2020 Reporter of the Year

Oct. 22, 2020

Associated Collegiate Press salutes the winners of its 2020 Reporter of the Year competition.

Winners were announced during the ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention awards ceremony, presented virtually on Oct. 22.

the awards ceremony for Pacemakers and Individual Awards
on Oct. 22, 2020.

2020 ACP Individual Awards

MultimediaReporterPhoto • Story
Best Use of Social MediaCOVID-19 Coverage

2020 ACP Pacemakers

Broadcast • Business • Innovation
Magazine • Newspaper • Online • 2019 Yearbook

Best of Show
Virtual 2020
Fall National College Media Convention
Oct. 24, 2020

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Two-year schools

Heidi Perez-Moreno
The Reporter
Miami Dade College
Miami, Florida

Last Candidate Standing In Presidential Search-For Now

The ‘Soul’ of North Campus’ Math Lab Passes Away

Decision to reboot Presidential Search Angers Community

Fernando Haro
The Union
El Camino College
Torrance, California

Humanitarian pushes through traumatic past to help others

Counter-protestors overwhelm Westboro Baptist Church picketers

Faculty takes action as contract negotiations continue with district

Julia Woock
The Sun
Southwestern College
Chula Vista, California

CSEA Flights for ‘Living Wages’

Administrator terminated for ASO debacle

Stranded in Tijuana

Arielle Zolezzi
The Roundup, The Bull Magazine
Pierce College
Woodland Hills, California

Coach Under Investigation

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

Column: Right to Protest

John Oliva
Foghorn News
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, Texas

Accessibility a battle for some on campus

Lettuce say farewell, Leo

Professor evaluations not shared with public

Honorable mention
Nathan Canilao
The Express, Naked Magazine
Las Positas College
Livermore, California

Livermore takes a stand against police justice

Brennan Mock steers Talk Hawks success

How hip-hop saved Adidas

Honorable mention
Carrie Graham
el Don
Santa Ana College
Santa Ana, California

SAC Student Sexually Assaulted Middle College Teen

Local Gamers Ragequit Blizzard

District Asks Voters to Approve New Bond

Honorable mention
Lilly Kujawski
The Washtenaw Voice
Washtenaw Community College
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Nurse describes ‘unfathomable’ reality of caring for coronavirus patients

WCC tax renewal on March ballot

Students promote recovery, challenge stigma

Honorable mention
Mykel Hilliard
The Brookhaven Courier
Brookhaven College
Farmers Branch, Texas

Hundreds gather at Addison protest

Ahmaud Arbery deserves justice

Alumnus dances for Dallas Cowboys

Honorable mention
Juan Ibarra
The Collegian
Tarrant County College
Hurst, Texas

Campus rebuild part of bond proposal

Report warns of “catastrophic failure”

Longtime vice president retires after 47 years

Four-year schools

Ema Schumer
The Harvard Crimson
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Old Boys’ Network: Racism, Sexism, and Alleged Favoritism In Harvard’s Police Department

Embattled Harvard Police Department Chief Will Retire by Year’s End

One in Four Class of 2020 Athletes Quit Varsity Teams During Their Time at Harvard

Charlie McGee
The Daily Tar Heel
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Beyond forced labor: How UNC made its founding investments on slavery, stolen property

Sons of Confederate Veterans members oppose $2.5 million Silent Sam reward

Confederate group in Silent Sam deal accused of violating tax and campaign finance laws

Emma Folts
The Daily Orange
Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York

Exposed lead paint found in off-campus homes

For Syracuse activists, state housing law represents a shift in power

Crisis pregnancy centers provide misleading information on abortion

Ty Vinson
Indiana Daily Student
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

On tainted soil

Martinsville waitress voices concerns over unemployment benefits

From memory

Evan Petzold
Central Michigan Life
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Detailing the arrest of football player Brian Edwards: Mental health check, hostile teammates, campus chase

Texas Tech sexual assault complaints, arrest follow Jett

Duffey in recruitment to CMU
Incredibly fortunate’: Notable alumni reflect on impact of time spent at student newspaper

Honorable mention
Zach Schonfeld
The GW Hatchet
The George Washington University
Washington , D.C.

Police, protesters clash during second night of demonstrations in D.C.

Inside the decision room: How GW coordinates its pandemic response

LeBlanc apologizes for ‘insensitive’ analogy amid backlash from SA, divestment activists

Honorable mention
Julia Shanahan
The Daily Iowan
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Pressures abroad: Hong Kong and University of Iowa communities intersect

The most diverse presidential field in one of the nation’s whitest states

Farmers face economic barriers to sustainable farming, amid climate change reports

Honorable mention
Zach Walker
The Clarion/Textura
Bethel University
St. Paul, Minnesota

Nursing opens wounds

Untouchable dreams

No more bruises

Honorable mention
Anton Delgado
Elon News Network
Elon University
Elon, North Carolina

Empowered through firepower

Life after registration

Certified but still controversial, the debate over the legality of Elon Faculty Forward continues

Honorable mention
Quinn Clark
Mount Mary University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I didn’t know if I was a U.S. citizen

Medical Waste Litter Poses Environmental Threat:
Residents of Milwaukee Must Think Before Throwing PPE on the Ground

Living in Fear: Immigrants’ mental health tested