scot Scoop
Maya Campbell, Scot Scoop
Marrisa Chow, Scot Scoop
Jessica Conley, Scot Scoop
Carolina Cuadros, Scot Scoop
Soleil Dam, Scot Scoop
Chesney Evert, Highlander
Oliver Fichte, Scot Scoop
Hudson Fox, Scot Scoop
Kiana George, ScotCenter
Leanna Gower, Scot Scoop
Phoebe Gulsen, ScotCenter
Sophie Gurdus, Scot Scoop
Jack Hansen, Scot Scoop
Elle Horst, Scot Scoop
Elise Hsu, Scot Scoop
Isa Khalak, Scot Scoop
Cambell Kirk, Scot Scoop
Maya Kornyeyeva, Scot Scoop
Gem Kryhina, Scot Scoop
Karla Lee, Scot Scoop
Kaylene Lin, Scot Scoop
Robin Linares, Scot Scoop
Kasey Liu, Scot Scoop
Lucy Lopshire, Scot Scoop
Mandy Mah, Scot Scoop
Ethan Man, ScotCenter
Niamh Marren, Scot Scoop
Izaan Masud, ScotCenter
Isabelle Nunes, Highlander
Allison Raisner, Highlander
Julia Roseborough, Scot Scoop
Calista Shohet, Scot Scoop
Nyah Simpson, Scot Scoop
Andrew Tolu, Scot Scoop
Rebecca Von Tersch, Highlander
Anna Wilkinson, Scot Scoop
Grace Wu, Highlander
Payton Zolck, ScotCenter
Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, California
Candice Anvari-Ghasr, Highlights
Kate Kotlyar, Watchtower
Emma Newman, Highlights
Defne Onal, Highlights
Abigail Wolf, Watchtower
Castaic High School, Castaic, California
Fernanda Matias, The Daily Howl
Ava Paulsen, The Daily Howl
Mia Souther, The Daily Howl
Coronado High School, Coronado, California
Thane Douglass, Beachcomber
Liliana Valenzuela, Beachcomber
Sadie Wong, Beachcomber
California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley, Duarte, California
Madison Aliano, Stargazer
Cecilia Alves, Stargazer
Brooklynn Caraballo, Stargazer
Christie Chen, Stargazer
Moriah Contreras, Stargazer
Sivan Gilbert, Stargazer
Charlene Hsu, Stargazer
Sophia Ko, Stargazer
Hyojin (Anika) Park, Stargazer
Eva Phillips, Stargazer
Maya Schultz, Stargazer
Claire Thompson, Stargazer
Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta, California
Sarah Dent, The Image
Jaiden McInerney, The Image
Sadie Ugoretz, The Image
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, Lake Balboa, California
Branden Gerson, The Pearl Post
Jhonny Gonzalez, Prestige
Valeria Luquin, The Pearl Post
Jessica Melkonyan, The Pearl Post
Chareena Pascua, Prestige
Pinewood School, Los Altos Hills, California
Karina Aronson, The Perennial
Sophia Cheng, The Perennial
Sania Choudhary, The Perennial
Samantha Hsiung, The Perennial
Sally King, The Perennial
Sean King, The Perennial
Prisha Mohapatra, The Perennial
Raghav Ramgopal, The Perennial
Prithi Srinivasan, The Perennial
Sophia Yao, The Perennial 
The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, California
Vaughan Anoa’i, The Oracle
Grace Doyle, The Oracle
Anna Entin, Hestia’s Flame
Nyah Fernandez, The Oracle
Chloe Fidler, The Oracle
Lizette Gonzalez, The Oracle
Quincy Gordon, Hestia’s Flame
Greta Irvine, The Oracle
Maya Kakani, Hestia’s Flame
Sabrina Kim, Hestia’s Flame
Keera Levell-Guerrero, Hestia’s Flame
Charlotte Tragos, Hestia’s Flame
James Enochs High School, Modesto, California
Iain McCarthy, Wingspan
Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, California
Ben Antonow, The Campanile
Gina Bae, The Campanile
Sebastian Bonnard, Verde
Valerie Chu, The Campanile
Jack Galetti, The Campanile
Christie Hong, The Campanile
Akhil Joondeph, Verde
Tara Kapoor, The Paly Voice
Sarp Kendirli, InFocus
Braden Leung, The Campanile
Maya Singer, The Campanile
Aneesh Tiwari, InFocus
Sofie Zalatimo, The Paly Voice
Santa Margarita High School, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Isabelle Byra, The Eagle Eye
Kendrick Choi, The Eagle Eye
Lana Diab, The Eagle Eye
Preston Dorand, The Eagle Eye
Tatum Tatch, The Eagle Eye 
Whitney High School, Rocklin, California
Zoe Cloud, Details
Julia Cuyos, Details
Racxel Domingo, Details
Kaitlyn El-Sayegh, Details
Alyssa Folmer, Details
Maya Gomez, Details
Sofia McMaster, Details
Aaryan Midha, Details
Francheska Pontillas, Details
Ayla Su, Details
Nikhita Tandon, Details
Woodcreek High School, Roseville, California
Samantha Boggs, Lykos
Kaitlynn Branco, Lykos
Madison Heard, Lykos
Ashley James, Lykos
Isabell Mendoza, Lykos
Sierra Mickelson, Lykos
Gabriella Nash, Lykos
Katelyn Seivert, Lykos
Alexis Stemler, Lykos
Katherine Tozier, Lykos
Jillian Waldrop, Lykos
Archie Williams High School, San Anselmo, California
Dresden Calabrese, The Pitch
Dylan Carson, The Pitch
Ellis Chamberlin, The Pitch
Brynn Galaich, The Pitch
Aler Giffin, The Pitch
Isabella Nash, The Pitch
Samantha Parr, The Pitch
Genevieve Peterson, The Pitch
Henry Pratt, The Pitch
Kelsey Riemer, The Pitch
Georgia Schroeder, The Pitch
Alice Simenstad, The Pitch
Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco, California
Cameron Bevan-Abel, The Crusader
Elijah Calip, The Crusader
Juan Carlos Campos, The Crusader
Christian Ramirez Cortes, The Crusader
Noah David, The Crusader
Sean DiNicola, The Crusader
Logan Estrada, The Crusader
Marisa Hamilton, The Crusader
Addison Hwang, The Crusader
Nathan Loeffler-Malatesta, The Crusader
Andrei Lynch, The Crusader
John McQuaid, The Crusader
Delaney Mulqueen, The Crusader
William Lenoyr Ortiz, The Crusader
Mario Perez de Leon, The Crusader
Grayson Salomon, The Crusader
Julien Untalan, The Crusader
Ethan Vargas, The Crusader
Santino Woo, The Crusader
Bo Wyatt, The Crusader
Joseph Zuloaga, The Crusader
The Harker School, San Jose, California
Erica Cai, Humans of Harker
Lucy Ge, Aquila
Shinjan Ghosh, Talon
Esha Gohil, Humans of Harker
Mark Hu, Winged Post
Vishnu Kannan, Aquila
Michelle Liu, Winged Post
Anika Mani, Talon
Muthu Panchanatham, Winged Post
Ritika Rajamani, Talon
Alysa Suleiman, Aquila
Arely Sun, Aquila
Emily Tan, Winged Post
Saurav Tewari, Aquila
Nicole Tian, Aquila
Tina Xu, Talon
Irene Yuan, Aquila
Sanger High School, Sanger, California
Ava De La Cruz, Hi-Lights
Branden Sandoval, Hi-Lights
Mallory Scott, Hi-Lights
Van Nuys High School, Van Nuys, California
Ani Tutunjyan, The Mirror
Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek, California
Jessica Cruser, El Caballero
Madeline Dell, El Caballero
Mia Jimenez, El Caballero
Jessica Kreller, El Caballero
Jenna Lee, El Caballero
Eliza Loventhal, El Caballero
Rowen Mack, El Caballero
Caleb Neve, El Caballero
Isabella Palazzo, El Caballero
Laila Siegel, El Caballero
Kaya Tong, El Caballero
Cherokee Trail High School, Aurora, Colorado
Rylie Barden, CT-TV
Alexandra Cipriani, CT Today, The Muse
Erica Inay, CT-TV
Olivia Semple, CT Today
Brighton High School, Brighton, Colorado
Katelyn Burke, Reflections
Kayla Kosmicke, Reflections
Nylah Nevarez, Reflections
Gabriella Polliard, Reflections
Tiffany Quarles, Reflections
Elizabeth Rawlings, Reflections
Jenaya Ripko, Reflections
Zachary Schreiber, Reflections
Zoey Stanley, Reflections
Katy Tiffany, Reflections
Arapahoe High School, Centennial, Colorado
Ava Anderson, The Calumet
Kylie Bennett, The Arapahoe Herald
Amelie Daberkow, The Calumet
Arianna Evangelista, The Calumet
Leah Grier, The Calumet
Madison Holbrook, The Arapahoe Herald
Skylynn McDowell, The Arapahoe Herald
Naomi Navarro, The Arapahoe Herald
Grace Olson, The Arapahoe Herald
Sophie Pallman, The Calumet
Lauren Svede, The Calumet
Kate Tucker, The Arapahoe Herald
Aaron Zancosky, The Calumet
Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Claire Bauer, Black & Gold, The Rock
Benjamin England, The Rock
Madeline Evans, Black & Gold
Katelyn Fehr, Black & Gold
Matthew Fink, The Rock
Kendall Foxworth, The Rock
Jack Gianetto, The Rock
Roger Hart, Black & Gold
Addison Jaeger, Black & Gold
Madison Loucks, The Rock
Aahana Nandy, Black & Gold
Emma Sheldon, Black & Gold
Lindsay Smart, Black & Gold
Raegan Synk, Black & Gold
Lindsey Thomsen, Black & Gold
Grace Uhrain, The Rock
Brooke Vidger, Black & Gold
Avery Witmer, Black & Gold
Abigail Wood, The Rock
Kira Zizzo, The Rock
Monarch High School, Louisville, Colorado
Deveny Andresen, Mosaic
Samantha Benner, KYOT
Jamie Byther, Mosaic
Ryan Chun, Mosaic
Layla East, The Mix
Beckett France, KYOT
Ethan Hendricks, KYOT
Natalie Hunt, Mosaic
Julianna Knoll, Mosaic
Minh Anh Le, The Mix
Erica Matthies, Mosaic
Ella Miller, Mosaic
Kate Muldoon, The Mix
Alexandria Neumann, KYOT
Kaelan Norgard, Mosaic
Rachel Pilik, Mosaic
Maya Raulf, Mosaic
Hannah Rowton, Mosaic
Katelyn Smith, KYOT
Anna Tucker, Mosaic
Vishva Venkataraman, KYOT
Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jolie Albinder, The Crestian
Chloe Anderson, The Crestian
Julia Aronberg, The Crestian
Lauren Balfour, The Crestian
Gabriel Bernick, The Crestian
Kelli Blake, The Crestian
Marisa Cefola, The Crestian
Danielle Cornick, The Crestian
Manuela De Armas, The Crestian
Leah Ellison, The Crestian
Emilia Garcia, The Crestian
Camila Goldszmidt, The Crestian
Emma Gómez, The Crestian
Ellie Gómez, The Crestian
Grace Hancock, The Crestian
Jessica Haykov, The Crestian
Maya Heyman, The Crestian
Allyson Keyes, The Crestian
Elani Kodner, The Crestian
Ellie Krassan, The Crestian
Lou Lou, The Crestian
Ava Malkin, The Crestian
Kayla Marcus, The Crestian
Anna Medrano, The Crestian
Kyra Meyer, The Crestian
Ayesha Minhas, The Crestian
Olivia Morrissey, The Crestian
Sofia Mukamal, The Crestian
Nicolas Parra, The Crestian
Daniel Quintero, The Crestian
Emma Rende, The Crestian
John Ricotta, The Crestian
Samantha Sandow, The Crestian
Mooly Schlesinger, The Crestian
Jed Seiner, The Crestian
Adam Shiff, The Crestian
Bailey Watson, The Crestian
Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida
Kaili Cochran, Columbian
Bailey Lacy, Columbian
Kelsey Sherman, Columbian
One School of the Arts, Longwood, Florida
Katherine Severin, The Lion’s Pride
Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida
Yelaine Aguilar, The Muse
Kaja Andric, The Muse
Olivia Arnold, The Marquee
Hannah Baldwin, The Muse
Melodie Barrau, The Muse
Gina Bernstein, The Marquee, The Muse
Samantha Cohen, The Muse
Lexi Critchett, The Muse
Dylan Dam, The Muse
Katie Davis, The Muse
Bridget Frawley, The Marquee, The Muse
Alissa Gary, The Muse
Ave Goorbarry, The Muse
Willow Hackett, The Marquee
Emma Kaminski, The Marquee
Jayantha Kantamneni, The Muse
Emma Kutcher, The Marquee
Jenna Lee, The Muse
Eric Levine, The Muse
Sofia Manocchio, The Marquee
Kaylie Martling, The Marquee
Olivia Metzler, The Muse
Sandra Nemes, The Muse
Faith Parkinson, The Marquee
Sheevam Patel, The Muse
Alex Pham, The Muse
Allison Robbert, The Marquee, The Muse
Sophia Roberts, The Muse
Sophia Roud, The Muse
Natalie Ryder, The Marquee, The Muse
Annabella Saccaro, The Muse
Sara Sams, The Marquee
Julia Smerling, The Marquee
Kate Wagner, The Muse
Isaac Wright, The Muse
Lake Howell High School, Winter Park, Florida
Alicia Angola, Wings
Owen Baderschneider, Wings
Moira Clure, Wings
Aila Demetreshon, Wings
Andrea Londono-Caceres, Wings
Julia Martin, Wings
Allison Perez-Vazquez, Wings
Jeana Seefelt, Wings
Kelly Sharp, Wings
Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida
Lauren Beers, Chi Rho
Deniz Boloni-Turgut, The Trinity Voice
Ella Craghill, The Trinity Voice
Reed Fowler, Chi Rho
Evelyn-Jane Garnett, Chi Rho
Annie Guber, Chi Rho
Amy-Ruth Gyang, The Trinity Voice
Jaidyn Holt, The Trinity Voice
Thomas Kienle, Chi Rho
Emma Kim, The Trinity Voice
Boaz Kim, The Trinity Voice
Sophia Lamar, Chi Rho
Lilly Lawton, Chi Rho
Benjamin McNeill, Chi Rho
Marcos Membreno, The Trinity Voice
Ava Palceski, Chi Rho
Madeline Peckham, The Trinity Voice
Ava Savino, The Trinity Voice
Kelsey Silberbusch, Chi Rho
Julia Stein, Chi Rho
Anuha Tatineni, The Trinity Voice
Jack Ververis, The Trinity Voice
Kelsey Wang, Chi Rho
Bianca Whatts, Chi Rho
Catherine Williams, The Trinity Voice
Katherine Wright, Chi Rho
Sarah Zehnder, The Trinity Voice
Fulton Science Academy Private School, Alpharetta, Georgia
Isra Hussain, Mustang News Team
Anthony Lindo, Mustang News Team
Varsha Sayana, Mustang News Team
Clarke Central High School, Athens, Georgia
Maya Clement, Odyssey Media Group
Lukas Cornish, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Audrey Enghauser, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Kaija Gilbertson, Iliad Literary-Art Magazine
Molly Harwell, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Ireland McCage, Odyssey Media Group
Luna Reichert, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Cadence Schapker, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Natalie Schliekelman, Odyssey Media Group
Chloe Sears, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Audrey St. Onge, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Antonio Starks, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Isabella Westrich, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Nico Willman, Odyssey Newsmagazine
Druid Hills High School, Atlanta, Georgia
Stella Blakeborough, Saga
Darion Frazier, Saga
Starr’s Mill High School, Fayetteville, Georgia
Craig Bardo, The Prowler
Peter Beardsley, The Prowler
MacKenzie Jadick, The Prowler
Addie Ellison, The Prowler
Joslyn Weber, The Prowler
Marietta High School, Marietta, Georgia
Alexandra Audrain, The Pitchfork
Ella Chesney, The Pitchfork
Nina Clark, The Pitchfork
Julia DePasquale, The Pitchfork
Zachary Harrison, The Pitchfork
Isabelle Lovejoy, The Pitchfork
Etinosa Ogbomo, The Pitchfork
Lillian Salter, The Pitchfork
Kate Williamson, The Pitchfork
McIntosh High School, Peachtree City, Georgia
Emma Bellantoni, The Legend
Brady Dunn, The Legend
Sarah Gilley, The Legend
Tracy Guo, The Legend
Nakia Harmon, The Trail
Isabella Hickey, The Legend
Jordyn Mobley, The Trail
Zara Morgan, The Trail
Carmella Niedzwiecki, The Legend
Savannah O’Connor, The Legend
Natalie Spellman, The Legend
Oluwadolapo Thomas, The Legend
Lulu Vitulo, The Trail
London Whilby, The Legend
Landon Wilde, The Trail
Maine South High School, Park Ridge, Illinois
John Biagi, Southwords
Darin Cheng, Southwords
Elizabeth Kosiorek, Southwords
Jenna Marchuk, Southwords
Lillian Niziolek, Southwords
Elizabeth Ryser, Southwords
Molly Shanahan, Southwords
Andrea Smith, Southwords
Jake Snyder, Southwords
Eden Wening, Southwords
Columbus North High School, Columbus, Indiana
Megan Allman, The Triangle
Kaitlyn Ayers, The Triangle
Jordan Brady, Log
Michaela Brown, The Triangle
Katharine Brunette, The Triangle
Grace Chapman, Log
Claire Davis, Bull Dog News Network
Samantha Dearing, The Triangle
Kendal Ely, Log
Annagail Fields, The Triangle
Ariana Garcia, The Triangle
Sasha Goodlow, Log
Molly Hotek, Bull Dog News Network
Tanya Iyer, The Triangle
Liberty Jones, Log
Makenna McCord, Log
Anushka Nair, The Triangle
Sanjana Penmathsa, The Triangle
Darren Riley, Bull Dog News Network
Addyson Rogers, The Triangle
Olivia Sprong, Log
Crown Point High School, Crown Point, Indiana
Aubrey Banks, Inklings
Samuel Brewer, Inklings
Rosalie Degenhart, Inklings
Abigail Godsen, Inklings
Olivia Helmuth, Inklings
Mary Grace Marcinek, Inklings
Westfield High School, Westfield, Indiana
Gaberiel Anderson, Verbatim
Allison Beene, Verbatim
Ava Boedeker, The Lantern
Kaleigh Delbridge, Verbatim
Delilah Flora, The Lantern
Jaron Howard, Verbatim
Stevie Kilgore, Verbatim
Annika Kintzel, Verbatim
Gabriel Minichiello, The Lantern
Madysen Rauch, The Lantern
Sabrina Richard, The Lantern
Cooper Tinsley, The Lantern
Mehreen Zakaria, The Lantern
Iowa City West High School, Iowa City, Iowa
Owen Aanestad, West Side Story
Paige Albright, West Side Story
Olivia Boeglin, Trojan Epic
Maya Chu, West Side Story
Heidi Du, West Side Story
Kailey Gee, West Side Story
Sachiko Goto, West Side Story
Renee Gould, West Side Story
Camille Gretter, West Side Story
Jack Harris, West Side Story
Caroline Mascardo, West Side Story
Mishka Mohmed, West Side Story
Audrey Parrish, West Side Story
Vivian Polgreen, West Side Story
Milana Prelle, West Side Story
Zoe Scott, Trojan Epic
Katherine Shoppa, West Side Story
Maddy Smith, West Side Story
Rachel Swack, Trojan Epic
Melissa Uc, Trojan Epic
Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa
Ben Ahlrichs, Spotlight, Tiger Tales
Maddie Madison, Tiger Tales
Jorie Mikels, Tiger Tales
Madison Miller, Spotlight
Alexia Williams, Spotlight
Lawrence High School, Lawrence, Kansas
Anna Anderson, Red & Black, The Budget
Tessa Collar, Red & Black, The Budget
Maxwell Cowardin, Red & Black, The Budget
Cuyler Dunn, Red & Black, The Budget
Maddy Freed, Red & Black, The Budget
Olive Harrington, Red & Black, The Budget
Sam Lopez, Red & Black, The Budget
Kenna McNally, Red & Black, The Budget
Caitlin Mooney, Red & Black, The Budget
Owen Musser, Red & Black, The Budget
Kate O’Keefe, Red & Black, The Budget
Elijah Paden, Red & Black, The Budget
Andrew Phalen, Red & Black, The Budget
Arien Roman, Red & Black, The Budget
Ella Trendel, Red & Black, The Budget
Asher Wolfe, Red & Black, The Budget
Jackson Yanek, Red & Black, The Budget
Manhattan High School, Manhattan, Kansas
Ameerah Afailakawi, The Mentor
Eddie Bruegger, Blue M, The Mentor
McKayla Clark, Blue M, The Mentor
Anika Nyp, Blue M, The Mentor
Julianna Poe, The Mentor
Blue Valley Northwest High School, Overland Park, Kansas
Anna Bailey, The Express
Cate Dunlay, Horizon
Meredith Jolitz, Horizon
Reagan King, The Express
Lily Mailliard, Horizon
Lindsey Noon, Horizon
Ella Weigel, Horizon
Megan Yates, The Express
Shawnee Mission North High School, Overland Park, Kansas
Gage Chapman, Brickhouse
Teryn DeBey, Brickhouse
Neveah Dull, Brickhouse
Madison Elmer, Brickhouse
Alexis Kelly, Brickhouse
Carlos Mata, Brickhouse
Rylie Peterson, Brickhouse
Shawnee Mission South High School, Overland Park, Kansas
Kate Early, Heritage
Katey Eichorn, Heritage
Madeleine Enko, Heritage
Veronica Fast, Heritage
Jordyn Francis, Heritage
Katie Gerritz, Heritage
Gabbie Granoff, Heritage
Neely Hopkins, Heritage
Rachel Horsley, Heritage, The Patriot
Shyanna Lindsey, Heritage
Noel Mohamed, The Patriot
Annalie Polen, The Patriot
Coco Ridge, Heritage
Samantha Santibanez, Heritage
Gretchen Schmierer, Heritage
Mars Sikes, Heritage
Reese Woods, The Patriot
Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie Village, Kansas
Emily Attebery, Hauberk
Rachel Bingham, The Harbinger
Bennett Bradley, The Harbinger
Audrey Brown, Hauberk
Hadley Chapman, The Harbinger
Celia Condon, The Harbinger
Lyda Cosgrove, The Harbinger
Macy Crosser, The Harbinger
Bridget Epstein, Hauberk
Madeline Funkey, The Harbinger
Caroline Gould, The Harbinger
Katherine Hamilton, Hauberk
Charlotte Hawes, Hauberk
Katherine Heitmann, The Harbinger
Sophie Henschel, The Harbinger
Samantha Herpich, Hauberk
Elise Madden, The Harbinger
Alexandra Manning, Hauberk
Sadie McDonald, Hauberk
Maggie Merckens, The Harbinger
Peyton Moore, The Harbinger
Calleigh Nachtigal, Hauberk
Sydney Newton, The Harbinger
Emma-Kate Squires, Hauberk
Francesca Stamati, The Harbinger
Hannah Taylor, Hauberk
Emily Winter, Hauberk
Campbell Wood, The Harbinger
Caroline Wood, The Harbinger
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Shawnee, Kansas
Kaitlyn Burke, The Lair
Erin Dory, The Lair
Madison Graff, The Lair
Stella Grist, The Lair
Evan Johnson, The Lair
Grace Logan, The Northwest Passage
Abbigail Nicol, The Lair
Ally Pruente, The Northwest Passage
Morgan Tate, The Northwest Passage
Joselyn Torres, The Lair
Seaman High School, Topeka, Kansas
Madyson Hardesty, SVTV
Lexi Lupton, SVTV
Savanah Reeves, SVTV
Algonquin Regional High School, Northborough, Massachusetts
Riya Mahanta, The Harbinger
Juliette Piovoso, The Harbinger
Ben Schanzer, The Harbinger
Katherine Wu, The Harbinger
Wayland High School, Wayland, Massachusetts
Tess Alongi, Wayland Student Press Network
Joanna Barrow, Wayland Student Press Network
Jacqueline Cahaly, Wayland Student Press Network
Brasen Chi, Wayland Student Press Network
Dante Coppola, Wayland Student Press Network
Samantha Johnson, Wayland Student Press Network
Taylor McGuire, Wayland Student Press Network
Genevieve Morrison, Wayland Student Press Network
Emily Roberge, Wayland Student Press Network
Garrett Spooner, Wayland Student Press Network
Emily Staiti, Wayland Student Press Network
Olivia Tawakol, Wayland Student Press Network
Charlotte Thirman, Wayland Student Press Network
Jonathan Zhang, Wayland Student Press Network
Community High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Abigail Bachman, The Communicator
Noah Bernstein, The Communicator
Elliot Bramson, The Communicator
Sam Cao, The Communicator
Henry Connor, The Communicator
Kevin Dutton, The Communicator
Mia Goldstein, The Communicator
Anjali Kakarla, The Communicator
Ailish Kilbride, The Communicator
Chrissy Kuiper, The Communicator, The Midnight Sun
Ria Lowenschuss, The Communicator
Arista Luong, The Communicator
Morgan McClease, The Communicator
Natalie Mycek-Card, The Communicator
Sebastian Oliva, The Communicator
Lewis Perry, The Communicator
Lucy Tobier, The Communicator
Grace Wang, The Communicator
Cate Weiser, The Communicator
Maggie Wolf, The Communicator
City High Middle School, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Declan Bradley, The City Voice
Maya Oeverman, The City Voice
Portage High School, Portage, Michigan
Astrid Code, The Northern Light
Eisenhower High School, Shelby Township, Michigan
Danielle Carlisi, Ike News, The Eagle’s Eye
Sean Casey, Esprit de Corps
Lauren Devereux, Ike News, The Eagle’s Eye
Madailein Elton, Esprit de Corps
Ava Kaspari, Esprit de Corps, Ike News, The Eagle’s Eye
Lauren Sharplin, Esprit de Corps

Cannon Falls High School, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Anna Dubbels, The Lantern
Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Greta Carlson, The Antler
Joy Chen, The Talon
Curtis Craig, The Antler
Jordan Erickson, The Talon
Owen Hoffner, The Talon
Elsa Johnson, The Talon
Grace Kassebaum, The Talon
Sienna Kath, The Talon
Daniel Midden, The Talon
John Misa, The Talon
Ann Oakman, The Talon
Berit Parten, The Antler
Tennyson Shultz, The Talon
Josh St. Andrew, The Antler
Evan Taylor, The Talon
James Wilson, The Antler
The Blake School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sofia Perlman, The Spectrum
Evan Vezmar, The Spectrum
Bernadette Whitely, The Spectrum
St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul, Minnesota
Salah Abdulkarim, The Rubicon
Annie Bai, Ibid, The Rubicon
Leona Barocas, Ibid
Ali Browne, RubicOnline
Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnline
Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline
Elle Chen, RubicOnline
Maddy Fisher, The Rubicon
Catherine Hooley, The Rubicon
Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline
Claire Kim, The Rubicon
Orion Kim, The Rubicon
Rita Li, RubicOnline
Hobbs Lillygreen, The Rubicon
Eliana Mann, RubicOnline
Zadie Martin, RubicOnline
Clara McKoy, RubicOnline
Lulu Priede, Ibid
Ivy Raya, RubicOnline
Leo Sampsell-Jones, The Rubicon
Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline
Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline
Hazel Waltenbaugh, The Rubicon
St. Louis Park Senior High School, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Lilia Gonzalez-Baldwin, Echo
Tenzin Gyaldatsang, Echo
Johanna Kaplan, Echo
Jacob Khabie, Echo
Tobias Khabie, Echo
Katherine Nelson, Echo
Elena Ortiz, Echo
Jacob Perszyk, Echo
Char Priadka, Echo
Ayelet Prottas, Echo
Daniel Shope, Echo
Maren Wilsey, Echo
Stillwater Area High School, Stillwater, Minnesota
Katie Kangas, Pony Express
Rockwood Summit High School, Fenton, Missouri
Taya Abraham, The Talon
Angela Colombo, The Talon
Olivia Davis, KFTN 92.7 FM
Katherine Eckrich, The Talon
Anna Kelley, The Talon
Sirisha Mandava, The Talon
Kavya Ramesh, The Talon
Caroline Sandler, The Talon
Samuel Stimpson, KFTN 92.7 FM
Oak Park High School, Kansas City, Missouri
Kallista Ashton, Northmen News, The Northmen’s Log
Ivy Byers, The Axe
Dominic Carrera, N2 Sports
Lillian Goss, Northmen News, The Northmen’s Log 
Amelia McCoy, Northmen News, The Northmen’s Log 
Christina Nguyen, Cambia
Staley High School, Kansas City, Missouri
Easton Allwood, Staley News
Jordan Anderson, Staley News
Mason Baugh, Staley News
Emily Burlington, Staley News
Carson DuRall, Staley News
Selena Escutia, Legacy
Cassie Ford, Talon
Ava Franco, Staley News
Elizabeth Hihath, Staley News
Leyton Jenne, Staley News
Fallyn Kowalski, Talon
Brooke Lamanske, Staley News
Heath Martsching, Staley News
Kaci Needham, Staley News
Cayla Palmer, Legacy
Jackson Phelps, Staley News
Olivia Reynolds, Staley News
Vincent Ridpath, Staley News
Beckham Rivas, Staley News
Malary Scaggs, Staley News
Bailey Schafersman, Staley News
Alexandria Secaida, Legacy
Jacob Shomin, Staley News
Cooper Sielaff, Staley News
Brady Stark, Staley News
Hailey Steinbach, Legacy
Marc Taduran, Staley News
Emma Thom, Legacy
Raymond Tiller, Staley News
Charlie Warner, Talon
Simon Whitty, Staley News
Hannah Wilson, Staley News
Grace Winkler, Talon
Rayna Wozniak, Staley News
Winnetonka High School, Kansas City, Missouri
Macy Goetz, Odyssey 
Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri
Hannah Banks, Pioneer
Cecilia Bartin, Pioneer
Sophia Beckmann, The Kirkwood Call
Kinley Bokermann, The Kirkwood Call
Kaitlyn Callaway, Pioneer
Addie Campbell, Pioneer
Henry Chappell, The Kirkwood Call
Anna Chellis, Pioneer
Mya Copeland, The Kirkwood Call
Louis Dell’Orco, Pioneer
Ava Duggin, The Kirkwood Call
Nina Eckman, Pioneer
Noah Ferkel, Pioneer
Melina Fioretti, Pioneer
Eilish Frissell, Pioneer
Emma Frizzell, The Kirkwood Call
Caroline Geeting, Pioneer
Kaiden Hickman, The Kirkwood Call
Lucia Hockerman, Pioneer
Elaina Hogg, Pioneer
Morgan Hooker, The Kirkwood Call
Will Huster, Pioneer
Sim Khanuja, The Kirkwood Call
Mayabeth Kim, The Kirkwood Call
Ella LeGear, Pioneer
Margaret Mallow, Pioneer
Grace Marcus, The Kirkwood Call
Brayden Maxwell, Pioneer
Avery Oppermann, Pioneer
Hallie Pack, Pioneer
Kate Peck, Pioneer
Benjamin Peter, Pioneer
Ellie Ploszay, Pioneer
Ian Reno, The Kirkwood Call
Maddie Rowan, Pioneer
Meredith Schlarman, The Kirkwood Call
Kate Schreiber, The Kirkwood Call
Lila Shepard, The Kirkwood Call
Kailey Shirrell, The Kirkwood Call
Caroline Steidley, The Kirkwood Call
Molly Stevener, Pioneer
Edie Wheeler, Pioneer
Nicholas Whittington, The Kirkwood Call
Liberty North High School, Liberty, Missouri
Rowe Brooke, The Ayrie
Caitlyn Burns, The Ayrie
Audrey Culver, The Ayrie
Kate Grundy, The Ayrie
Skylar Huhs, The Ayrie
Lauryn Schoen, The Ayrie
Brooklyn Simons, The Ayrie
Kirsten Zirjacks, The Ayrie
North Kansas City High School, North Kansas City, Missouri
Kaya Barringer, The Purgold
Janelle Douyon, NTV News
Joseph Mormino, The Hornet’s Buzz
Hannah Schuh, The Purgold
Park Hill South High School, Riverside, Missouri
Tyler Clippard, The View
Alice Gamble, The View
Kara Hagen, The View
Kate Hermelink, South Paw
Alyssa Kobayashi, The View
Catie Tejeda, South Paw
Hadley Uribe, South Paw
Hillcrest High School, Springfield, Missouri
Abigail Bull, HTV Magazine
Jaela Burris, HTV Magzine
Makayla DeLoach, HTV Magazine
Becky Gardner, Bay 11 Podcast, HTV Magazine
Rileigh Jamison, HTV Magazine
Jordan Shafferkoetter, HTV Magazine
Chloe Sutherland, HTV Magazine
Francis Howell High School, St. Charles, Missouri
Megan Clark, Howelltonian
Ada Pipkins, Howelltonian
Anna Rausch, Howelltonian
Isabelle Schneider, Howelltonian
Cooper Traluch, Howelltonian
Lindbergh High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Katherine Adams, Spirit
McKenzie Brown, Spirit
Ashley Dickey, Spirit
Grace Herzog, Spirit
Anthony Messerly, Spirit
Emma Meyer, Spirit
Christina Nguyen, Spirit
Elaine Ottens, Pilot
Ritenour High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Michelle Everett, The Pepper Box
Kaitlyn Hurst, The Pepper Box
Maricela Nunez, The Pepper Box
Webster Groves High School, Webster Groves, Missouri
Emily Goben, WG Echo
Jackson Parks, WG Echo
Timberland High School, Wentzville, Missouri
Brooke Benne, WHTV
Kayla Davito, Wolf Tracks
Kaylie Lineback, WHTV
Lafayette High School, Wildwood, Missouri
Makayla Archambeault, Image, Lancer Feed
Caroline Black, Image, Lancer Feed
Janka Gerber, Image, Lancer Feed
Anusha Singh, Legend
Morgan Vehige, Image, Lancer Feed
Vijay Viswanathan, Image, Lancer Feed
Marian High School, Omaha, Nebraska
Madison Adam, The Network
Caroline Ahsan, The Network
Madison Auman, Crusader
Isabella Beck, Crusader
Danielle Carrol, Crusader
Clare Degan, The Network
Ashley Doehner, Crusader
Brianna Dovali, Crusader
Fiona Gautschi, The Network
Elleiana Green, The Network
Haley Hoffman, Crusader
Ashley Johanek, The Network
Avery Kinnison, The Network
Bailey Kollasch, The Network
Anne Masek, Crusader
Bridget McGill, Crusader
Lauren Montague, Crusader
Elizabeth Monzu, The Network
Jordan Moser, The Network
Elise Moulton, The Network
Melina Piperis, The Network
Anna Rasgorshek, The Network
Gianna Salerno, The Network
Sydney Schroeder, The Network
Kathryn Stec, The Network
Christina Tinley, Crusader
Eliza Turco, The Network
Audrey Van Dyke, Crusader
Jill Williamson, Crusader
Grace Woodard, Crusader
Millard West High School, Omaha, Nebraska
Alexis Bahensky, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Brenna Batchelder, MWHS Wildcat News, The Catalyst
Anna Burton, The Prowler
Joseph Ebmeier, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Ally Fortney, The Prowler
Jetta Hoffner, The Prowler
Riley Kramolisch, MWHS Wildcat News, The Catalyst, The Prowler
Kelsey Nunnenkamp, The Prowler
Kaitlin Reynolds, MWHS Wildcat News, The Catalyst, The Prowler
Kaden Roth, MWHS Wildcat News, The Catalyst, The Prowler
Brooke Sliva, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Evan Vaslow, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Samantha Vojslavek, MWHS Wildcat News, The Catalyst, The Prowler
Morgan Weir, The Catalyst, MWHS Wildcat News
Cherry Hill High School East, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Julia Boehning, Eastside
Jamie Bookbinder, Eastside
Emily Boyle, Eastside
Ziva Davis, Eastside
Batul El, Eastside
Natalie Finkelstein, Eastside
Max Gaffin, Eastside
Ella Goodstadt, Eastside
Tharunika Govindasamy, Eastside
Lauren Greenberg, Eastside
Gia Gupta, Eastside
Jillian Koenig, Eastside
Brielle Lampf, Eastside
Jiwoo Lee, Eastside
Isabella Levin, Eastside
Alex Levine, Eastside
Katherine Li, Eastside
Sophia Liu, Eastside
Ellie Noh, Eastside
Vivian Rong, Eastside
Aiden Rood, Eastside
Julia Rosten, Eastside
Isabella Sobel, Eastside
Yena Son, Eastside
Melissa Vital, Eastside
Nicole Vital, Eastside
Lauren Winslow, Eastside
Angelina Witting, Eastside
Abby Yu, Eastside
Alena Zhang, Eastside
Providence Senior High School, Charlotte, North Carolina
Diya Bhatt, Roars and Whispers
Ruby Davis, Roars and Whispers
Audrey Henderson, Roars and Whispers
Jonathan Obele, Roars and Whispers
Elizabeth Park, Roars and Whispers
Emma Washburn, Roars and Whispers
Lisa Zhang, Roars and Whispers
Antwerp Local School, Antwerp, Ohio
Kate Farr, The Archer
Aeriel Snyder, The Archer
Layla Copsey, The Archer
Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nathan Coomes, Chi Rho 
Abby Maupin, Chi Rho 
Sara Maupin, Chi Rho 
Sarah Miller, Chi Rho 
Yukon High School, Yukon, Oklahoma
Conner Carlow, The Insight
Madison Manning, The Miller
Coy Pope, The Insight
Jozzlynne Sale, The Miller
Landon Thomas, The Insight
La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, Milwaukie, Oregon
Brooklyn Chillemi, The La Salle Falconer
Andrew Clair, The La Salle Falconer
Avery Eldon, The La Salle Falconer
Mary Loeb, The La Salle Falconer
Avery Marks, The La Salle Falconer
Avery Rush, The La Salle Falconer
Altoona Area High School, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Maddie Cowfer, Mountain Echo
Mia DeStefano, Horseshoe
Destiny Montgomery, Mountain Echo
Madison Zimmerer, Horseshoe
Conestoga High School, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Nishka Avunoori, The Spoke
Evan Lu, The Spoke
Ben Shapiro, The Spoke
Shreya Vaidhyanathan, The Spoke
Freedom Area High School, Freedom, Pennsylvania
Alexa Davis, FHS Press, Shawnee
Megan Evans, FHS Press, Shawnee
Olivia Evans, Bulldog Beat
Cadence Gorajewski, Bulldog Beat
Sarah Levenson, FHS Press, Shawnee
Jessica Majors, FHS Press, Shawnee
Sara Mengel, Bulldog Beat
Leannah Messenger, FHS Press, Shawnee
Kaylee Ostrowski, FHS Press, Shawnee
Brigette Richard, FHS Press, Shawnee
Madison Sanders, Bulldog Beat, FHS Press, Shawnee
Luke Snavely, FHS Press, Shawnee
Paige Young, FHS Press, Shawnee
Eastern Lebanon County High School, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
Lucy Bickel, Sigma
Carsyn Boyer, Sigma
Kinsey Boyer, Sigma
Alec Hartzell, Sigma
Aaron Plummer, Sigma
Emily Ulrich, Sigma
Catawba Ridge High School, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Charles Creech, The Venom
Eric Finley, The Venom
Taylor Rumsey, The Venom
Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Daniel Bethke, Statesman
Olivia Brost, Statesman
Claire Brown, Statesman
Hannah Cisar, Statesman
Anna Engels, Statesman
Gage Gohl, Statesman
Paige Gordon, Statesman
Henry Haft, Statesman
Caleb Hiatt, Statesman
Chloe Houwman, Statesman
Kate McCartney, Statesman
Margaret Ann Mickelberg, Statesman
Baily Randall, Statesman
Adyson Sand, Statesman
Lydia Sarbacker, Statesman
Taylor Schmitz, Statesman
Kate Tollinger, Statesman
Thompson Wakefield, Statesman
St. George’s Independent School, Collierville, Tennessee
Elizabeth Christie, The Lodge
Caroline Higley, The Lodge
Alanna Murphy, The Lodge
Jefferson County High School, Dandridge, Tennessee
Josiah Christian, Patriot Spirit
Erin Ferguson, Patriot Spirit
Mikenna Gann, Patriot Spirit
Gracie Henderson, Patriot Spirit
Cheyenne Hewitt, Patriot Spirit
Ainsley Martin, Patriot Spirit
Sadie Self, Patriot Spirit
Ella Tallent, Patriot Spirit

Christ Presbyterian Academy, Nashville, Tennessee
Chloe Amyx, Lion’s Roar
Ella Bobbitt, Lion’s Roar
Isabella Calk, Lion’s Roar
Sarah Carden, Lion’s Roar
Petra Christensen, Lion’s Roar
Hallie Crisp, Lion’s Roar
Easton Dillard, Lion’s Roar
Baylor Dublin, Lion’s Roar
Lucy Ellis, Lion’s Roar
Katelin Flemmons, Lion’s Roar
Sadie Gorley, Lion’s Roar
Samantha Hutts, Lion’s Roar
Sadie Jackson, Lion’s Roar
Lauren Kelly, Lion’s Roar
Rachel Klich, Lion’s Roar
Emaline Lenger, Lion’s Roar
Ava Maddux, Lion’s Roar
Jack McClanahan, Lion’s Roar
Meghan Milligan, Lion’s Roar
Sophie Nabors, Lion’s Roar
Reesi Nesbitt, Lion’s Roar
Avery Parker, Lion’s Roar
Jordan Paschall, Lion’s Roar
Anna Pearl, Lion’s Roar
Virginia Pinkley, Lion’s Roar
Kate Posey, Lion’s Roar
Corinne Price, Lion’s Roar
Logan Reid, Lion’s Roar
Ellie Riley, Lion’s Roar
Abby Robeson, Lion’s Roar
Katherine Rollins, Lion’s Roar
Jacob Stoebner, Lion’s Roar
Addie Reese Zapp, Lion’s Roar
Aledo High School, Aledo, Texas
Ava Bathurst, Ledoian
Bridget Battenfield, Ledoian
Faith Emmitte, Ledoian
Ryan Germany, Ledoian
Kaylee Halfmann, Ledoian
Mia Little, Ledoian
Allison Mallard, Ledoian
Ashlyn Poole, Ledoian
Kaley Schabel, Ledoian
Franklin Payne Wellman, Ledoian
Austin High School, Austin, Texas
Juliet Clay, The Comet 
Kate Hansen, The Comet 
Viani Hernandez, The Comet 
Audrey Stephenson, The Comet 

James Bowie High School, Austin, Texas
Mia Brelsford, Lone Star 
Cristina Canepa, Lone Star
Zach Conlan, Lone Star 
Cami Demetri, Lone Star 
Isabella Grahmann, Lone Star 
Anna Bea Heise, The Dispatch
Anna Holme, The Dispatch
Lizzie Jensen, Lone Star 
Vanessa Nguyen, Lone Star 
Kate Oelkers, Lone Star 
Corinne Piorkowski, The Dispatch
Claire Procyk, Lone Star 
Charli Reed, Lone Star 
Arushi Sharma, The Dispatch
Samantha Thompson, The Dispatch
Reagan Zuniga, The Dispatch
McCallum High School, Austin, Texas
Frances Arellano, The Knight
Evelyn Barnard, The Shield
Alysa Bijl-Spiro, The Shield
Thea Cahoon, The Knight
Jolie Gabriel, The Knight
Anna McClellan, The Shield
Madelynn Niles, The Shield
Grace Nugent, The Shield
Charlie Partheymuller, The Knight
Samantha Powers, The Shield
Lydia Reedy, The Shield
Alice Scott, The Shield
Kennedy Weatherby, The Shield
Vandegrift High School, Austin, Texas
Kate Denning, The Voice
Yoshita Dhawal, Veteran
Daniel Farrow, The Voice
Athena Galatis, Veteran
Claire Janson, The Voice
Abigail John, Veteran
Abby Lincks, The Voice
Yness Martinez, The Voice
Sophia Robinson, Veteran
Nicholas Scoggins, The Voice
Allie Smith, Veteran
Dayna Ung, The Voice
Sofia Valladares, Veteran
Arabella Villarroel, The Voice
Natalie Weber, The Voice
Isabel Young, The Voice
Westlake High School, Austin, Texas
Rachael Barkoff, El Paisano
Mehuli Basu, Featherduster
Abigail Breyfogle, El Pasiano
Joseph Budiselich, El Paisano
William Burgess, El Paisano
Tristan Cowden, El Paisano
Mia Fillpot, El Paisano
Julia Franco, Featherduster
William Hendricks, Featherduster
Lara Murray, Featherduster
Klarissa Robledo, El Paisano
Isabella Romera, Featherduster
Nora Romman, Featherduster
Kiana Saghafi, El Paisano
Rumi Sait, El Paisano
Aric Shah, El Paisano
Arya Sharma, El Paisano
Fayen Spatz, Featherduster
Sophia Sutter, El Paisano
Ava Valdes, Featherduster
Madalyn Wade, El Paisano
Joy Wang, Featherduster
Coppell High School, Coppell, Texas
Trisha Atluri, The Sidekick
Joanne Kim, The Sidekick
Varshitha Korrapolu, The Sidekick
Anjali Krishna, The Sidekick
Meer Mahfuz, The Sidekick
Sreeja Mudumby, The Sidekick
Tracy Tran, The Sidekick
Anette Varghese, The Sidekick
Anjali Vishwanath, The Sidekick

Episcopal School of Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Anna Baranski, Carillon
Erika Batson, Carillon
Kara Dross, Eagle Edition
Kate Elliston, Carillon
Lyles Etcheverry, Carillon
Elizabeth Goelzer, Carillon
Sophie Goelzer, Carillon
Maddy Hammett, Eagle Edition
Callie Hawkins, Eagle Edition
Grace Herburger, Carillon
Sloane Hope, Eagle Edition
Emily Lichty, Eagle Edition
Gina Montagna, Eagle Edition
Katherine Mote, Eagle Edition
Day Nettle, Carillon
Lillian Nettle, Carillon
Elisabeth Siegel, Eagle Edition
Ella Sjogren, Carillon
Ashley Stacy, Carillon
Alexandra Warner, Eagle Edition
Grace Worsham, Eagle Edition
Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth, Texas
Mehreen Ali, Flight
Andrea Andrade, Falcon Quill
Lillian Buchanan, Flight
Jack Carmichael, Falcon Quill
Jillian Carson, Falcon Quill
Georgia Ethridge, Flight
Sheena Gandhi, Flight
Caroline Homan, Falcon Quill
Anna Hooton, Falcon Quill
Benjamin Hoppe, Falcon Quill
Jacob Lauderdale, Falcon Quill
Macie Mallick, Falcon Quill
Katherine Martin, Flight
Jack Mezey, Falcon Quill
Lauren Mitchell, Flight
Olivia Neve, Falcon Quill
Kennedy Packer, Flight
Sawyer Pardu, Flight
Caroline Sanders, Falcon Quill
Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas
Caleb Audia, Eagle Nation Online
Soomin Chung, Eagle Nation Online
Alyssa Clark, Eagle Nation Online
Cate Emma, Eagle Nation Online
Amanda Hare, Eagle Nation Online
Christi Norris, Eagle Nation Online
Kalyani Rao, Eagle Nation Online
Morgan Reese, Eagle Nation Online
Caitlyn Richey, Eagle Nation Online
Neena Sidhu, Eagle Nation Online
Gabriella Winans, Eagle Nation Online
Smithson Valley High School, Spring Branch, Texas
Jessica Adauto, The Ranger
Josephine Clark, Valley Ventana
Olivia Ingram, The Ranger
Rebekah Mann, Valley Ventana
Parker Maroney, Valley Ventana
Annie Osborne, The Ranger
Jackson Posey, Valley Ventana
Emma Siebold, Valley Ventana
Tatum Tomallo, Valley Ventana
Pleasant Grove High School, Texarkana, Texas
Ellie Anderson, The Hawk
Brock Bearden, The Edge
Brooks Beck, The Hawk
Kylee Braley, The Hawk
Lexi Carr, The Hawk
Kelsey Clark, The Hawk
Allie Forand, The Edge
Sarah Hale, The Edge
Jazmin Hever, The Edge
Andy Hilton, The Edge
Campbell Jackson, The Hawk
Kendall Johnson, The Hawk
Jacob Jones, The Hawk
Linda Lee, The Hawk
Sadie Moore, The Hawk
Nistha Neupane, The Edge
Brooke Poe, The Hawk
Leslie Reyes, The Edge
Victoria Scoggins, The Hawk
Addison Simmons, The Edge
Lexi Snyder, The Hawk
Landry Trammel, The Hawk
Sydney Williams, The Edge
Texas High School, Texarkana, Texas
Emma Allen, Tiger Times
Desiree Anderson, Tiger
Bethany Arnold, Tiger Times
Madelyn Bixler, Tiger
Marlee Bledsoe, Tiger
Carrigan Brush, Tiger
William Carter, Tiger
Brynne Chandler, Tiger Times
Yiming (Helen) Chen , Tiger
Helen Clark, Tiger
Sarah Cook, Tiger
Ellison Davis, Tiger
Kaylee Derrick, Tiger
Aislyn Echols, Tiger Times
Bella Fuqua, Tiger
Braylen Garren, Tiger
Emma Hickerson, Tiger
Lydia Horton, Tiger
Mackenzie Jones, Tiger
Stephanie Jumper, Tiger Times
Doug Kyles, Tiger Times
Reese Langdon, Tiger Times
Lydia Lee, Tiger
Elizabeth Maneth, Tiger
Alysia Moore, Tiger
Bella Murdock, Tiger
Phoebe Neff, Tiger Times
Anna Powell, Tiger
Reagan Raney, Tiger
Alexys Reed, Tiger
Sydney Rowe, Tiger Times
Zoe Rushing, Tiger Times
Katherine Sandefur, Tiger
Ava Smith, Tiger
Olivia Turner, Tiger
St. Anne’s Belfield School, Charlottesville, Virginia
Jack Dozier, Belfield Banter
Emma Finley-Gillis, Belfield Banter
Hannah Laufer, Belfield Banter
Isabel Sanok, Belfield Banter
Varina High School, Center for Communications & Media Relations, Henrico, Virginia
Kamiyah Adebayo, CFC TV
Savannah Bartlett, The Blue Devil’s Advocate
Tyler Bradby, CFC TV
Destiny Brittian, CFC TV
Lexi Church, CFC TV
Niyah Harris, CFC TV
Olivia Jenkins, CFC TV
Alannah Murphy, The Blue Devil’s Advocate
Rio Pandel, CFC TV
Jillian Sisk, CFC TV
Saige-Lynn Stewart, CFC TV
Harmoni Townes, CFC TV
Chase Welcher, CFC TV
Kayla White, CFC TV
Shayla Wilson, CFC TV
Mechanicsville High School, Mechanicsville, Virginia
Emily Carter, Equus
Sarah Richman, Equus
Midlothian High School, Midlothian, Virginia
Lauren Bone, Trojan
Kaitlin Brown, Trojan
Courtney Coppage, Trojan
Lucy Edwards, Trojan
Madeline Maloney, Trojan
Erin Maloney, Trojan
John Nuckols, Trojan
Ashlyn Schooley, Trojan
Dominion High School, Sterling, Virginia
Nicole Calderon-Cadima, DHS Press
Caelan Jones, DHS Press
Ryan Myers, DHS Press
Neena Peterson, DHS Press
Anastasia Simonenko, Odyssey
Tyler Whitfield, DHS Press

Mountlake Terrace High School, Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Justin Barsness, Hawkeye
Puyallup High School, Puyallup, Washington
Ally Larkin, The Viking Vanguard
Riley Newell, The Viking Vanguard
Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington
Erica Richardson, Talisman